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Best of ProBlogger – 2006

Posted By Darren Rowse 31st of December 2006 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

2006 was a massive year for me both on a personal level but also on a blogging front.

I became a Dad in July, V and I took a couple of interstate trips, I travelled to Canada, I started a new blog and forum at Digital Photography School, b5media went to a new level after securing investment (and had lots of highs and lows along the way), I met and got t know a lot of great new bloggers… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here at ProBlogger it has been another busy year of posting with 1242 new posts going up on the blog (including this one), around 1.6 million visitors and 3.7 million page views (estimates – I lost my stats when changing servers), many thousands of comments, surviving being hacked, starting job boards and more.

Today I spent a few hours surfing through the last year’s archives reflecting upon the year that was. I try to do this type of review on each of my blogs both out of interest but also to analyze what did and didn’t work over the year so that I can improve for future years.

I looked at a lot of stats today but also made a list of blog posts that were successful (both on a comments/discussion level and on a traffic level). Here is a summary of the year that was with a short description of the month as well as a list of the most commented upon posts and other posts that did well in terms of traffic (or that I was proud of).

I hope you enjoy this trip back through the year of 2006 at ProBlogger.

Warning – Be warned there are a lot of links to follow (143) and it might just take you a good part of the next year to read them all – however for newer readers it might prove a useful way to catch up on what we’ve been up to.


122 Posts – The start of the year was a touch slow last year as I took a week off over the New Year break and left the blog with a few advance posts and some great guest posters but by mid January things were kicking along again with a little controversy to get things going.

Most Commented Upon Posts (# of comments)

Other Posts


144 posts – This month was where I ran the Blogging for Beginners series of posts. It was one of the most exciting months of blogging I’ve had as I got back to basics. Traffic went up, reader interaction was great and the posts in the series remain some of the most popular posts on the blog to this day.

Most Commented Upon Posts

Other Posts


126 Posts – March saw the continuation of the Blogging for Beginners Series which ended up being ALOT longer than I first thought it would. I remember feeling pretty exhausted at the end of the series – it took a great deal of work.

Most Commented Upon Posts

Other Posts


86 Posts – In April V and I took our last break before our baby came along and over the two week break I posted a series of 16 case studies which were submitted by readers telling the stories of their blogs. I also had some cool guest bloggers again but the overall posting rate was down slightly. We did have a great break though! I also finished this month off with a series of posts on Building Blogger Credibility.

Most Commented Upon Posts

Other Posts


126 Posts – May saw me experiment with a new idea for ProBlogger – Group Writing Projects. I’d done similar things previously but it evolved into the group project idea with Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers. I also ran a poll this month asking readers about their overall earnings – results here. Lastly – May was a month where I wrote a series of posts on Maintaining Momentum in Blogging.

Most Commented Upon Posts

Other Posts


116 Posts – June was a quiet-ish month as many of my northern hemisphere readers started to do Summery things and as the time got close for our new baby. I ran another group writing project on Blogging Goals and a couple of mini-series of posts.

Most Commented Upon Posts

Other Posts


83 Posts – Our son, Xavier, arrived in July and I took a fair portion of the month off as paternity leave. The theme of the blog for this month was ‘If I had to start my blog again’ which was both the theme of the month’s group writing project but also also a ‘one question interview‘ series that I ran where I asked a number of bloggers what they’d do differently if they had to start their blogs again.

Most Commented Upon Posts

Other Posts


97 Posts – August saw group writing projects go up a notch with the Lists Project. I also wrote a number of series including one on using interviews on a blog and another on Persuasive Blogging.

Most Commented Upon Posts

Other Posts


84 Posts – September saw the most successful group writing project on the topic of ‘How To’. It had great prizes and attracted hundreds of participants. I also ran a bit of a fund raiser in September in my Blogging for Chickens fundraiser (we raised over $1000). Also popular this month was a mini series on Linkbaiting.

Most Commented Upon Posts

Other Posts


72 Posts – In October I took a break from group writing projects and we got down to some basics of blogging again. Ironically the most commented upon post of the year was in this month about – how to get comments on your blog.

Most Commented Upon Posts

Other Posts


102 Posts – November was an exciting month for me as it brought along a 10 day trip to Toronto to meet some some of the b5media team. While I was gone I ran a fun series of guest posts from readers with their ‘quick tips‘. This month I also posted a 13 post series on How to Optimize Your Blog for Christmas.

Most Commented Upon Posts

Other Posts


80 Posts
– After a busy year December was a month of fun and winding up for the year. We did another writing project on the topic of Reviews and Predictions and I wrote my last series for the year on the topic of Adding a Personal Touch to Your Blog.

Most Commented Upon Posts

Other Posts

All in all it was a fairly busy but very satisfying year of blogging here at ProBlogger. Thanks to the many thousands of readers who have contributed either with guest posts, comments, emails and tip offs. I’m looking forward to yet another great year in 2007.

Have a great night tonight for those of you who are celebrating the coming of the new year and I’ll see you ‘on the other side’.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I’ve been following for the 2nd half of 2006, and have been thrilled with your writing! I’m also very proud that one of my guest posts made the “Top Commented” in October.

    Enjoy your New Year Darren.

  2. Nice summary … but, what .. no graphs? :)

  3. An excellent year for you indeed, my friend!

  4. 2006 has been a year of new beginnings for myself as well, but I do love to see what others have accomlished.

  5. This is the best of the best of 2006 collection

    happy new year!

  6. Not much here. At least that I can remember

  7. I just got to know that you are a dad.
    A boy or girl? Would you like to share the name?

    Congratulations and good luck for all your endeavors!

    Happy New Year!

  8. As an amateur blogger, I really learned a lots from you.

    Problogger.net rocks~!

  9. Happy new year! i recently found your blog and really helped me out increasing my blog’s traffic. keep up the good work

  10. This “4 year” thing is good to know. I can invest that kind of time. All the “keyword” marketing hype gives the impression that it does happen overnight, and happens big. If it doesn’t, it’s because your keywords are all wrong. What your saying is that success comes from time, good content, learning and patience — not in keyword chases.

  11. Happy New Year Darren and the others trying go PRO!

    I hope in the New year, many more of us will go PRO.

    Best of Luck!

    Muslim Unity

  12. 2006 was one eventful year! Happy New Year Darren

  13. This list in itself is a great resource, and must have taken a fair bit of work. Thanks a lot Darren.

    Have a good 2007, for your family & your blogs!

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  15. Wow, this one post is a great way to organize everything in one place. Maybe a good new year’s resolution is to read all the linked-to posts in order. Educational stuff!

  16. I jumped on in the middle of December. I look forward to following along throughout 2007.

    Happy New Years!

  17. Congrats on a busy and successful year, Darren – and hope 2007 is even better.

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  19. gratz on a great year, darren.

    looking forward to more great stuff this year.

    best wish to you, V and xavier!

  20. […] Best of ProBlogger – 2006 Darren Rowse’s summary of his best posts for 2006. Includes links. Think of it as an 2006 index for the best on his blog. (tags: blogging blogosphere blog tips howto) […]

  21. 2006 was not a particularly good year for me – I was all over the place, yet accomplished very little. I’m hoping to focus my efforts more this year, so I see better results. I remain an eternal optimist, and look forward to more interactions here!

    Best wishes top you for 2007!

  22. Hi Darren,

    Wishing you a very happy new year. Hope 2007 is a wonderful year for you.

    I’ve been following your blog since late August and absolutely love it. Your advice is very practical and helpful. Especially the ‘Blogging for Beginners’ series has been very insightful. Thanks a million for all the advice on Problogger.


  23. Congrats on becoming a dad!!

  24. This site is amazing…not sure why over 10 years of surfing i dont have this bookmarked…great idea with the year in review.

    Have a great year Darren!


    …sorry prior post had wrong website…

  25. Wishing you a Happy New Year and Thank you for all the wonderful posts all year!
    – Ana

  26. Darren – looking at those post count numbers I have to say – respect!

    As a blogger I know how much work it takes to maintain even a near-daily post count, and your average is around 3 per day and not necessarily small posts either.

    Congrats and I look forward to watching you keep up the pace in 2007 ;-)

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  28. What a great post. I love how you stay transparent with your readers. That is what the blogosphere is all about and why I keep coming back to read and learn :) Hope 2007 is as good to you as 2006 was.

    All I can say is … How do you post so often? Especially with a little one and a busy professional life. Hats off to you!

  29. […] Visit Problogger. Darren is a very successful blogger with a very good writing style, and is always full of tips, useful to the blogger who has 1 reader or 1,000,000. […]

  30. […] In a Problogger-like way, Im going to give a month-by-month timeline of my blogging career so far starting from February 2006 and giving some important and well taken posts: […]

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