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If I had to Start My Blog Again – Group Writing Project

Posted By Darren Rowse 25th of July 2006 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

200607181510Over the past two weeks I’ve asked 14 of my favorite bloggers what they’d do differently if they were starting their blog again today. Their responses were varied and left us with plenty of food for thought (see their responses here).

As I’ve been posting their responses I’ve noticed quite a few ProBlogger readers have been tackling the question themselves – a couple have even sent me emails with their thoughts.

As a result I thought it’d make a great Group Writing Project.

So – let me turn the question over to you my friends. If you’d like to participate and be included in the results of this week’s project simply follow this process:

1. Write a post on the topic of ‘what I’d do differently if I had to start my blog again’

  • Be as creative as you’d like – take it in any direction you want from writing a long list of what you’d do differently to a single short point.
  • You can write it in any form you like (last time we had poems, rants, humorous posts etc).
  • Consider calling your post something a little different to ‘what I’d do differently if I…..’ as last time we had 80 submissions, most of which had similar titles. Your title is a key to making people come and read your post.
  • Ideally it’d be great if you could write it on your actual blog but if it’s completely inappropriate to do so I’ll post them again on ProBlogger on a ‘page’ (not a post) with a link back to your blog.
  • Feel free to write your post in your own first language – I’ve previously included a number of non-english posts and am excited by the prospect of making this a multi-lingual project.

2. Let me Know about your post

  • Once you’ve posted your post simply let me know about it by sending me an email via my contact form.
  • Make sure you include your name (as you want it to appear in my list), your post title and the URL to your post (not just to your blog’s front page).
  • Submissions must be received by me the the end of Thursday 27 July (as long as it’s still Thursday where you send it from I’ll accept it).

3. I will post 2 links to your post

  • In the day or two after you let me know about your post I’ll post a link to it in two places. Firstly there will be a daily (ish) list of the submissions from the last 24 hours. Secondly there will be a central list of all submissions for the project so we can see everything on one page. From what I could tell last time – people did visit the posts that were submitted – some bloggers seemed to get more traffic than others depending upon what day they submitted and a little on how their title read.
  • I’ll post my final list of submissions on Friday.

4. Surf Surf Surf

  • This is where you take over. Surf the submissions received. Leave comments, make connections with other ProBlogger readers and enjoy reading what others have to say.

5. Link Link Link

  • There is no formal ‘judging’ as this is not a competition. Instead – I encourage you to surf through the submissions at the end of the week and announce your own winners on your own blog. Name a top 5 or so and share the link love.
  • Probably the best part of the last group project was the amount of inter-linking I saw happening between participating bloggers as a result of their posts. It was obvious that people found new blogs through it and that the benefits of participating was way beyond getting a link from me but flowed on to a lot of new connections and links between other bloggers.
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