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Are you feeling stuck?

​Running short of ideas? 

Need some inspiration?

Kickstart your content with

ProBlogger's 7-day Content Sprint.

ProBlogger founder Darren Rowse will guide and support you to

create a plan and 6 new pieces of content for your blog in just 7 days.


  • Day 1: Brainstorming & Planning
  • Day 2: Interviews and Quotes
  • Day 3: List Post
  • Day 4: Opinion Piece
  • Day 5: 'Beginnner' Guide
  • Day 6: Inspiration
  • Day 7: Mistakes
  • Day 1: Brainstorming & Planning
  • Day 2: Introduction to...
  • Day 3: Comparisons and Debate
  • Day 4: Resources
  • Day 5: Personal/Vulnerable
  • Day 6: How I did it
  • Day 7: Reasons for...
  • Day 1: Brainstorming & Planning
  • Day 2: FAQ
  • Day 3: News
  • Day 4: Case Study
  • Day 5: Everyone Should Know...
  • Day 6: Discussion
  • Day 7: Part 2

I've outlined a new post linking to "My Favorite Architects".

I'm so excited about how this 7 Day Sprint has already jump started my blog about helping people design or remodel their homes. 

Thank you, Darren!

Ingrid Lewis

This content sprint has been amazing to get me geared up and I now have my content for at least the next 6 weeks either started or finished which I'm delighted about. You guys have unlocked the ideas I didn't even know I had.

Amy Mahony -catchflightswithamy.com

Thank you, again! This sprint is so motivating. I think I will finally push the publish button soon now that I have some content from this course. It's been so helpful to see what different kinds of posts can be created. I had no idea!

Ben Larsen -

7-Day Sprint to 
Create New Content

ProBlogger's 7-day Content Sprint delivers:

  • Daily video tutorials
  • 6 daily content assignments
  • Online course portal, video recordings and downloadable slides
  • Worksheets, further reading and resources
  • Free Member Library with more content resources

Your Teacher:

Darren Rowse


Darren is a veteran of 15 years blogging, having created numerous blogs and demonstrating you can make a good living as a blogger.