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A – Z of Professional Blogging Tools

200606271704Following is my A to Z of Professional blogging including blogging tools, blogging platforms, blogging services and ways of making money from blogging (in fact whether you blog for money or not much of what follows should help you improve your blogging).

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to share your own tools and services in comments (I’m sure I’ll have missed some). update – I’ve been adding your suggestions and we’re now up to over 130 blog tools and platforms.

Update: as there are so many blogging tools listed on this page I’ve made another shorter page with just my most recommended blogging resources and tools which might help if you want something with a personal recommendation.

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AdSense – contextual ad program by Google
Adbrite – sell text ads
Amazon Associates – popular affiliate program
aStore – add an Amazon Store to your Blog
AdGenta – text ads by Qumana (see ‘Q’)
AdRotator – WP ad rotating plugin
Akismet – Comment Spam Fighting Tool
Adhearus – pay per click advertising
AdWords – the advertisers side of AdSense – many bloggers use it to promote their blogs
AzoogleAds – advertising system
Audio Blogger – adds audio to your blog


Build A Niche Store– add an eBay store to your site
Bidvertiser – bid based advertising
Blog Ads – blog advertising network
Blog Jet – blog editing tool
Blog Desk – blog editing tool
Bloglines – Web based RSS feed reader
BlogPulse – blog search tool
BlogPolls – tool for putting polls on your blog
Blog Poll – another blog poll tool
Backpackit – useful organizational tool
Blogger.com – blog platform
Bloggers for Hire – bloggers looking for work and potential employers looking for bloggers
BlogSitter.net – service for find guest bloggers while you take a holiday
BlogBurst – syndicates bloggers content for mainstream medium
BlogFlux – blog services portal
Blogger Jobs – a blog following the advertising of blog jobs


Chitika eMiniMalls – advertising program
CrispAds – blog advertising network
Creative Commons – copyright licenses
Copyscape – tool for checking for content theft/plagiarism
Clicksor – advertising program
Clickbank – library of many affiliate products
Commission Junction – collection of many affiliate programs
Casale Media – advertising solution

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Hi,

    Awesome tools. If you heard about Tag And Ping I would like to know what you think about it. Now you are a PRO in Blogging :) your opinion counts a lot!


  2. Awesome list. :) I will have to add this to my website. Thanks!

  3. I just lost my whole day to 20 websites I now have to visit.

    Anyone had success using the Ether pay per call tool on their blog? I want to try that service out this week…

    Thanks for the list.

    – Richard

  4. A great glossary for blogger. Thank you! But keep it up to date.

  5. Awesome list!

    Thank you!

    i have one more url to donate,
    try http://www.predictad.com
    it makes your search something like google suggest
    but on steroides (or crack ;)


  6. Awesome list!

    Thank you!

    i have one more url to donate,
    try http://www.predictad.com
    it makes your search something like google suggest
    but on steroides (or crack ;)


  7. awesome list man! WILL BE USINGING THESE.

  8. this list definitely keeps on giving. there were a lot of tools i didn’t know about. i’ll look into which ones help me out the most.

  9. Man, what an awesome list. A must have for all bloggers.. Thanks a million!

  10. Impressive list! And very handy…

  11. Thanks for the list! It’s awesome! You great man!

  12. Oh my god, blog sitters? That’s insane, we are truly living in a cyber world.

  13. Woohaa! Big list! Anyway, a nice compilation. Knew most of them already, but having them together in a place makes it a worthy bookmark.

  14. Thanks for very interesting List.

  15. Hi, Darren,

    This is a great and comprehensive list, it’s long and almost complete. This makes for a great list that any blogge can always reference. I have been inspired by you to do my own A to Z list, but with helpful tips for bloggers. Keep up the good work as always!

  16. As a total newbie to blogging i must say this is a real value to me.


  17. This is a lifesaver, I can’t believe I just found it.


  18. Great Post! I found all I needed in one place! Thanks a lot!

  19. Thanks a lot, Darren for this useful list! Saved me quite a time meanwhile.

  20. Very good post. Thank you very much. Although there are so many. Which are the best? How can we select from this A-Z list?

  21. What about a Sticky Notes Guestbook for your blog? Stick post-it notes everywhere in some sort of guestbook like environment. There is a WordPress plugin as well!

    See for yourself at: http://youstickit.com

  22. So right now people dont need to fear because there are many alternatives for adsense.

  23. Huge resource here from Darren. Thanks.

    Jack Humphrey also offers some tools and resources for bloggers at his Friday Traffic Report.

  24. Come on dude. Please add Moguling.com Don’t know what you’re missing.

  25. WOW Great Site

    Found all what I needed

  26. Thanks for very interesting article and the great list

  27. Thanks for very interesting List.cheers

  28. I also have a suggestion. I saw that you put flickr there so I guess this one counts

  29. An amazing and wonderful resource.. all at one place !

  30. You can also add Feedping.com for RSS submission…

  31. Very great list, big thanks for it!
    Also the list is about 2 years old, most of the links are helpful today :)

  32. Not most of the links but all of the links are up and running. Thank you again darren

    Money Making and Blogging Tips

  33. Wow! Great information! I was looking for information like this for the past couple days without any luck, thank you so much! Do you plan on doing a follow-up series on this?

  34. there are many alternatives for adsense but the Google is the best.

  35. Man thats a hell a lot of a tools. Great post indeed.. Thanx man

  36. Wow, that’s a mega list. Thanks Darren, I bookmarked this post so that I can do reference later. Surely I cannot do it on one day with this list :)

  37. This list is amazing. I think revealing this information would cost a lot for beginners. But, you have given it absolutely free. I really appreciate that.

  38. This is a fantastic article! I didn’t know what half those things were, until I read this.. It’s amazing to me how many crazy names they have for blog related services nowadays.. C’mon pubsub.. how would you ever know what that was?? anyways, I know your a rock star but some feedback would be def. appreciated..

    thanks man!

  39. It’s an amazing post. The information what you have provided here are very useful for the beginners. Thanks for this excellent listing.


  40. Thanks for this wonderful post, since i’m new to blogging and this post provides me with lot of info about blogging and the tools.

  41. We should acknowledge the fact that (a) there are some unfriendly people online, (b) people are more likely than not to say obscene things, and (c) maintaining a thick skin does not mean to further engage an abusive user.

  42. Wow!Dude you rock!

    This information is really helpful for the new bloggers.

  43. Thanks for great lists. I found all I needed in one place.

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