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A – Z of Professional Blogging Tools

200606271704Following is my A to Z of Professional blogging including blogging tools, blogging platforms, blogging services and ways of making money from blogging (in fact whether you blog for money or not much of what follows should help you improve your blogging).

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to share your own tools and services in comments (I’m sure I’ll have missed some). update – I’ve been adding your suggestions and we’re now up to over 130 blog tools and platforms.

Update: as there are so many blogging tools listed on this page I’ve made another shorter page with just my most recommended blogging resources and tools which might help if you want something with a personal recommendation.

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AdSense – contextual ad program by Google
Adbrite – sell text ads
Amazon Associates – popular affiliate program
aStore – add an Amazon Store to your Blog
AdGenta – text ads by Qumana (see ‘Q’)
AdRotator – WP ad rotating plugin
Akismet – Comment Spam Fighting Tool
Adhearus – pay per click advertising
AdWords – the advertisers side of AdSense – many bloggers use it to promote their blogs
AzoogleAds – advertising system
Audio Blogger – adds audio to your blog


Build A Niche Store– add an eBay store to your site
Bidvertiser – bid based advertising
Blog Ads – blog advertising network
Blog Jet – blog editing tool
Blog Desk – blog editing tool
Bloglines – Web based RSS feed reader
BlogPulse – blog search tool
BlogPolls – tool for putting polls on your blog
Blog Poll – another blog poll tool
Backpackit – useful organizational tool
Blogger.com – blog platform
Bloggers for Hire – bloggers looking for work and potential employers looking for bloggers
BlogSitter.net – service for find guest bloggers while you take a holiday
BlogBurst – syndicates bloggers content for mainstream medium
BlogFlux – blog services portal
Blogger Jobs – a blog following the advertising of blog jobs


Chitika eMiniMalls – advertising program
CrispAds – blog advertising network
Creative Commons – copyright licenses
Copyscape – tool for checking for content theft/plagiarism
Clicksor – advertising program
Clickbank – library of many affiliate products
Commission Junction – collection of many affiliate programs
Casale Media – advertising solution

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. An amazing and wonderful resource.. all at one place !

  2. Can I get BlogKits added Darren?

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  4. Hello 2 all. Really Nice site. I will begin creating my own site in some days. Hope it will be as good as yours.

  5. These links are great!

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  7. Awesome list! Linked from my blog! So much stuff in your list Darren… it’ll take days to check out all of this! Which is a good thing! :)
    Jonathan-C. Philllips

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  9. Very interesting to follow the multiple and very good organized links structure of this blog. Cool correlation between elements of this rich blogging structure.
    After spending hours and days reading, you return back again and again.

    I also love the color scheme and font. Of course, the content is the most important, but the good aesthetics adds to the pleasure.

  10. really good links, thanks.

  11. Good tips, I recommend you read these reviews to know the best directories to submit your blog: http://blog-dir.blogspot.com/
    Many Blog Directories will link back to your blogs but others are only trying to increase their own PR (page rank)by requesting inbound links and they don’t link back!

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  13. Interesting theme have mentioned. With pleasure I shall support.
    And in general, good blog

  14. whow!!! that was long! nice links though thanks darren

  15. Nice list, but you left out webjam.
    It’s pretty new and would be great to add to the list.

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  18. This list is amazing. When Darren said A-Z he ment it and probably could have gone into roman numerals. Thanks again!

  19. I’m a cricket blogger and apart from some nice tips, keyword sense & linkback – you’ve helped me find a good topic to write for my readers.

    Keep blogging.

  20. This list is amazing. I think revealing this information would cost a lot for beginners. But, you have given it absolutely free. I really appreciate that.

    I would like to add one more useful and popular tool. It´s called Picasa and is a free software which helps you locate, organize, edit and share your photos easily and free.

    I am %100 sure that you knew it. Anyway, it´s a good tool for bloggers to share their photos.

    To your success!

  21. It´s a very useful article. Thanks!

  22. A great glossary for the blogosphere…

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  24. Blogging makes the world go round… very useful and great glossary. Keep the good work coming!

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  26. Fantastic article covering some points I really needed some good usability info for.

  27. Great list! You forgot 9rules though.

  28. Darren, you have a great list! I’ve bookmarked it. And share this bookmarked link at my blog.

  29. great site with very good look and perfect information…i like it

  30. Great list!, many thanks for the effort making it.

  31. Great list! You forgot 9rules though…thanks

  32. Virtualization has long been the domain of large enterprises. Beginning with time-sharing technology on massive mainframes, virtualization required large data centers and larger IT budgets. The advent of high-performance workstations and servers based on Windows, Linux and similar technologies brought the benefits of virtualization to small- and mid-size businesses that might have only a limited IT staff and an even more limited budget.

  33. Hey all!
    Quite nice tools in the list, I would like to offer one more semantic tool, you might find interesting – bookmark toolbar for Internet Explorer.
    It is a convenient tool both for effective information search over the Internet and for productive work with big texts using Internet Explorer. By using the toolbar, you get access to the prominent search engines, such as Google, MSN and AltaVista directly from your browser’s toolbar.

    Good luck, guys!

  34. Great list. As you have mentioned some advertising sites in your list, you can also include ABC search for advertising, which is also a good site for ppc ad.

  35. Thanks for very interesting article. btw. I really enjoyed reading all of your posts. It’s interesting to read ideas, and observations from someone else’s point of view… makes you think more. So please keep up the great work. Greetings.

  36. Do you know of any free or low cost automatic posting software that i could use that will let me create a bunch of posts and then have the software post them at regular intervals? I am interested in something like this because sometimes I can never get the time to post to my blog.

  37. Sorry Brenda but it sounds like you want a spam blog building tool and in my mind this isnt a good way to go. For starters it creates a junky site with information that others have already written – plus it’ll get you in trouble with Google and search engines – not a great way to build a blog – in fact it’ll generally kill it.

    If you don’t have time to blog – don’t.

    Sorry – but I am pretty anti creating ‘splogs’.

  38. yeah realy big list!! i found realy useful link thanks a lot

  39. Thanks for very interesting article and the great list

  40. Cool article and very good list. Possible that somebody can translate this into german? This would be very helpful for all germany how can not speak english. Best regards A.K.

  41. Yes, I think this should definitly translate into more language`s – very helpful. Greatings from switzerland!

  42. I think Openads would be a good addition to this list for bloggers who want to have better control over their advertising.

    Oliver from Openads

  43. This page deserved a bookmark! Great (complete) list with perfect sites, tools and plugins. Thanks!

  44. This is a great list I will refer to in my FAQ about WordPress. Some of my WP customers are looking for plugins to tweak their blog and this is all they need! :D

  45. This post is worth stumbling..Dictionary should be the next one:D

  46. This blog posting was of great use in learning new information and also in exchanging our views. Thank you.

  47. nice list. I have also scribefire with Firefox.

  48. Awesome list. This will keep me busy.

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