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Blog Hosting Recommendations

Posted By Darren Rowse 9th of November 2006 Blogging Tools and Services 0 Comments

Editor: Check out this post on Darren’s updated recommendations for best blog hosting options for bloggers

A number of readers have sent me emails in the last few days asking for advice on blog hosts.

I’ve always had my hosting through a private arrangement with a friend – so I’m not the best person to ask for recommendations – so I thought I’d open it up for readers to make suggestions.

Who do you use? What do you think of them? What advice would you give someone shopping for a host for their new blog?

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I use http://www.mazehosting.com for my site

    they are good so far with cpanel and linux

  2. I actually maintain a VPS on Knownhost (www.knownhost.com), and it’s great. I’m a Linux admin, so I love having complete control over my website and its applications.

    They’re relatively cheap compared to similar VPS offerings and their “semi-managed” support is pretty darn good.

  3. Re: my last comments on Dreamhost, I’m just trying to help those who need something easy and cheap. Call me a loyal sucker but I have the feeling Dreamhost is getting their act back together.
    I will openly admit that their control panel is completely difficult to use and I despise it. It’s actually listed as a bad example in my Info Architecture book. You’d think they would’ve taken a hint from that. And I’m not crazy about the pictures on their home page of them looking like fools. It’s not confidence inspiring.
    But they’ve got what I need for right now. Should I ever get into more serious blogging, I’ll probably take a look at Media Temple.

  4. I am new to blogging and have been using http://www.bluehost.com. No problems and easy to set up WordPress blogs

  5. It all depends on what you need to host.

    If you’re going to host a single blog that will need to deal with high traffic volumes, I’d go with MediaTemple.

    If, like me, you own a design/development firm and need to host multiple blogs/websites, go with Dreamhost. Dreamhost allows you to create multiple database/ssh/ftp users so that you can segregate each user for extra security. Although many people seem to complain about Dreamhost’s downtime, I have not had only problems yet, and I’ve been with them for 4 months. All of my support requests have been answered via email within 2-3 hours.

    I’m not going to include a coupon code or referral URL simply because I don’t want people to think my suggestion was written for monetary gain.

  6. I got my own VPS from Future Hosting, which I use for hosting my blog.

    Though a bit expensive, the only reason I got one was because shared hosting couldnt handle the weight so easily.

  7. I have to jump in and put my two cents for bluehost. Their support guys are always helpful and quick to respond. My site is rarely down, albeit a bit slow of late.

  8. Raven says: 11/10/2006 at 6:02 am

    Has anyone tried netfirms.com? I just purchased a domain from them.

  9. Lots of recommendation’s for dreamhosts which I will add my voice to but also wordpress.com if all you want is a blog, and there are some good reasons to use them:

    On a side note Media Temple another of the most recommended on this list may be amazingly scalable but there home page is slow, it still hasn’t loaded while writing this comment.

  10. Khurrum says: 11/10/2006 at 11:56 am

    Asmallorange.com is hands down one of the best hosting experiences I’ve had.

    24/7 they seem to reply with in 30 minutes. Servers are fast, robust, reliable and affordable

    If you do get them please tell them user garg sent you but you don’t have to :)

  11. I am on

    It is a good host, they offer six domains on one account and a lot of storage. Everything is neatly operated by a control panel that you log into. Auto install for blogs like wordpress and many other functions like photo gallery and forums.

  12. I use and can recommend Site5 (http://www.site5.com) for my blog (http://stroppsworld.com) and my World of Warcraft guild site (http://www.ministryofoffence.org).

    I’ve had no problems with them, and recently had an issue with awstats logs which was reasonably promptly corrected. At US$6.95 a month, with 50GB transfer, I’m very happy.

  13. Adding my log to the fire…

    I currently use WestHost. They are a great bargain for the average self-hosted blogger. Incredible service!

    If I ever leave I’m switching to Media Temple. I’ve heard nothing but good and what you get for what you pay is out of control.

    – Shawn

  14. Stay away from Aplus.net – though they’ll make a big deal about having blog hosting (using Serendipity, which I quite like), the software is crippled pretty seriously, in that it won’t allow you to do trackbacks.

    They apparently have a “corporate policy” that their servers aren’t allowed to connect to any other system over 80/443 (and only 10 systems in total) so trackbacks aren’t allowed. When I emailed their support department, I got this response:

    After discussing your case with our management I can state that our decision is final. We can grant you access to 10 remote hosts and not more.

    Thank you,
    {name removed}
    Support Technician

    Stay away from Aplus if you want to blog.

  15. I use http://www.bulksdomains.com for my site

    they are good so far with cpanel and linux . I actually have 2 dedicated servers and 2 virtual servers with Cpanel for just $34.95 a month I use it over 2 years now , and.. not moving.

    I do also register all my domain names on there for $1.99 a year !


  16. I started using 1and1 when they first offered a 3 year trial of ther 500mb free server, and now am running their “Home” package ($4.95/USD with 25% off for 1yr):
    2 domain names
    100 GB web space
    1,000 e-mail accounts
    1,000 GB traffic

    Their service and uptime is superb, as far as I can tell… (though like Tony said, their control panel ain’t the best thing around).

    I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a good deal from a very reputable provider.


  17. I use to exist on 1and1, I would strongly recommend checking out dreamhost. They have some awesome plans and even better, every plan automatically increases both in bandwidth and disk storage available to your plan each week (At no additional cost). Nothing like jumping 30GB each week at no cost. At rates like that, you can afford to sell off small portions of your purchase to friends.

    For even better rates, try this promo code: HXWZ7R11

  18. Hmm.. so many suggestions.. But I trys to HQHost This is very stable hosting provider with many of plans..

  19. I am very surprised not to see Pair listed here. I spent a LONG time shopping around for a new host when I moved from Dreamhost (NOT recommended for primetime), and Pair had the perfect balance of reliability, experience, bandwidth, and disk storage. Also, their servers are FAST — much more so than Dreamhost’s. They don’t overload the shared servers like many of the cheapies.

    Yes, you pay more, but there’s no such thing as a free lunch — even in web hosting.

  20. I’m shocked to see people recommending DreamHost. Most people will never use the bandwidth, so don’t take the bait. I’ve written at length about my nightmare experience, but since you’ll read conflicting personal experiences, I recommend just looking at their own DreamHost Status blog to see how often they have problems. If you still want to go with DreamHost, use the code FUTUROSITY and you’ll save $50, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

    Finding a good host is tough. I’ve tried several. I’ve written a few tips on How to Find a Web Host That Doesn’t Suck.

  21. Another Dreamhost customer. And a very happy one.

    I even wrote a step by step tutorial for those who needed help because of their lack of english skills (spanish):

    My promo code PROMOCION will save you $90 :)

  22. I am looking for alternatives right now. Am using DreamHost for almost a year now but I have major problems. One of my recent problems is that a few Dreamhost mail-account are not sending emails to my Gmail accounts, including my hosted domain for Gmail! Support on this issue is seriously slow, it’s almost 3 days now and no answer yet. I think some of Dreamhost’ servers are blacklisted by Google and that would be a huge issue.

    I am located in Holland and webhosting is a little more expensive here. Weird, right?

  23. hmmm… I’m using blogger/spot – just getting started. I think that so far they’re incredible. I have ad alerts configured to tell me when google finds me in their database. However… not ranking yet. None of my 8 blogs has more than 50 pages – only started blogging since Dec 20, 2006. Anyone know if GOOGLE ranks it’s own sites and how long that might take? :P

  24. I am very happy with Megahosters.com as they support UNLIMITED domain names on a self hosted WordPress for only 9 bucks a month. It is a shared SQL server, and eventually you may want your own dedicated server for $150, just like StevePavlina.com or JohnChow.com.

    You can check them out at http://www.megahosters.com/

  25. I use lunarpages and host gator. Lunarpages is very, very generous with disk space and bandwidth. I used Host Gator’s reseller account to host multiple domains on one account. Both are great.

    Darren, FYI, when someone posts a URL in this comment section it runs beyond the confines of the content section and into the sidebar area (with grey background). I think something needs to be adjusted in your stylesheet that’s all. I love this new design, though I loved the old one also.

  26. I personally would stay away from MT as they seem to still be having issues. I know the space/bandwidth is attractive but try going with a more realistic host like:



  27. I would say us, but then i would lie for about 50% of the readers here. The main factor to choose your host is there and your location. Make sure your host is located in the same region as you. Most of your readers will be of you region. The connection is faster for you and them.

  28. I trust all my blog sites to Lunarpages.Com

  29. for problogger.net that would be a perfect choise. Following the whois info of problogger almost 60% of the visitors comes from the USA sow you need a host based in a datacenter in the USA for maintaining the optimal speed.

  30. Wayne says: 08/22/2008 at 3:21 pm

    Hi there,

    I agree with “quality webhosting” comment here and you should get a US server based on the visitors tracklist and cheaper hosting cost.

    I am currently setting up my blog with ASPHostCentral.com and it is called BlogEngine.NET. Have you guys heard about this product? You may have a full details at: http://www.dotnetblogengine.net/ and for BlogEngine.NET hosting, I trust my site with asphostcentral.com

    The installation and setup is easy, site customization is user friendly and to me, it is just a fantastic blogging tool.

    Hope this helps you guys…

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