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ProBlogger Earnings Poll Results – April 2006

Posted By Darren Rowse 30th of May 2006 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Last Week’s ProBlogger Poll of the Week asked readers of this blog the question:

‘How Much Money did you Make from Blogging in April?’

1504 people responded to the poll (thanks everyone) and the results revealed a similar pattern to previous polls asking about earnings.

The largest category was those that indicated that they didn’t earn anything in April (38%). On reflection I wished that I’d split this category into two (1. I tried but didn’t earn anything and 2. I didn’t try).

Of those that did earn something the results were quite interesting. I’ve graphed these results below (note I removed the ‘I didn’t earn anything’ category from the below results because I don’t know how many of them were trying to earn something.

As you’ll see from the following pie chart (click to enlarge) the biggest response came from those earning under $10 in April (30%).

After this the next biggest response was actually from the $100-$499 category (17%).

7% are earned over $15,000 for the month of April.



  • 57% earned under $100
  • 19% earned over $1000
  • 13% earned over $2500
  • 7% earned over $15000

Here’s another graph putting the same figures in a different way:


The general shape of the graph is similar to similar polls that I’ve conducted previously although the change has been the fourth category ($100-$499) which is perhaps a bit higher than previously.

Also interesting to me was that the top range of over $15,000 was at a very similar level to previous top categories even though I increased the range from ‘Over $10,000’ to ‘Over $15000’. 63 respondents claimed to be earning over the $15,000 mark for the month of April. While some will argue that this is people just being smart with the poll (I’m sure there are a few who do this) I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual number was quite close to this having chat chats with a number of bloggers in the last few weeks who are bringing in well excess of this type of money each month.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. That tail on the right side (i.e., earning over $15K) looks suspicious to me. Perhaps, next time you should introduce a category with a really high unreallistic earning, i.e., $50K. If you still have bloggers in that category …

  2. Darren, are the trends going up over time? Are you mapping any data historically?

  3. Very interesting question is who are those bloggers who earns over 15K and from how many blogs?

  4. sorry for changing topics, but how about a poll on CTR?

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  6. If we repeat this poll for this month, I will have to choose the next category…
    $500 – $999


  7. may be we can repeat this poll after 3 or 6 months? ;)

  8. I like the pie chart, but it is a little hard to tell what colors are what…maybe brighter colors would help? Or..it could be my crusty old monitor…

  9. Hmmm, then i would be put in the 145-150 bloggers who make 30-99. It’s interesting to see that more bloggers voted 100-499 than to the category i belong into. Maybe it takes short time for those who already earn 30-99 to reach the next mark? =P =)

    Let’s hope so,

  10. Interesting, a lot more people making over 10,000 dollars than I thought.

  11. it would also be interesting to see what percentage of those under $10 were actually trying to make money…

  12. gizo – I’m not sure why anyone who earned between 0 and $10 wouldn’t be trying – I’m assuming if you’re earning something you’d be trying otherwise you wouldn’t put ads or aff programs on your blogs…

    The $0 category on the other hand could contain both those who are and are not trying…

  13. I wonder how many visitors you need to have on average to get $500 and above?

  14. Napolean says: 05/30/2006 at 1:08 pm

    The moment I minimized reading problogger and other blogging tips my earnings increased dramatically.

    Content is King and all else will follow. And by spending more time on writing than reading repetitive crap my site’s value increased.

    How about a poll on ratio and proportion on lenght of problogger tip reading and reaching the 6 figure blogging aim?

  15. Darren,

    Thanks for running this recurring poll – it is very cool to see the breakout. Like most everyone, I first say “how many people are in _my_ group”, then “how many people are in the next group up?” and find inspiration.

    Based on the comments above, I think it might be really interesting if you polled on growth rate. “Did your adsense earnings go up or down in May relative to April?” Then provide some percentage brackets for growth up and down. If you have the ability to connect two answers, it would be really interesting to see if the average growth rate increases (long tail effect) or decreases (diminishing returns) as the absolute value of the earnings increases. Other than Steve Pavlina’s post – I haven’t seen any data published that shows growth rate and absolute levels together.

    Thanks again for problogger!

  16. darren – i agree with you. however, there is only a ‘less than $10’ category, which includes $0. which is why i said 0-10… anywho… nice pie..

  17. gizo – as I wrote in the post – there was a $0 category (it got 38% of the vote) but I didn’t include it in the graphs because I didn’t know how many of them were trying to earn money from their blogs…. (see 4th and 5th paragraphs of my post above…)

    napolean – I’m sorry you’re not enjoying reading ProBlogger. I guess you’ve found the secret to making lots of money from blogging – not reading ProBlogger! Congratulations. Sad to see you move on but if its working for you then so be it.

  18. Veddy interesting. I’d like to see a poll measuring length of time one has been blogging to overall earnings.

  19. I would be interested in seeing these results along with the length of time these people have been blogging and how many blogs they run. I would also like to see how much time they spend per week on their blogs.

    Very interesting study, although I agree with some of the posters above that the over $15,000 category seems to have a lot of people in it.

    Keep up the good work!

  20. Yes, it would be interesting to see 2-dimensional plots, e.g.,
    earnings vs hours spent on blogging (or numbers of blogs or some other measure of work involved). No problem with graphics, but gathering data may be more tricky.

  21. I still can’t believe it even I ave been reading about many times and everywhee that people earning that much from adsense like thousands..ohh!
    I earn not more than a hundred a month..

    I woner How many visitors everymonth of those who earn thousands?

    Is there any particular stat visitors and stimated earning per month?

    my http://www.herfactor.com has a 700- a thousand visit a day and earn only few dollars a day. I think that is still bad or better than nothing..:D

  22. I would like to see a list of the websites that are claiming to make the most money. Without that your poll means nothing.

  23. Is no-one blogging for the love of it anymore? It seems that everyone’s just out for a quick buck.

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  26. What kind of blogs might be much money earn with ?

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