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Link Lust

Posted By Darren Rowse 10th of May 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

200605100838Which 3 Blogs or Websites would you most love a link from?


I’d be interested to see a list of lusted after links to see what blogs are mentioned repeatedly.

Share you top 3 in comments or write a post about it and leave a link to the post below.

Update: A couple of ways that you might like to acknowledge the blogs that you’re lusting after links from are Link Leaks and Blog Tipping.

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  1. Links from the mainstream media… to my blog carnival pages criticizing them (mediocre media carnival). I would love both the irony, PR, and traffic.
    Darren, my question to you is what pages you’d like linked to?
    Le Centre
    Centrerion Canadian Politics

  2. CCP – I’ve been pondering this for a day or two now.

    One of the most effective link ups that I’ve had over the last year has been from lifehacker.com. It doesn’t send the most traffic (slashdot and digg can send much more) but I’ve found the flowon impact of lifehacker traffic is quite significant as it seems to be a site that many other bloggers use. As a result you can end up with many secondary links from bloggers who find you from the first one (its quite viral like). Digg and Slashdot have the same impact (ie there is usually a second wave of links) but I’ve found the lifehacker ones can be more focussed and quite often the traffic is less cynical and more positive in the interaction that they have with your content (where as slashdot and digg can be pretty harsh).

  3. For my tech blog I’ve got links from sites like kottke.org, digg.com, Slashdot, NY Times, Guardian, Engadget, Fark etc. and the one which really stands out if we just talk traffic is Slashdot.

    I’m actually writing a short comparison between the traffic distribution from Slashdot / Digg and Fark.com/tech since I was listed on all of those frontpages at the same time – coming up at fosfor.se during the weekend.

  4. 1) ProBlogger
    2) Lifehacker
    3) Signal vs. Noise

  5. I’m not looking for links right now. I’m still struggling to build some content and determine a closer focus for my blog.

    My first goal is to get my site to knock some country line dancing guy off the top spot of a google search for my name. Yeah, I know that it’s completely petty and worthless.

    Just so I’m not completely off-topic:
    1) any link that knocks my server on it’s heels and/or sucks up all my bandwidth for the month. E.g., slashdot.
    2) Paul Graham
    3) Joel Splosky

  6. I’ve had good traffic when I’ve been linked from:

    * Lifehacker
    * Digg Frontpage
    * del.icio.us Popular
    * Zeldman

    It’d be nice to get links from other big sites, or sites belonging to people who’s work I really like. A link from ProBlogger.net would sure be nice. ;-)

  7. […] Over on my link lust post (thanks to everyone that contributed) a reader asked me to name my own lusted after links. […]

  8. […] This past week, Darren introduced the concept of Link Lust with the question, If you could GET 3 links who would you want to get them from? I didn’t really think about it, until I ran into the question on another SOB’s blog. Then I felt like answering the question there. Even more exciting and mystifying . . . within 24 hours one of the three links I lusted after happened. I actually got linked! […]

  9. I have two blogs to consider:
    Marketing Gorilla and CigarBlog101.

    For Marketing Gorilla, the list is:
    1. Problogger
    2. Micro Persuasion
    3. Seth Godin

    For CigarBlog101:
    1. Cigar Afficianado
    2. Maxim
    3. Playboy

    Darren, Can you arrange these for me???

  10. My blog is Back in Skinny Jeans, and I am grateful for all links I receive. But, an absolute blissful link would be from:
    1. Oprah.com
    2. iVillage.com

    When that happens, I’ll be doing the happy dance big time ;-)

  11. 1. PerezHilton.com
    2. Pinkisthenewblog.com
    3. Dooce.com

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  13. Feedback, Link Love, and Relationships…

    Thank you to all of those who made suggestions on what I could blog about here.  I feel the love oozing off the computer screen into my brain and feeding my brain cells with inspirational blogging juice :)  My mind……

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