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Link Lust

Posted By Darren Rowse 10th of May 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

200605100838Which 3 Blogs or Websites would you most love a link from?


I’d be interested to see a list of lusted after links to see what blogs are mentioned repeatedly.

Share you top 3 in comments or write a post about it and leave a link to the post below.

Update: A couple of ways that you might like to acknowledge the blogs that you’re lusting after links from are Link Leaks and Blog Tipping.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. 1. Dooce.com – Heather has crazy traffic. Not in my niche, however.

    2. Kottke.org – Jason doesn’t link to crap.

    3. Zeldman.com – A link from Jeffrey would be professional validation.

  2. Simple Question, simple answer:
    1. problogger.net – I dont have a link from australia :)
    2. stevepilava.com – i love his traffic statistics
    3. google.de oder google.com – because… its my #1 referer

  3. These are really sites I just enjoy a whole lot:



  4. Dooce, if she actually linked to people.
    Boingboing, again, if they linked.
    Bob Mould (http://modulate.blogspot.com), my musical hero.

  5. Tough one… Since WriteNiche is a writer/reader community, I’d have to say…

    Freelancewriting.com because we’d get a heck of a lot of more great writers.

    Writing.com because it’s called writing.com. Whenever someone types in writing into a search engine, they get writing.com.

    Front page of google.com, just about the search engine, just below the logo. Lol…



  6. Since I cover personal finance stuff, any professional news publication links (TIME, CNN, Forbes, etc.) would be great for me.

    Not digg. Neeeeeever digg. So much raw, undirected traffic full of people who don’t click ads or leave constructive comments (or come back!).

  7. Lifehacker – The large reader base and devotion of the audience is titalating.

    Boing Boing is just awesome.

    A nice spot on digg or preferably del.icio.us/popular would be nice.

    (I would say kottke, but I already got a link from him)

  8. besides problogger obviously

    1) gapingvoid.com – Love Hughs cartoons and his focus on conversations.
    I also like his creativity lessons and application to business.
    2) Seth Godin’s blog – It would mean I was doing something right or terribly wrong and would be something to learn from.
    3) smallbiztrends.com – Anita is a very personable writer and responds well to her audience. Her articles are first rate and well researched. SBT is what I hope my site grows up to be.

  9. http://www.tuckermax.com — and any of his other writer’s blogs. The number of hits he gets per day is awesome, and his demographic would most likely enjoy my blog as well….a female version of his.

  10. digg.com

    ok, kottke.org, dooce.com, lifehacker.com, and problogger.net would also be tolerable

  11. Savage Minds
    John Hawks

    Why? Well they are all of the cream of the crop as far as science blogging goes. To have their link, would mean they associate with some Anthropology.net content.

  12. Oh boy tough to say.

    Problogger.net might be in the top 3…
    Boing Boing if that was ever possible and
    And how about a link underneath the Google search Lol

  13. I’d particularly like one from http://www.Problogger.net because Darren’s writing is what started my wife and I on this whole writing odyssey … I’m sure the traffic would be good but this one would be more for sentiment than business.

    Second http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/ because I like both his stats and his attitude.

    Third choice would be http://www.jerrypournelle.com Dr. Pournelle is an old paper correspondence friend from ARPANet and the real Byte magazine days (yes there was a Net before there was a Web), and his “Current View” column is a prime candidate for the original blog, even though no one abused the language with that word way back when he started posting.

    The three I certainly would not want:

    Technorati .. clueless, focused only on an inner clique and frequently broken and inaccurate.

    Digg.com A self-aggrandizing farce with ‘Diggs’ orchestrated by an ‘in group’ in a frequently devious manner, which none are allowed to question or constructively criticize.

    Slashdot: Rude, anti-social developmentally impaired juveniles who think they “get it” but very often don’t.

  14. :) My first choice was already taken – Google
    Yahoo mail would be a great place to have a link too. So many people still use it and Yahoo has such heavy traffic.
    http://www.ProBogger.net or http://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com are two sites that I have learned so much at and really enjoy.

  15. Problogger or any of the blogs I aggregate here:

  16. Id like some high traffic humor sites, but cant find many.

    how about:

    1. bored.com
    2. funnyfact.com
    3. engadget.com

  17. I’d be proud if David Mendoza linked to me.

  18. My blog’s about family travel and travel with kids, so I’m waiting to be discovered by:

    1) Well-respected indie travel site World Hum at http://www.worldhum.com/

    2) The UK’s Guardian travel section at http://travel.guardian.co.uk/

    3) (Cheating, more than one here….) One of the major US newspaper online travel sections: New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Miami Herald.

    I write about drag racing as well on a different site, but that’ll have to wait for another post.

  19. Rolling Stone

  20. 1. Make
    2. Scobleizer
    3. Lifehacker

  21. Alexander, my father has a humor blog but it isn’t high traffic… Do you like Maine humor?

  22. Curbed
    Any other influential financial/real estate blogs

  23. http://treehugger.com

    Great content ALL the time. Must reads if you have not checked them out.


  24. sorry skimmed over the THREE part of the thread.

  25. oh ..*whistling* …~ ~ ~ definately these ones .. for sure


    *rolling eyes* … I hear that blog owner (ME) will gave anybody a reciprocal link :p

  26. fark.com – happened to me a couple of times before, and the traffic from it is just insane. Waaaay more than digg, slashdot and del.icio.us popular combined

    kottke – – again, happened to me once, and I realized that there are a hundred lazy bloggers out there who mindlessly reblog Jason and so will also link to me within 48 hours. A link from him really juices your Technorati rating.

    Timbl’s blog – because that’s almost like a link from god :)

    (and Alex – if you want links fromhumor sites with large traffic, submit to gorillamask.net and collegehumor.com)

  27. I am still new to the blogging world, and the only blog I am reading on a daily basis for now is problogger.net.

    So problogger.net is my first choice

  28. digg.com – if my servers can stand the slashdot effect.

    cssbeauty.com – to feel myself flattered about my design.

    and of course problogger.net – To see that I do things financially sensible.

  29. My votes are for:

    1. Guy Kawasaki’s Blog (http://blog.guykawasaki.com)
    2. Brad Feld (http://feld.com)

    I write a blog for startup founders, and both the guys above are people with a high “clueful” factor that I immensely respect.

  30. For me it’d be:

    Gizmodo & Engadget.

    I’ve been linked by Gizmodo more than 3 times already, which comes to show how much exposure i got, some people claim that Engadget has more traffic than Gizmodo, but considering the fact that there are about 7-10 versions of Gizmodo in different languages, and the fact that there are
    “feed caching” sites that take their posts directly, i think it’d bring more traffic.

    Anyway, i won’t be too sure before Engadget links me aswell =P.


  31. Any site with more traffic than mine (so pretty much, anyone)

    Depends on which site I want the traffic for. Becoming a trusted source in one of the news aggregators would be amazing.

    I’m just happy when anyone links to me, to be honest (except the sploggers of course)

  32. Ok, it’s not blog, but I’ll definitely appreciate link in the text of the New York Times

  33. Andy P says: 05/10/2006 at 7:02 pm

    Would be awsome to get links from:

    Well we would all love one from problogger.net but my three realistic ones would be:


  34. first choice is definately problogger.net cos’ this is one of the first blogs I came across when i started blogging and its my second home.

    second would be from drawapig.desktopcreatures.com – its funny little idea.

    sethgodin because i like that bald pic on his blog.

    silly reasons but then who said lust needs brains

  35. I’ll stir the pot and say it again – links from blogs are incestuous – give me a link on the top of page 1 of the Google, Yahoo and MSN SERPs for my chosen keyword phrase and you can keep all your blog traffic to recycle over and over again.

    There’s more people outside of Blogland than in it and that’s where you should be looking for traffic – not from Blogs that just have the same old readers day after day.

    You go get yourself some of that traffic and you’ll find that they will click on obvious links more than any blog reader will.

  36. Style.com,
    The New York Times,
    and the Guardian.

    I’ve done a half-decent job of getting blog links, but now i’m really setting my sights for MSM coverage. No idea how to go about it, though…

  37. Stuart – I’d agree – I’d love that kind of ranking in Google too – however…. the only way to get that high in SERPs is to get links on other sites….

    so for that reason if SERPS are a priority I’d be lusting after high PR sites….

    I also agree with the ‘look outside blogland’ call – I think too many bloggers think too narrowly in terms of promoting themselves.

    i’ve even talked to a couple of bloggers recently who have started buying advertising in offline media to drive traffic…. I’m not sure I’d extend quite that far for most blogs but looking wider than blogs is a step in the right direction.

  38. techmeme.coom

  39. Obviously – https://problogger.com, is THE only blog I would like a link from. Why would I want a link from any other? Problogger is my favourite, and I keep mentioning you in my business blog.

    Problem is – I am but a tiny tuna in a sea full of dolphins.

  40. My top three picks aren’t so much for the traffic they’d generate, but because I really admire the people who run them:

    ASCII by Jason Scott – Jason directed The BBS Documentary and runs Textfiles.com and a ton of other related sites. If I could relive one period of history, it would be the BBS era. Jason’s sites (and excellent documentary) help me do that.

    A Day in the Life of an Information Security Investigator – This is a field that I am extremely interested in, and Security Monkey does an *excellent* job of entertaining as well as educating.

    Wil Wheaton dot Net – Wil seems like such an average Joe for an actor who “used to be famous.”

  41. 1. Jeremy Zawodny
    2. Guy Kawasaki
    3. A Ron Smith Commentary.

    I would have said these if I hadn’t already gotten these links:
    1. Darren
    2. Steve Rubel
    3. BusinessWeek
    4. Slate

    Actually, come to think of it, I’ve already gotten a JZ link too but it was a long time ago and I’m jonesing for another one.

  42. Darren,

    I took your suggestion and posted my “Link Lusts” on my blog. Check ’em out.

    Great question, BTW.

  43. Hey Darren,

    I already have outgoing links to my favorite blogs (PB included) to share with my readers.

    Sometimes they link back, sometimes they don’t. But they all know they are there.

    Other than that, anyone with a higher page rank than me (almost everyone) would be fine.


  44. […] Because today he has a cute little pink button on his post titled Link Lust. See there, I even linked to a post that made me pissed. […]

  45. Darren, I meant to make this comment earlier but I see you’ve updated your post. Just wanted you to know what Mike Sigers of Simplenomics had written about you. I see that his trackback appears as number 44 in the list above – should be right above my comment. I think you have a great idea here by asking this question, because I think we all have different blogs that we wish would link to us – or different websites in general, as the case may be.

    I’ll take a slightly different tack and simply say, I would love links from anyone who really wanted to link to me. That is, the link is relevant, and the person linking to me sincerely wants others to see what I’ve said.

    Okay, okay. I’d most crave a link from you, Steve Rubel and Robert Scoble. I just think the kind of traffic from those sites would be mostly relevant to the topic of corporate and professional blogging at Business Blog Wire. And boy, would that be a fire hose of traffic!

    So for me the question is, how to blog so well that I really *deserve* a link from a well-respected or top-tier blogger?

  46. I’d like a link from anyone who cared enough to mention me! Always a bonus If they have more traffic than I do, I’m just sayin’…

  47. Anyone who headlines her site with “better parenting through coffee” gets a link from me, piddly though my traffic may be….it’s done, Busy Mom!

    Sheila (aka, I’d be Busier if I Didn’t Blow Off Housework & Cooking)
    Family Travel: See The World With Your Kids

  48. Thanks, Sheila!

  49. Problogger.net (Just to say that I did…)

    kottke.org (I think I have a shot some day…)

    Rotten Tomatoes.com (Fits my niche perfectly, and gets tons of traffic…)

  50. Busy Mom,

    Visited your site… Awesome!

    I am not a mom, nor a dad, nor a parental unit of any type, but your blog is very cool and has a great theme… Let’s say I am bookmarking you for 5 to 10 years down the road when I decide to have “busy” kids.


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