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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. FYI: the domain is in dutch and loosely translates to “useless junk”. Glad too see the plugin works pretty well though ;-)

  2. Woot! I got 30 out of 40. My continuing insistence on making most of my money from sites that aren’t technically blogs cost me a few points. :)

  3. Looks like the plugin works OK – I’m a hobby blogger.

  4. I’m just a “serious amateur,” but I wish I knew about this plug-in earlier, I wrote an entire quiz system on my own instead! Surely that gives me a few more points…

  5. I got 9 out of 40. So sad. :(

  6. definately danae – give yourself 10 extra points :-)

    on the plugin – it’s not too hard to use – but does take a little hacking. I only just managed it (I’m hopeless at anything techy so it’d be easy for others) and am not sure I’ll be using it that regularly due to the set up required each time you use it.

    if anyone ever builds one that integrates into the back end of WP via an admin page or something I’d be interested in seeing it!

    It’d also be great if it spat out some code at the end that those who did it could then post on their own blog with their results and a link back….

  7. Great plugin, Darren!

    I wonder if it works for the sidebar too (might be handy to use it instead of the public externally hosted polls and quizes).

    I’ve obviously got a long way to go with my 15 out of 40 points and “some promising signs” ;)

    Thanks for a pointer to the plugin, I’ll definitely take a closer look.

  8. I was surprised to learn that I’m a ‘real’ ProBlogger, having scored 28 out of 40 points.

  9. […] If so, take the quiz on Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger page. […]

  10. 10/40. Aftering being involved in the blogosphere for only the last month, I hope this means I’ve had a good start. But I’m sure with what I’m learning from Problogger and some other great blogs, the future is good.

  11. […] Der Darren ist Problogger und ich lese ihn täglich. Nun hat er ein neues Plugin installiert, mit dem man prüfen kann, ob man ebenfalls ein Problogger ist. Nun, was soll ich sagen: ProBlogger!! You managed to score 30 points out of 40. You’re a real ProBlogger! Congratulations! […]

  12. It’s a nice plugin, and I’m going to give a shot too. Anyways, I was rated as a “Serious Amateur”, very encouraging really. Another great post Darren! Kudos!

  13. Very Cool :)
    I’m a “Serious Amateur”, but unless I lose my full-time job, I’ll probably stay there…

  14. “Serious Amateur”

    12 out of 40, fun. :D

    I’m hoping I’ll climb the ranks in the future. I’ll be a busy student come fall, but I enjoy blogging.

  15. Serious amateur, 21 points. That seems about right to me.

  16. The “Serious Amateur” seems to be a very common result. I got 18 out of 40.

    Not enough to leave my full time job yet.

  17. Im a serious amateur at 20/40. I hope I won’t be staying at this level for too long (ie. I hope I’ll be moving up a level ;) )

  18. I am a Serious Amateur…

  19. You managed to score 34 points out of 40.
    You’re a real ProBlogger! Congratulations! Now send me an email and tell me how you did it!

    Email you?, I think you ignored my last two :/

  20. lol nice plugin.

    I got 21 out of 40. “Serious amateur”

  21. I wasn’t surprised by my quiz score (very, very low). With the money I’ve made from my blog, I can’t even buy coffee yet (adsense doesn’t payout until you reach a certain dollar amount), I have enough in my adsense account for coffee, just not the actual cash.

    But I’m not expecting to make a living from my blog (although it’s one of my goals), so I’m just having fun with it right now. For me, having fun with my blog is payment enough (for now!).

  22. My score? Let’s just say the plugin works. :)

  23. I am a serious amateur which is true anyway, I just started last Februray.

  24. Serious Amateur
    You managed to score 25 points out of 40.

    I really like that plug-in, shame I don’t use WordPress, quizzes and polls are such a good way to get people to participate.

  25. with 11/40 i guess i am the youngest (lowest score) Serious Amateur here.
    I am happy with the plugin’s result. its exactly what i would like to call myself. :D

    but darren I think the range for Serious Amateur is quite large IMHO. 11 to 25 out of 40 is more then 37% and i don’t even know if those are the boundary values. If I am not wrong then you have 3 categories – i-don’t-know-the-name, Serious Amateur and real problogger.

    ps: since you are testing your plug-in, feel free to take my suggestions :D
    just kidding

  26. it is pretty wide Jack – although the boundaries are actually wider. I think it’s possible to get -8 from memory :-)

  27. Oh yes, I am real Problogger. ;)
    btw, it is a nice quiz plugin!

  28. Great!! i got 22 out of 40, its say in ” I am not a full time blogger right now”

  29. […] Darren recently conducted a quiz on ‘Are You a ProBlogger?’. I took part in it and the result- I am a Serious Amateur with 21 points out of 40. The quiz was conducted just for fun and to test a WordPress Plugin. […]

  30. I got 21 out of 40!

  31. 14/40 looks like im doing something wrong …

  32. […] wbQuiz is a WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to add a Quiz to your site. It was recently tested by Darren Rowse to conduct a quiz on ‘Are you a Problogger?’ […]

  33. 23/40

    another serious amatuer – with great intentions!

  34. 20/40 serious amateur!

  35. I scored a 27, serious amateur.

  36. I am still a hobby blogger.
    Don’t think I can do much about it for the time being

  37. I’m serious amateur ..lol

  38. […] Para todo aquel que quiera realizarlo lo puede encontrar en Problogger (en inglés). […]

  39. derreck says: 06/06/2008 at 9:36 am

    H! great questions. Can I know where I can get the same plugin the link :


    Doesn’t work for me.

    Thanks in advance

  40. 10/40. Aftering being involved in the blogosphere for only the last month, I hope this means I’ve had a good start. But I’m sure with what I’m learning from Problogger and some other great blogs, the future is good.

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