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More on What Blogging is Buying Bloggers

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of July 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Two days ago I linked to a couple of people who had written about what blogging had bought them and asked readers to tell us what blogging had enabled them to buy also. Little did I know what the response would be like – even though it is a weekend. Here’s a collation of the list of what blogging has bought people so far (ranging from coffee to houses):

Blogging bought Dee a sixth birthday party for her daughter, CDs, books, concert tickets and covers her blog’s costs
Blogging bought Bank Locator a trip to Vegas plus lots of free schwag
Blogging bought Billobanger a house, furniture, new computer and gadgets
Blogging bought Retrospector money to cover the costs of starting another blog
Blogging bought Darren M an office, two companies, a paycheck for him and his wife, a car, a condo, 3 cats and vacations
Blogging bought Elliot various trips away with his girlfriend
Blogging bought Ken the ability to work at home and have time with his kids
Blogging bought Jon a trip to Phoenix to meet his hero
Blogging bought feral cat DVDs
Blogging bought brem dog id tags
Blogging bought Designer Ella lots of handbags and shoes.
Blogging bought Kevin all the startup costs for the music label he’s launched
Blogging bought JErm his freedom to quit other jobs and work at home – plus a trip to Bali for his entire family
Blogging bought eSearing more web site development business which pays for cell phones, net access and a computer
Blogging bought Esther her Son’s college education
Blogging bought John gas for his car, a lot of fun and something to put on his next job application
Blogging bought Kim Bah Lee a pint of beer
Blogging bought Tim a Nintendo DS
Blogging bought Greg web hosting, a valleyschwag subscription and domain renewal
Blogging bought Swade a laptop, free Saab goodies and the inspiration for a new car.
Blogging bought Thejesh GN a domain, hosting, a few drinks and lunch
Blogging bought Marek a Pentax Optio W10
Blogging bought Chi An a Dell laptop
Blogging bought Bill a $10,000 Spa
Blogging bought Ray hosting and other blog related costs plus the odd latte
Blogging bought Melissa lots of stuff ($1,100 to $1500 USD a month)
Blogging bought Renee monthly installments on a home
Blogging bought Keeton a successful home business and time with family
Blogging bought hacker not cracker a laptop
Blogging bought Dale plenty of CDs
Blogging bought Adam a domain name and hosting
Blogging bought pcunix – hard to tell as all income goes into the one pot but he’s earned $250k from online activities
Blogging bought Chris hosting fees
Blogging bought pjm satisfaction
Blogging bought Oscar hosting fees, domains and coffee
Blogging bought Jill lots of ‘stuff’, a phone, admission to conferences, other jobs and work etc
Blogging bought Candy Addict lots of Candy
Blogging bought Jayvee a new DSLR and speaker set for video games
Blogging bought Rick a new Car
Blogging bought David an xbox, LCD Monitor and Camera
Blogging bought Me a house, car and virtually every other living expense for the last year or two

Feel free to keep adding to the list in comments below

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. My blog — Exploding Barrels — has already bought me a couple of games for the expensive Xbox 360. This is taking into account its time on Blogger — and just recently moved into its own domain. I guess I’m a long way from a house.

  2. A sharp pain between my shoulders

  3. Bought me a macbook and a canon powershot ,tools for any blogger on the road

  4. Thanks for the Link Love Darren!

  5. My blog bought me a TV capture card and hosting fees.

  6. A vacation in Florida and a part-time employee from Buenos Aires.

  7. Blogging kept me focused on my weight and nutrition goals. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have made it through a couple of ‘down’ times without having my responsibilities to Eat4Today to consider.

  8. Johnny says: 07/24/2006 at 12:50 pm

    It would be nice for you to include how much effort they had to do first before buying these things. Only then can we justify if it’s worth the time and effort.

  9. LOL also a long way from a house, but it’s paying my hosting and domain fees at least!!

  10. Johnny,

    I’m the one with the laptop, various Saab goodies and Viggen inspiration. To complete the picture you asked for, my site (Trollhattan Saab) has been going for about 16 months now and currently makes around US$340 a month. I got the laptop back in May and am about to take my payments off hold for the $1,000 or so I need for some mods to my car (which I’ll subsequently write about on the site).

    Earnings were a trickle for the first 6 months and then I managed to get hold of one of those explosive posts that picks up your traffic and consequently, your earning as well. It’s been steady growth ever since as referred traffic and (importantly) search traffic to my steadily growing archives increases.

  11. George says: 07/24/2006 at 1:22 pm

    Besides money blogging has bought me stress and endless nights of not enough sleep.

  12. blogging bought a Vacation for me and i am hoping to bought Laptop.

  13. I have an eBay tips blog, so all the money I make from that will be used to buy more stuff to sell on eBay!

  14. With the income for blogging, has bought me:

    – My Flickr Pro account
    – The hosting fees
    – The posibility to give 4 pro accounts in Flickr in a draw in my blog.

  15. […] Darren at Problogger has compiled a list of What Blogging is Buying Bloggers. Its interesting to see what blogging is doing for people and the list includes big things including Companies and a child’s College education to little thing like a latte. There is trips to meet a hero and more time with the kids. Its an impressive list. […]

  16. it’s paid my rent the past three months!

  17. […] Pro Blogger: More on What Blogging is Buying Bloggers […]

  18. As of this moment, nothing more than a train ticket. Off-peak mind you. Still, better than having to walk the distance in the first place.

  19. A living :)

  20. Blogging bought me freedom, not to sit in an office anymore – Wake up, have some coffee and work in my PJs until noon.

  21. Blogging bought me my Blogtrepreneur.com domain name and hosting and a football!

  22. This post made me smile. It’s so nice to see people reaping rewards from a worthwhile (in my opinion) pastime. :)

    As for me, blogging has given me the feeling that I’m doing something to make the world a better place. I hope that’s truly the case!

  23. Well it got me new domain names and helped pay for my webhosting…..

  24. Good uplifting post, Darren.

    For me blogging has paid for a second 19″ LCD Monitor (once you have a dual monitor setup you’ll never want to go back). Also a wireless keyboard/mouse setup.

    Also, I treated my two best friends for a piss up trip over to Perth recently to watch an Aussie Rules match. Highlight of my year so far :-)

    Also pays for all my spur-of-the-moment domain purchases (45 and counting).

    BTW, congrats on the new addition, mate.

  25. Blogging has helped me purchase my new home that my family and I start moving into tomorrow!!! Plus it’s helped to purchase brand new ‘pretty’ things to go in the new house :)

    It may not be ‘paid for’ but blogging will certainly pay the monthly house payment – no problem :)

  26. My blog didn’t bought me anything. However, this blog keep me learning and improving my second languange, which is Chinese.

  27. Dallas Maverick owner & blogger Mark Cuban is offering a job, via his blog, to the person with the movie marketing idea he’s looking for.

  28. My blog has given me a chance to experience this way of marketing, some few extra dollars but still hoping to have a big break :p and new friends and more blogs to read =)

    I hope some day it will give me a new house or at least an apartment =D

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  30. Has bought me and my girlfriend a way to live. Now we have both finish studying we are doing this full time and it pays our bills, I have bought a laptop from blogging, so I can travel, (hopefuly from money blogging also).

  31. It’s buying my golf today, that’s all I know. ($250 dollar a head charity tournament)

    There will be no laptop punching today! Time to chill….

    So as above…….it bought me freedom!


  32. Right now it’s coasting along paying the monthlies for a dedicated server for which I host all of my other personal sites on. I hope the blog will treat me to a few value meals in the coming months.


  33. I just purchased a laptop with my blogging revenue so I can do my writing outdoors enjoying the summer.

  34. Wow, impressive list. Just started my first blog last Monday. If that, or any others that I may start, ever replaces my paycheck (which wouldn’t be too hard to do), I’ll be in heaven.

  35. So far since January 2006, blogging bought me a week long trip to the Fairmont Acapulco Princess, for two, a brand new set of golf clubs and lots of nice dinners out. I am working towards my blog paying for an upcoming masters degree in computer engineering.

  36. It bought us a second car.

  37. No idea yet, after a year of messing aroung with different ideas and finally settling on one I really like, I’m about to cross the 100$ mark this week finally and get my first ever adsense payment. I think I will just spend it on improving my blogging somehow (maybe plough it straight back into Adwords or put it towards a decent smart phone for mobile blogging) so that I can increase monthly income. Nice to have finally settled and be concentrating on one project too.

  38. Hosting fees and my new Sprint EVDO card.

  39. A small part of my college tuition!

  40. My blogs bought me a 12″ PowerBook a few years ago, then it upgraded me to a 17″ PowerBook at the end of last year, and my blogs are now saving furiously for a 17″ MacBook Pro towards the end of this year.

    Along the way they’ve also bought me various gadgets like an Airport Express, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, lenses for my Canon EOS 20D, a Garmin Forerunner GPS, a couple of iPods, etc.

    Now that I list it out like that, my blogs have been very generous!

  41. Recently my blog earnings bought me a brand new electric guitar… an ESP Goldtop to be exact, and in March they paid for a good portion of a trip to Hawaii for my wife & I.

    Thanks as always Darren :)

  42. Blogging has bought me a MacBook Pro, 2 Cross Continental Trips, and 2 websites, and pays my monthly bills.

    ProBlogging is a reality. It’s changed my lifestyle in many awesome ways. I’m a six figure blogger much thanks to this site.

  43. I recently bought a house and the mortgage payments have kept the rest of my life somewhat slim, financially, however the income I’ve generated my blog has enabled me to buy an engagement ring for my girlfriend that I can be proud of. As David said, Pro Blogging is a reality and even if the mainstream doesn’t know it… we do and that’s what matters. I’m in Tahoe now with the ring burning a hole in my bag as I wait for our overnight trip to Mt. Tallac where we’ll be close to 10,000 feet above sea level when I’ll pop the question (if I don’t pass out from lack of oxygen!). Wish me luck! (And shhhhhh!)

  44. […] My favorite recent post is about what blogging is buying bloggers. […]

  45. Great topic Darren. Really great.

    So far, blogging has bought me: Database software for the VoIP company I’m launching, a US Registered Trademark license for the company, a new digital SLR camera, and piece of mind. :)

    Keep up the stellar work you do here. It’s of great benefit to many.


  46. […] Darren Rowse has been linking to a couple of people who had written about what blogging had bought them. The list range from dog id tags to offices. […]

  47. […] Here’s a fascinating post on Pro Blogger, “More on What Blogging is Buying Bloggers”. Darren Rowse says: Here’s a collation of the list of what blogging has bought people so far (ranging from coffee to houses): […]

  48. What has blogging BROUGHT me?…

    Last week, Darren at ProBlogger.net asked a question of us readers: What has blogging bought you? Plenty of folks answered stuff, toys, electronics, and vacations. Too bad that Men in Aprons has not yet reached the vacation level yet. I answered that b…

  49. Well I’ll say it over and over again until the cows come home, but first and foremost it was you Darren that brought me to blogging a year and a half ago….

    Since then, blogging has brought me:

    Many wonderful friends
    A job: Chief Blogger of Pierce Mattie PR
    Another job: Blogger for b5media
    Paid my mortgage for the last 6 months
    Put clothes on my kids backs
    Buy tires for my car
    Allowed me to be a stay at home mom
    Recognition in the Beauty industry, which has landed me free beauty products to review on my blogs
    It has made me more creative and a better writer
    It has made me rediscover my passion for writing that I had when I was younger and was told I would never make money from such

    I’m sure I could think up a ton more things, but that is the jist of it. :)

    Again, I could never thank YOU enough Darren…which is why I never shut up about it. I’m sure there are so many more people who read your blog that feel the same way.

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