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A Day in the Life of a Blogger – Vidcast

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of July 2006 General 0 Comments

Yesterday I got a new toy – an iSight webcam.What follows is a little video I made with it describing ‘a day in the life of me’.

It’s nothing to serious and not the best quality video I’ve ever made (it was a little dark in the room) – but it was a fun way to spend a lazy Saturday evening.

This video was originally shared on blip.tv by darrenrowse with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license.

PS: The music is Chemical Brothers – Setting Sun from the albumn Dig Your Own Hole (aff)

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Sweet dude. Sweet.

  2. Somehow — that’s just the way I pictured you spending your day. . . .

  3. Nice job. I really like the fast paced editing and the way you incoporated the closeups. I think it is better that you thought.

  4. thanks – it was fun.

    I used iMovie’s timelapse mode to shoot it (captures every 10th frame) and then just dragged and dropped them straight in (no real editing – total production time – 60 minutes). iMovie is great.

  5. Oh, so blip offers to embed videos now? sweet.
    Now If they would also alllow to change the “starting frame” that would be awesome.

    So far, only buzznet and metacafe does that to an extent. Buzznet was my favourite, but they disabled the embedding feature… a**h*les ;)

    Beggers can’t be choosers (well, we can be choosers I guess). Too bad the competition doesn’t do what I want.

    Happy Canada Day to all Canadian Pro and Amateur Bloggers!


  6. Definitely sweet. Got mine last week. Not the best of videos, but good nonetheless.

  7. Hi Darren!

    Your video rocks! Very cool!

  8. Wonderful! The numerous sips of coffee, I assume, were amusing. Have you tried Senseo coffee? Got turned onto it by Adam Curry, love it! :)

  9. hehe – too much coffeeeee……

  10. That was fun, especially the close up on your eye movements and great music to boot.

  11. Darren … why did you choose blip.tv over the other services?


  12. Hah I like the action-packed sounding music…

    Basically the same as my day, but with less sitting there admiring my blank screen…god it’s beautiful (19” lcd)…and more coffee.

    What’s that you’re writing at the end?
    A list of things you want to do tomorrow?

  13. Wow, I just loved the video and the music. Great work Darren!

  14. Darren, Was that a Moleskine you were jotting in? If you use
    those man you’re in!


  15. Patrick – I used blip.tv because I uploaded the video to youtube but after 12 ours of seeing it in ‘pending’ status I gave up. Plus I was familiar with blip.tv and liked their service last time.

    PS: The music was Chemical Brothers – Setting Sun from the albumn Dig Your Own Hole (aff) and yes it was a Moleskine notebook.

  16. Awesome. Now I see why it might be a little more convenient to have an actual iSight rather than an integrated one. With the standalone camera, you can move it around instead of leaving it pointed straight at your face while doing your daily task online. Looks like a great way to capture my coding sessions. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be as “entertaining” if all that people see is my face staring down.

  17. Haha. Well done!

    You might also use http://www.revver.com/ and make more money :) Do check it if you’re not familiar.

  18. Now I know how you manage to write so much stuff so quickly. :-)

  19. […] Problogger shows us how he spends his day with his new iSight! Share and Enjoy:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

  20. Even if it was done on an lazy saturdayevening, it was nice editing.

  21. And what a neat room and desk! Did you tidy up before filming? ;)

  22. wow D, you’re so talente! So how does iMovie work? Is it easy to learn hehe?

  23. CW – it’s called strategic placement of camera so as not to record certain parts of the room :-)

    Kitty – its very easy to learn – but it only works on an Apple Mac.

  24. Very cool :D. Great to see, funny and well made.

    Very interesting to see how and where you run your business.

  25. Very fun! And much better quality than youtube. By the way, I’ve really been enjoying your blog – I only recently came across it. And I really like the Digital Photography blog – nicely written and good information. No wonder it’s doing so well. Barrie

  26. Oh what beautiful eyes you have, Darren. ;)

  27. Darren–what prompted you to make this new video purchase? Do you intend to use it mostly for your blog in some way? Or will it mostly be used for other purposes?

  28. A great movie. Thanks Darren. It rocked.


  29. Hey Darren,
    Is the music safe to share on the net? I have used a product called Muvee and love doing it with Main stream songs but never post those ones as I assume I will get sued!

    Also Blip.tv is really cool (I mentioned it to you, not sure if you where using it before then). My favourite feature is that you have access to the orginal file. Having said that, I am coming around to You Tude as well.


  30. Darren, did you you basically just leave the camera on all day long pointing at you, and then occasionaly stop it, point it at the screen or notebook , stop.. put it back and let it run again and then at the end what format did it save it in?

    lastly did you place it into that software and just apply effects to speed it up?

  31. Jon,

    I recorded each segment one after the other – it only took an hour to shoot and edit.

    I recorded it via my webcam via iMovie which has the ability to record in ‘timelapse’ mode – recording every 10th frame. It recorded it the way you see it.

  32. That’s a great bit of work. Always being creative!

  33. Cool!! I’m a video blogger too!! I have done it over a year now!!!


  34. Darren,

    Dude I guess drinking that coffee makes you move that fast huh? Or was it coffee? Clarity is nice. Since you now have the webcam what do you plan on doing?

    Keep up the good work.

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