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How to Make Your Blog More Personal

It has been a while since my last video and in this one I’ll show you the reason why – my son Henri who arrived just a few weeks ago has been taking a lot of my attention of late.

In this video I want to talk about adding a personal touch to your blog and want to introduce you to some of the ideas that I cover in my previous series – Adding a Personal Touch to Your Blog.

I’m not talking about starting a personal blog where you share lots of personal information – what I’m focusing on here is building a blog that connects with people in a more personal way around your niche topic.

Over the last few years of blogging I’ve found that readers really respond well to when you approach your blogging in a more personal way.

Some of the ways you can add a personal touch to your blog include writing in the first person, blogging with emotion, sharing stories using humor, talking about real life activities, using bylines, featuring video and images, being honest about your mistakes and failings, taking personal notice of readers and blogging with a conversational voice.

When you do these types of things over the long haul readers get to a stage where they feel that they ‘know’ you and a blog becomes more than just a place where you dispense information and it becomes a place where people begin to connect.

I’d love to hear how you add a personal touch to your blog in comments below.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I wanted to have original content so I just decided to tell my own personal unique story that only I can tell.

    I was also thinking of doing a video to let people get to know me a little better. With a video though, it definitely has to be an upbeat, positive, even a humourous post.

  2. Ah! You’ve had your baby–he is quite fetching! Darren, I attended your Six Figure Blogging course and this was very helpful then when my blog was weeks old and everyone around me was telling me that I was being ‘too personal’ and needed to be more stoic. It felt natural to me to be personable and share things about my life, so I was conflicted. The guidance from the course assured me I was going in the right direction, and while I have a very minute following I do now have a following. The feedback have received from new readers is consistently that they love “my voice”–so I must be on the right track (of course there are probably people who *hate* my voice, but then again we probably wouldn’t have been friends anyway…). Thanks for the post and for the guidance in the course.

    Jennifer Griola, I’ve lost 90 lbs and counting…

  3. It’s a nice touch that you are adding Henri. You’ve just illustrated how to make a blog more personal.

    On my self help site, I often like to share my failings and mistakes. My intent is to show that I’ve overcome a lot of my limiting thoughts to be where I am today. Hopefully, reading my personal experiences can help inspire my readers to take concrete actions for change.

    I like the idea about sharing funny stories and all. I hope to do more of these going forward!

    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Hmmm. Good Points. I will take some into consideration. I do need some more personal interest in my website. Thanks again!

  5. Been waiting for some news on our new baby.

    How is he doing? His mom? You?

    Get personal. Give us some pictures!

  6. Great article. I know that I stay on a blog 10x longer when the posts are more personal.

    I’ve got a pretty short attention span so videos and humor seem to work the best on me.

  7. Interesting to see your video and post. You’re absolutely right about becoming more personal in a blog.

    I recently switched my blog from a website. When it was a website, I felt compelled to write in the third person (boring and stiff). Since switching to the blog format, I write in the first and second person. Not only is it more inviting to readers, it’s a heck of a lot easier to write posts. They just seem to flow naturally.

    I wish you the best with your new adorable little bundle of joy!

  8. The point at which you have gone to personal is very foggy. There can be severe ramifications for making your blog to personal.

    Personally, I try to avoid it!

  9. I try to get personal by giving my readers glimpses of my passions and interests, some of which are allied with my Virtual Assistant business and some of which are not. I try to attract a certain niche in my clientele, so this is part of my strategy to do so.

    Your video was very charming, you have a gorgeous little baby, and your sweet and genuine spirit was obvious.

  10. Congrats on your baby – he’s adorable! Video blogging with a baby in hand is definitely the most personal you can get! :)

  11. Hi Darren et al,
    I rarely take the time to watch the videos, although I read the summaries and get tons of good information. BUT with a baby on the preview, how can I NOT? :) He’s a cutie. Congrats.

    And of course, teh information is always fresh and informative. thank you very much for this blog in particular.

  12. Cute little Henry! Can my wife apply for a nanny?

    Anyway, I think personalizing your blog depends on your blog topic. My first blog is about Family Tips and I am not a professional family adviser. But since I am a family man for over 12 years, I can easily convince my readers that my tips effective because I have proven it.

    I have two children only and have no plan of adding more. Therefore, I have the authority or experience to understand why it is important to plan your family, and my readers love me that way. I always try to start my articles with my own story, instead of sounding like a genius.

    If you like masses to read your blog, put a personal touch.

  13. I find that humor is always a great way to “break the ice” so-to-speak and connect with people. I think that when you write any type of blog whether it be personal development, social media marketing, or an industry blog, it’s always good to show a sense a humor… To me it says, “hey guys, let’s have fun with this too and relax a little.”

  14. When I read a blog I always want to know the point of view of the owner, even dough sometimes I don’t agree with him/her it’s interesting and you get to know that person a little bit more. In my case my blog is totally personal because it’s about my journey on weight loss.
    I really appreciate yours suggestions because I’m going to adopt some of them and I really think that this will make a difference.

  15. Hi,
    I think that it is a good idea to follow this way (more personal way). We are all interesting to see on the net personal stories.
    Some years ago, during Paris Hilton scandal. I did a search in WordTracker and the top keyword at that time is “paris hilton”
    Thanks for sahring idea.

  16. Hi The tag line for my blog is “Tidbits from my personal and professional life”. And I started this blog to share my feelings, thoughts and to keep in touch with my family and friends. And believe me, the response I get from my family and friends is tremendous. They feel comfortable to share their bits with me. And personally for me, blogging is fun, therapeutic and gives me a high.

  17. ==================

    “I’d love to hear how you add a personal touch to your blog in comments below.”


    I’ve found throwing out something as simple as this at the end of a post every once ina while can lead to a nice boost in reader participation. If you do it on every post, it comes off as begging for comments based on my experiences, but it’s definitely one of the most powerful and simple ways to get people to comment and it’s also painfully obvious – just asking them to do it.


    Great post for numerous reasons. I found it incredibly helpful since writing about myself and letting my personality come out in my writing has been a real challenge for me. Darren, you always make it look so easy!

    Welcome to the world, Henry Rowse.

  19. Thanks for the insight for successful blogging. My site is only a couple of months old and because of it’s niche, I try to be non-personal in content. I am a very humorous person and enjoy a good laugh. When posting about the stock market it’s a subject that most people are serious about and typically are stressed from. recently I’ve posted some more personal views and I hope it will pay off in the long run. I love investing in the stock market and want to share what I’ve learned. I guess if it was personal(not too much) it would help in attracting more traffic. Thanks again.
    BTW. your boy is cute. Congratulation.

  20. I started to take this approach recently, with great results. When you read a blog that is personalized it’s much easier to connect with the author and establish trust. So you’re spot on with this article – thanks.

    Great stuff Darren.

  21. Well, I did the most personal post to date. Not one comments. I’ll have to try something different.

  22. I think it is all about balance. Some blocks state a lot of opinions which could be construed as personal, but they say nothing at all. I have blogs for more personal info and blogs more related to business related material.

    http://www.pixelultra.com – powering up your web startup!

  23. Well I never pay attention to make my blog more personal.

    However, most of my posts affect me in some ways. If it’s about a techology review, I usually have used it first before reviewing it, so there will be personal touches automatically.

    If it’s about a news, I usually say something about it (my own opinion) so not to make the post a boring one

  24. Great article!

    It really is all about connecting with people on a personal level and building a relationship. That is why blogging has been so great and is so much better than straight one-way informational web pages. It allows people to relate to your opinions and connect.

    I think that’s why on most successful blogs such as my own (Internet Marketing Techniques and Darren’s you see the creators images and personal profiles as a focus and centerpiece of the blog.

    People want to know who is talking to them and learn more about you. I’ve never known anyone in life who wanted direction or information from an arbitrary and impersonal source. It’s all about personal branding.

  25. Your son is adorable! :)

    I agree with making your blog personal – no one wants to read a dry, dull blog. I try to incorporate funny stories as much as possible to make my blog interesting.

  26. Exactly what I am doing – my blog is only about me and my adventures. Places, where I have been, and humans I have met. So it’s very personal.

    p.s. I am squirrel.

  27. Agree 100%, if you can’t connect with your audience you are screwed!


  28. I agree fully. I love to read blogs that are personal. I think its the allure of intimacy that makes a blog really good. It also makes me realize how we are all so very much alike.


  29. That’s a very helpful post about making your blog personal, thanks!

    I think placing some pictures of yourself or your activities may help personalize your blog. It will let readers know that your a person and not a ‘bot.’ :)

  30. Darren,

    Excellent tips! Blogs are personal and should be approached with personal touches.

    Thanks for the great post!

  31. Hi Darren,

    Thanks for affirming the importance of showing a bit of personality in a blog while remaining professional. I author a blog about comfortable yet stylish shoes for women. While I still use stock photo, I’ve started photographing my own feet in a pair of shoes (thankfully companies have been kind enough to send me samples). My readers seem to appreciate the personal and authentic touch.

  32. Great post, I really enjoyed this, and nice vid!

  33. Awwww, I thought I accidentally went to Cute Overload ;-). What an adorable baby boy!

    This video had a personal touch starting from the first second, with the music–I heard the music and it pulled on my heart strings and made me lean into what you were saying. It’s amazing all the little touches you can do to make a personal connection–sometimes it’s as simple as well chosen music or even an expressive photo to use along with your posts.

    Thank you! :-)

  34. Cute kid. ALMOST as cute as my grandson ( 13 months old.)
    I am still learning this personal writing stuff but it certainly is a welcome relief from the dry impersonal article writing which we have to do.


  35. absolutely – i love feeling that i’m getting a peek into what people love, loathe and generally get up to in their everydayness……

    i try to do this by including little snippets of my life and day to day experiences, as well as the things i love and the things i make (the primary purpose of my blog). important not to give too much stalkerish material though!

  36. Sorry, but this time i was looking Henri all the time, but i have downloaded the video will watch it again.

  37. Thanks for the tips on making blogging more personal. After reading it, I decided to put up the first “vlog” on my site, and although I feel sort of dorky about it, I think it’s a step towards letting the readers get a better feel for my personality, since i don’t write a “personal blog”, per se. Thanks for the informative blog…and your baby is gorgeous!

  38. Nice video, although if you look at this way personality is the name of the game.

    According to a recent survey, personal blogs are getting the most readership and after them you can have blogs related to friends or family.

    So, making our blogs more personal helps us a lot in the long run.

  39. Interesting post, I have made my blog personal and used some home video to boost it, it seemed a natural thing to do as I focus on a camcorder brand.

  40. I hate reading blogs that have no “soul”

  41. Thats exactly what I’ve tried to do. There are so many websites on investing that speak the same old language… so I’m trying to write articles that add a twist. I write posts on the top funniest stock symbols, and have recently partnered with another writer who focuses on humour.

    Great job Darren.

  42. Great tip, I will be doing this on my blog in the future.

  43. Personalizing your blog is key. You really hit the nail on the head here. Props on the baby in the video, excellent touch. You really practice what you preach.

  44. Nice tips. Will try implementing in my blog. It’s always worth coming here where new ideas are shared.

  45. I know I like reading blogs that have a “face” and a personality. It is an extension of the habit I have of looking at the author’s photo when I consider buying a book.

    On my blod, Dog Art Today, I interlace my posts about art with stories about my dog and I feature stories about the breeds I know my readers own. Often I dedicate posts to them and their dogs. I think it makes a big difference.

    BTW, featuring Henri is a great way to make an impact. So cute!!!

  46. I know I like reading blogs that have a “face” and a personality. It is an extension of the habit I have of looking at the author’s photo when I consider buying a book.

    On my blog, Dog Art Today, I interlace my posts about art with stories about my dog and I feature stories about the breeds I know my readers own. Often I dedicate posts to them and their dogs. I think it makes a big difference.

    BTW, featuring Henri is a great way to make an impact. So cute!!!

  47. Love the video. Totally agree with you. Don’t have the confidence yet, but, maybe in the future.

  48. I like it

    but have a doubt what is the evidence that personal blogs get me more traffic and how would i make my blog to come up on yahoo or google searches i guess it will work only if i make it over something that people search alot online.thats why i made a makemoney blog and i am really new to blogging.so i dont think it would be a good idea to make a personal blog.

  49. I share my personal struggles with people. Not just readers of my blog though, but people who search on the internet for experience of someone going through or who has gone through the same thing.

  50. I’ve found that making things personal in my blog has really helped people to understand where I’m coming from. My blog is all about helping musicians avoid the mistakes of the music bizz, and I tell them about mistakes that I’ve made or that I’ve witnessed other local bands make.

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