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How to Make Your Blog More Personal

It has been a while since my last video and in this one I’ll show you the reason why – my son Henri who arrived just a few weeks ago has been taking a lot of my attention of late.

In this video I want to talk about adding a personal touch to your blog and want to introduce you to some of the ideas that I cover in my previous series – Adding a Personal Touch to Your Blog.

I’m not talking about starting a personal blog where you share lots of personal information – what I’m focusing on here is building a blog that connects with people in a more personal way around your niche topic.

Over the last few years of blogging I’ve found that readers really respond well to when you approach your blogging in a more personal way.

Some of the ways you can add a personal touch to your blog include writing in the first person, blogging with emotion, sharing stories using humor, talking about real life activities, using bylines, featuring video and images, being honest about your mistakes and failings, taking personal notice of readers and blogging with a conversational voice.

When you do these types of things over the long haul readers get to a stage where they feel that they ‘know’ you and a blog becomes more than just a place where you dispense information and it becomes a place where people begin to connect.

I’d love to hear how you add a personal touch to your blog in comments below.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Darren, thank you for posting this article. This was very insightful. Apparently, becoming more personal in your blog has done reverse of what some of your critics have said. I will follow-up on you other links.

    Regards, Matt

  2. I think making things more personal is a great way to get your reader to connect with you as well.

  3. Hi, I agree with you Darren, we have to include our personal emotion in writing, so the article has a bit taste not just a dead thing.

  4. The personal aspect of my blog seems to be the big “draw” for mine. The reader becomes part of my story during my ride through life; and I am part of theirs. I try to keep it “cozy” and it seems to be appreciated. It is genuine and I get back what I give – Nards

  5. Really nice post..
    i completely agree with you Darren….
    Personal emotions must….:)

  6. First of all: Congratz with your son Henri! A cute little boy :D

    now on topic ;-)
    My opinion is that when you write in a personal way that it reads more comfortable/ it is pretty to read.

    And I think its also a way to put your passion in your articles that you are sharing with your readers.

    I love to give some personal touch in posts.

    greetings from Holland.

  7. Wow! What a great tips, I’m still new in doing blog. Now I should search back my videocam (or some call commcoder, sorry for my English)

  8. Wow Darren. I didn’t think anyone was naming children after me any more. ;-) Even if you did spell his name different. I have not met any “little” Henrys around my part of the world for years. You’re got a wonderful little gift from God there.

    Using video to make blogs more personal is a great tool and, using the language key terms that you shared are great to draw folks in.

    I just added you to my list of those I’m following on Twitter along with keeping up with you here. Hope we can meet up along the way some day.

    Henry Griner

    Hey… whoishenri is still available. ;-) Give him his own blog and start the mentoring early.

  9. Well I always believe it all matters as to how you write to get readers’ attention. It may not be that hard because all you have to do is to introduce the responsive tone in order to try and get the message across.

  10. You are right. I never like reading a blog that is simply entertaining or just informative. I always want that touch. My site right now isn’t as personal as we would like, but that will change soon with some personal stories. Take care.

  11. Congratulations on your baby. My two kids are my inspiration.

    How To Win Friends & Influence People is one of my favorite books of all time.

    Father Forgets is the story about the father and his son. It is just moving. If you haven’t read it http://hoomancan.com/blog/?p=10

  12. Absolutely, Darren – I can’t agree with you more on this. Blogging is Personal – it’s your perspective about a particular topic of choice – and, of course it’s your winning ways of doing things that pique the interests of your intended audience. A lot of bloggers fail to recognize this – they keep re-hashing a popular topic to death, and I find that to be terminally boring.

  13. Dear Darren

    Sorry I’m catching this late.I was just trying to show and explain to my wife the Blogger and kind of site that I’m trying to mimic. Being a real person and not scamming their readers with scam stuff.And most important to me and which I watch you do constantly,always look out for the new guy.Your an excellent role model for a new blogger in every element of the craft.
    Congrats on the family and to your continued success.
    A true FAN for life.

    PS I emailed you one time and you got right back to me and that’s relevant to this topic cause that one move had me in your corner forever.

  14. Yvette says: 08/10/2008 at 11:43 am

    I’m a total newbie but would like to blog because I love writing. Can you refer me to a site that will educate me on how to start one. I am 41, single mother, dating, been rejected, struggling to pay bills, raising 2 girls without child support, a sales rep, a philosopher, an immigrant, a beautiful woman, etc, etc. There’s a lot to blog about even if its just a cathartic release so I can finally stop emailing my ex boyfriend lov of my life “as I really talk to myself”.
    I also came across the homestead website service. It offeres own website…can one blog from there (only if u know answer). Ok. I’m asking too much from you.
    Any response will be appreciated. Yvette

  15. Yvette, I can give you some pointers on blogging. Please communicate with us at our website at hertickingclockDOTcom.

  16. Wow, I’m surprised. I’m a new blogger (only a month) & I just naturally already do all those things. I can’t think of any other way to write than to write like I’m talking face to face with friends. I’m such a tech dummie, I’m glad to know that at least I’m doing something right.

  17. Same with Cathy, I thought that has always been the point to blogging. Back 10 years ago it’s known as an online journal and you just chat about your days, life events, basically nothing anyone would really care about lol Blogging is taken so seriously now it’s a fulltime job.

  18. The best thing, how to make a blog personal, is like I am doing – it’s all about me and my adventures! No “money making” bullshit, no posts about “blogging”, “SEO”, “traffic” etc… just personal stuff. And it’s the only normal way to make blog personal…

  19. I´m agree whit Darren, I love this blog, excellent tips! Blogs are personal and should be approached with personal touches. It shows the personality of the publisher.

    Thanks for the great post!

  20. Personally, I don’t like getting personal on blogs with so many readers and views because we all know how easily someone can blow something out of proportion or what someone can do with a little bit of black mail information.

    There is definitely a fine line drawn between personal and helpful when it comes to your own personal blog. Videos are a nice informative way to keep readers drawn to what you have to say because it’s easier to learn from a video than some plain simple text.

    Until next time.
    Corey Geer,

  21. On our business blog i am writing not only about business, but also about fun we have and about different members of our team. it is very powerful communication tool to get across who we really are.

  22. My favorite blogs are the ones that are personal. The computer distances us enough as it is. It’s nice to see genuine emotion.

  23. Personal stories, in moderation, are perfectly appropriate and even necessary on a personal blog — or a blog in a niche that addresses home- and lifestyle-based topics
    It’s like a knowledgeable friend who shares his own experiences and discoveries and techniques. What could be better?

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