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Finding a Conversational Voice in Your Blogging

Posted By Darren Rowse 16th of December 2006 Writing Content 0 Comments

200612112158This is my final post in the ‘adding a personal touch to your blog‘ series:

This one is more of a personal preference than anything so take it or leave it – but I attempt to make my writing style as conversational as possible. I try to write in a similar way to the way I speak.

I know that this frustrates some readers for would like a more formal or text book approach – but in the majority of cases the response is positive and readers become drawn into my posts and respond in a similar voice.

The result is real conversation between blogger and reader and not ‘spin’ or ‘corporate talk’.

Once again – this doesn’t work for everyone – find your own voice and stick with it.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I agree with this as well, man you’re full of good tips. I like to make my blogs not look anything like a text book, I want it to feel like I’m opening a conversation with you rather than telling you what i want, it opens the floor to people leaving comments in your posts.

  2. There was a great book that I read and still go to called “If You Can Talk, You Can Write.” It has really helped me finding my “voice” when writing.

    The best advice, “progress, not perfection.” Has helped me to just write on paper without worrying about things, just letting it all out and finding the best material to work from.

  3. That is a good point Darren. I always write as I speak. I do it for snail mail, e-mail and blogging. It is a much easier way to write, at least I find it so.

  4. So funny, the last time I read your site about writing style, I was thinking about my blogging voice. I just finished an update to that post, come to your site and what do I find, a post about finding a conversational voice. This happens to be one of my biggest challenges now.

    I’ve settled on being an 80/20 blend of traveller and expert and I was just thinking about how I can write more openly so that conversation and discussion feels invited. I’ve read quite a few posts on this site about it, but as with most things doing it and reading about it are 2 different things. I’m sure it will come with time. As I write more and more, I feel like I’m letting my guard down and I don’t feel so forced. That alone will encourage more conversation.

    Thanks for the tips,

  5. nice one Darren… what if we don’t have a good conversational voice though?

    well i suppose, that could also lead to a good conversational voice..

  6. I completely agree. I find both as a reader and a writer that conversational posts are the easiest to get involved in. As a reader I enjoy the content more if it written in conversational manner, it is more personal that way. As a writer I find it much easier to let the words flow if I am writing just as I would speak.

    Thanks for all the great tips in this personal touch segment. They have been very helpful.

  7. I definitely agree that this is the way to go. A conversational tone makes reading far more pleasant than a stuffy textbook style. I try to keep all my writing conversational, as if my reader is sitting in front of me and I’m speaking (rather than writing) to him. I’ve never had a complaint.

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