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How to Optimize Your Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Today’s episode is part 8 of the new ‘Today, Not Someday’ podcast series. The focus is actioning your ‘someday’ list, the things you’ve always wanted to do to improve your blog but have struggled to make happen. For details about how the series works, check out episode one here. I’ve included a full list of episodes below.

The focus of today’s episode is about how to give your social media workflow a good going over to prepare you for the new year. I share tips about how to get bigger reach, more traffic, and higher engagement, and how to maximize productivity so that you save time.iSketch by Sébastien DEL GROSSO on

In This Episode

You can listen to today’s episode above or in iTunes or Stitcher (where we’d also LOVE to get your reviews on those platforms if you have a moment). In today’s episode:

  • Why optimizing your social media is so important for growing your blog
  • 4 common social media mistakes
  • Why I decided to make changes to my social media strategy
  • 3 key questions to ask yourself to optimize your social media
  • How to build a social media system that will save you time and increase engagement
  • How Periscope can improve your social media engagement and make your work more fun
  • Social media tools you can use to increase engagement, reach, and traffic and save you time

Further Reading and Resources for How to Optimize Your Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Great tools to help you automate and manage your social media:

Great tools to help you make the best of Periscope:

Other episodes in the Today, Not Someday Series:

Meet my new friend, Edgar (and a SPECIAL OFFER)

I’d like to welcome a new sponsor to the ProBlogger podcast for the duration of this 10 part series, my friend ‘Edgar‘.

Edgar is a tool I’ve been using since January of this year that does exactly what this series is about. It enables you to make the work you do on social media keep paying off for the long term. You put a little work into Edgar today by adding social media updates highlighting the great content in your blog’s archives and Edgar goes to work to share them to your followers not just once but by queuing your updates to keep delivering to into the future.

The team at Edgar have put together a special deal for ProBlogger readers which gives you a free one month trial. Sign up for your free one month trial at Here’s a video of how I use Edgar:

If watching videos isn’t your thing – here’s a blog post I wrote on how I use Edgar.

How did you go with today’s episode?

What will you do to make your social media more effective in 2016? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

The hashtag I’ll be using to talk about this journey on social media is #TodayNotSomeday and I encourage you to share your journey too, using the same hashtag.

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  • Great podcast- social media organization is my biggest pain point, I think. I am great with planning when I want to post what, where, but then I completely fail at keeping up with my amazing schedule I’ve come up with. 🙂 Maybe I’ll give CoSchedule another shot- it was a bit overwhelming the first time around… thanks for your tips, and I have to say I giggled when you mentioned your #todaynotsomeday hashtag, because I think you switched it and said, “#somedaynottoday” – the new hashtag for bloggers who like to think about what they should do, but never quite get around to it….

    • ooops 🙂

    • CarrieLLewis


      The first time I used CoSchedule, it totally confused me. I gave up on it pretty quickly and turned to HootSuite.

      But now I’m using it again and it seems perfectly clear.

      I don’t know what the problem was the first time, but encourage you to give it another try. You might find you like it!

  • Stephanie Boon

    Hi Darren, as ever I’m behind… but, and it’s a BIG ‘but’, today on my blog has been pretty awesome (for me) and I just had to share! A few days ago I published my first proper ‘opinion post’, as you’ve suggested previously. I was very tentative about it (I wrote it 2 weeks before hitting publish), wondering if my audience would like reading my, frankly, strong opinion about a subject I wasn’t sure anyone would be remotely interested in. Well, it seems they did! Today I’ve had the biggest hits I’ve ever had by a long, long way. But it’s not just the numbers that have got me excited, it’s the incredible engagement and thoughtful comments that are going on. People aren’t just saying ‘nice job’, or leaving a few lines of appreciative and interested/interesting comments: they’re writing paragraphs and giving their opinions too. This is incredibly exciting for me – it’s exactly the sort of thing I want to happen. How the hell I make it happen again I don’t know!?!?! This leads me to #todaynotsomeday. Today, I caught up with your podcast on an email newsletter. My subscription rate has gone up from a massive 24 , to an even more massive 32, hahaha! My sign up is in the sidebar. Tomorrow (it’s 2:20 in the morning here – why am I not asleep?!) I will be adding the sign up form to this opinion post – and of course some of my other more ‘popular’ posts, thank you for the advice – so simple I don’t know why I didn’t think of it… so, #tomorrownotsomeday it is! Thank you again for making me smile and begin to believe I might actually be able to get this blog off the ground 🙂 Here’s the post if you fancy a look: Luke Haynes, Quilter: that gender question –

    • congratulations Stephanie – I love hearing those stories!!! Keep up the great work!

  • Nice tips for blogger in improving their blog. Social media still become a great way to get popular both backlink and reader.

  • CarrieLLewis

    Popular social media is not one of my favorite things. If I could make a go of it with blogging alone, that’s what I’d do. (That is what I’ve been doing for most of the last ten years.

    So this podcast not only hit on a sore spot, it gave me things to do.

    I do have a question, though; perhaps one that could be addressed in another podcast.

    You said people had noticed your ProBlogger social media accounts are more professional in appearance. The word professional struck pretty close to home. I spent part the day unfollowing several Pinterest followers because their content had nothing to do with the focus of my Pinterest account (I happened to be working on my writing account). I followed individual boards relating to writing, but unfollowed a lot of pinners because so many of them had boards that did not fit into my brand (or had nothing at all to do with writing.)

    Standard operating procedure with social media is follow those who follow you. I understand that philosophy with personal social media accounts. But what about professional social media accounts?

    What is the ProBlogger or dPS policy on followbacks?

    Thanks again for all the great information. The points I’ve implemented have already reaped benefits. Especially the subscription popup. Wow!

    So I value your input on the issue of followbacks.


    Carrie L. Lewis

  • ImogenLamport

    Have just created my first social media schedule – have been using Hootsuite for a while (and find it great) but not really optimising well and certainly not selling my own ebooks, programs and courses through my social media regularly. So thanks to your podcast they are now to be scheduled in regularly from today onwards!