How to Maximise How Many People See Your Posts and Deepen Reader Engagement

If on publishing a blog post you immediately start thinking about the next – this episode is for you.

Most of us spend a lot of time on the content we publish but if we don’t take a few simple steps AFTER publishing much of that hard work will be wasted.


This week I received a question from Susan – a long term listener of the podcast. She asked:

Darren, thanks for your podcasts so far. I have a question that I hope you might have some insight on. I’ve been working hard on my blogging workflow after hearing your podcasts about bloggers block.

I feel like my idea generation is going well and that the writing and completion phases are great but I can’t help but wonder if there is more that I should be doing after I hit publish and wonder if you could give me some tips into what I should be doing before I move on to writing the next post.

This is a great question and one I wanted to dive into with a podcast. Before I do you might like to listen to the series on Beating Bloggers Block that Susan mentions where we discuss how to come up with post ideas, give some tips on getting into the writing flow and talk about how to get your posts polished and published.

In This Episode

In this new episode (which you can listen to above or on iTunes or Stitcher) I want to suggest 5 things that you should do AFTER you hit publish on your next blog post to help your post to get seen and read by more people and to help draw those readers into your blog and to start to engage with you.

In this episode I share tips on:

  1. How to Socialise Your Blog Posts for Maximum Effect
  2. Optimising your Posts for SEO (I’ve got an episode digging more into this 2 episodes time)
  3. Repurposing Your Content (I spend quite a bit of time on this)
  4. Deepening Relationships with Your Readers
  5. Extending Your Ideas in Future Content

Tools Mentioned In This Post

I mentioned a few tools in this episode (also check out my 19 Blogging Tools Episode)

Further Reading

As promised – here are some articles we’ve published on the ProBlogger blog and a podcast that I previously recorded that go deeper into some of what I covered in this episode.

How did you go with today’s episode?

What would you add to my tips on what to do after you hit publish on blog posts? I’d love to learn what you do, particularly your thoughts on repurposing content.

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