Do you want to create content that lives on in th ememories of those who read it? If so – this episode is just for you.

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Create Content that Makes a BIG Impression on Your Readers

I get to meet a lot of ProBlogger readers at conferences and often when I meet one who has been reading for a while I ask them if there’s a blog post or podcast that we’ve published that stands out in their memory.

It struck me recently that a number of blog posts get mentioned more than others and it got me wondering why?

Memorable Blog Posts

In This Episode

In this new episode (which you can listen to above or on iTunes or Stitcher) I share 7 types of blog posts that seem to create memories in your blog readers.

We talk about:

I’ve put the examples of the posts that I mentioned as examples in the podcasts above but would love to see examples of such posts that you’ve written in comments below.

How did you go with today’s episode? Take This Challenge!

I really hope this episode stimulates some ideas for future blog posts and would love for you to share the posts that you write as a result of it. Please take the challenge of writing one and leave a comment below with a link to it so we can check it out.

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