How to Build An Effective Social Media Strategy for Your Blog

Today is day 8 in our 31 day challenge and it’s a really important one that I know many of you will get your teeth into.

You’re going to do a social media audit on your blog to assess how your social media accounts are going and to plan a way forward to use them more effective.


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In this Episode

  • My confession with social media and how I’d let some of my social media accounts slip
  • Some suggestions for working out which social media accounts you should be focusing upon
  • Some suggested questions to ask yourself today about one of your social media accounts as you conduct your audit
  • The challenge to create an editorial calendar for your social media account
  • How making appointments with myself to make sure I implement what I plan

Tools mentioned in todays podcast include:

Further Reading

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Tell us How Your Social Media Audit Went Today

I’d love to hear how you found todays challenge in comments below.

  • What social media accounts are you most active on?
  • How could you improve what you do with your social media accounts?
  • What’s one thing you’ll do differently with your social accounts going forward?

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