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Best of ProBlogger – 2008

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of January 2009 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

It is New Years Day here in Australia so I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a Happy New Year. Thanks for your readership in 2008 – I’ve really enjoyed continuing to develop ProBlogger and have appreciated your continued support and involvement in the ProBlogger community.

As we move into 2008 I thought it might be fun to look back quickly on the year that was with a top 10 post of the most popular posts published on ProBlogger this year (according to page views on Google Analytics).

  1. 20 Types of Pages that Every Blogger Should Consider
  2. 21 Ways to Make Your Blog or Website Sticky
  3. From 10000 to 0 Emails in an Inbox in 24 Hours
  4. 13 Ways to Add New Dimensions to Your Next Post
  5. 14 Essential Mac OS X Applications for Bloggers
  6. 9 Benefits of Twitter for Bloggers
  7. How I Make Money Blogging – My Top Income Streams Update
  8. How I’d Promote My Blog If I Were Starting Out Again
  9. 7 Types of Blog Posts Which Always Seem to Get Links and Traffic
  10. How to Craft a Blog Post – 10 Crucial Points to Pause
About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Happy new year! We’ll join you soon in 2009 :)

  2. hope you had a great new year
    Thanks for having such an amazing blog

  3. Thanks for listing best articles :)

  4. Thanks for another wonderful list of some of your best stuff! A good reminder for regular readers and a good way of exposing newer readers of your best stuff from the year!

    Keep up the good work!

    By the way, here’s a list of my top posts from this year:


  5. Happy new year. Thanks for all the great articles.

  6. happy new year from italy!

  7. Happy New Year Darren! May your profits in ’09 double!! Thanks for all you share and do….

  8. Happy New Year. We still have a good few hours before 2009, but will spend some of that time reviewing these great articles from 2008.

  9. You always have the best topics and tips. Thanks!!

  10. Have a great 2009 Darren! I really enjoyed the “How I’d promote my blog if I were starting out again”, and the related posts on specific methods of getting visitors. It’s funny that the methods of promotion are out there, but few people actually seem to take advantage and just DO them, then they wonder why their blogs/websites aren’t getting the traffic they want. I think people are secretly looking for a “magic traffic button” =)
    Anyway, enjoy your New Years everyone!



  11. Hey Darren,
    Happy new year to your too. Hope your wish for this year comes true.
    I just want to let you know that I am the biggest fan of yours on this planet. I had already read some of those top 10 posts and now I am going to read the others.
    By the way I liked the 9th and the 4th ones the most as I like to read more about blogging. Thanks for those great posts.


  12. yes thanks…. I already read most of the listing, very nice and useful articles……good luck on 2009

  13. Dude, Happy new year. Wanna see more of these posts in the future.

  14. I’m surprised by how many of these I missed.

    I must be late to the game.

    Good rundown and great results.

    Happy New Year.

  15. Darren,

    Happy New Year to you and your family..that is a great compilation for year 2008

  16. It was a wonderful lists and it acts a reminder for the visitors who loves in reading.Thanks for the great posts.

  17. Hi Darren,

    I just opened up all those links in new tabs. I’ve read them already in the past, but will print the ones that I need to pay a lot of attention to.

    I’m stepping up my blog to go the distance and break out of the mediocrity pool. I finally got a PR4 and that’s just the push I need to get me going and see what I can do….

    One problem…

    What to focus on?

    I have many things I’m passionate about – many. I could pick 6 topics that would go along well with what I’ve already written at Aim for Awesome. Now I need to pick a niche – a focus for the blog. Steve Pavlina uses “PD for smart people.” that’s wide open… can I be THAT wide open or has that door closed?


    Would you have any interest in using Aim for Awesome as a public case study for how to make it to the next level as a blogger?

    I have a decent base of articles – 128 articles. I write prolifically and long-windedly at times – some articles are 6,000+ words. I have a whole lot of time to write as I blog full time from Thailand. I have a writing gig at gothailand.about.com that pays any bills.

    For 2009 would you consider helping a couple bloggers get out of the starting gate by going public and helping them (me and couple others) to get going forward enough to make a living at this?

    If not – believe me I understand. You’ve probably got a full year ahead of you all planned out.

    I just think maybe this could expand your blog – your persona to a different area.

    Just a thought – I’d love for you to consider -but really, no worries if it can’t be done!

    Thanks for an amazing year of help – much appreciated and I’ll continue catching your posts and twits in 2009.

    Have a great 2009 – topping even 2008!

  18. Thank you for the list. I’m going through and re-reading ALL these posts.

  19. Happy New Year to you and waiting for more updates. I like your blog very much. Good luck with your future posts.

    Good Luck
    junior tennis camp

  20. Thanks for these 2008 wrap-up post.

    Happy New Year 2009 to problogger team and b5 media as well.

  21. Happy New Year Darren.. May your all goals come thrue this year..

  22. Happy New year! your blogs are just too nice to follow.


  23. Thanks a lot for the compilation of best posts. . . . I think, i missed few of them. So i am gonna read them now. . . Thanks again.

    Shaan Haider

  24. Thanks a lot for the compilation of best posts. . . . I think, i missed few of them. So i am gonna read them now. . . Thanks again.

    Shaan Haider

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