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7 Types of Blog Posts Which Always Seem to Get Links and Traffic

Posted By Skellie 4th of January 2008 Featured Posts, Writing Content 0 Comments

7 Types of Blog Posts Which Always Seem

Here’s a really good question: what kinds of posts should I write to get more links and traffic?

It’s a question every blogger asks themselves. I want to answer it here by outlining 7 content methods that seem to work wonders on social media while also generating a lot of grassroots in-bound links.

Can you bring these powerful post types to your own blog?

1. Resource lists. The useful list of resources requires two ingredients: time and a good eye for quality. If a resource list seems useful many readers will bookmark or vote for it on face-value alone. If your blog is struggling, a useful resource list can be an effective way to spark up your traffic and links. Here’s an example of a well-done resource list:

Productivity Toolbox: 37+ Tools for Taking Action and Getting Things Done

2. Lists of tips. Quantifiable lists of tips are really attractive to readers because they explain in just a few seconds what a visitors stands to receive in return for their attention. You see them everywhere — and that’s because they work. Here’s an example of a good list of tips:

Nine Factors to Consider When Determining Your Price

3. Good advice. A quality advice-post generally sticks to one topic and provides in-depth info on it. In order to maximize the benefits, you’ll need to provide advice people are hungry for. Avoid over-saturated topics and try to work out what your audience wants to do but doesn’t yet know how. A good advice post can bring you a lot of success. Here’s an example of one such post:

A Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home

Photo by Steve Webel.

4. Arguing a popular point of view. People like to have their world-view affirmed. If you can articulate something a lot of people agree with, those who agree with you will champion your post. Those who disagree will probably still link to you, because their response won’t make sense otherwise.

This method works best when the topic isn’t too divisive. A reader won’t abandon your blog simply because you like Facebook and they like MySpace. They might abandon ship if you argue that capital punishment is necessary and that view is something they strongly disagree with. Make sure you’re not going to lose as many readers as you gain. Here’s an example of this method done well:

Ding Dong, Digg is Dead

5. Anything with a killer headline. When others link to you, it’s usually done in the space of a paragraph or even a single sentence. Bloggers don’t want to have to spend too long explaining what a post is about. Your headline should do most of the work for them. Sometimes a really outstanding headline is all it takes to get traffic and links. Of course, you’ll receive much greater rewards if the headline is matched by a great post. Here’s an example of this method in action:

The Web 2.0 World is Skunk-Drunk on its Own Kool-Aid

6. Q&As with high profile people. Interviews with well-known bloggers always seem to get links, comments and traffic. The nice thing about this method is that the only work involved is writing questions and approaching bloggers. The success rates for getting interviews are pretty high as most bloggers love talking about themselves! Here’s a clever example of this method in action:

Bloggers Face-Off: Darren Rowse vs. Jeremy Schoemaker

7. Best-of lists. At this time of year you’ll see a lot of ‘Best of 2007’ round-ups, though best-of lists seem to work well at all times. They’re effective because people are constantly searching for the ‘best’ of everything. It’s a term that promises high quality. It also generates interest because ‘best’ is subjective — what’s best for you might be mediocre for others. Ranked lists always seem to generate links, traffic and debate. Here’s a good, recent example:

Best Blogs of 2007 That You (Maybe) Aren’t Reading

Can you think of any other types of blog posts which always seem to get links and traffic?

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  1. I am curious how you would apply some of these ideas to new sites. If you are new and only getting 30-40 visits a day how would get top bloggers to discuss something on your site to begin with, or how to get a discussion going on a particular subject when theres no one to banter with.

  2. I feel you’ve hit the nails on the head, and anyone who wants to bring more traffic to their blog or website can learn a lot from this post.

  3. What I liked about this post was that it was doing the things it was preaching. Well done!

  4. Lists always seem to do it for me. Headlines have also been helpful, but you must get involved in the community.


  5. Very much depends on your blog content. If you’re just writing about yourself, you won’t get many visitors even if you have good titles. For me the best type of blog post is the tutorial-like, where something is explained with screenshots.

  6. Basic rule is that you start with a topic that you like, a topic that you know allready something (or preferrably a lot) about and a topic that you are willing to learn more about.

    On top of that all 7 steps from this are helpfull to attract readers/traffic.

    In my work as a volunteer for an open and free internet knowledge database in the Netherlands, (called Leerwiki.nl) I have seen too many volunteers starting a blog with a lot of enthousism. But in the beginning there is hardly a crowd to find to read your work. And after a few month most of those bloggers had to quit. Regadrs Mary Ann

  7. Great list of ideas. I always new that a headline was important but never thought of it in the eyes of someone linking to you that has to spell out the description of another site. I hate having to do that with http://www.wizeguyztees.com. I always try to keep it simple. thanks

  8. great information! I’ll be sure to try out some of these:)

  9. Excellent advice, I will remember this and make sure to continue with quality postings.

  10. thanks for using one of my photographs in your post (and for the attribution!)

  11. Right now I am trying to keep very close to the niche I have selected for my blog. So as not to go too far from what blog is about.

  12. This is great information! I will certainly use this in my new blog, i have 1 post already, if anyone reads this please let me know what you think of my blog so far. Thanks!

  13. This is some great advice. Did know about some of it, but never dared to dream that “making a list” would be so popular :-)
    Well, I’m gonna write a list of usefull posts on my blog http://www.icantinternet.org and this post will be in it ;-)

  14. […] 7 Types of Blog Posts Which Always Seem to Get Links and Traffic […]

  15. Thanks for the great post and for all you give on the problogger site. You guys have the best insight on the pulse of the blogosphere and everything in it. Lists to me are some of the more helpful posts it’s so quick easy to go back and look over what you have done and not done.

  16. Great post!

    I have to get some great interviews!
    I’m super excited for my blog’s future!

    David King

  17. I think that number 5 is the most important tot generate traffic to your website or weblog:[…5. Anything with a killer headline]
    Regards, Kimberley

  18. So my blog is an example of type one, I believe. My business plan is to provide people with things they usually search for. Killer title is also good, but for me, ‘searched’ title may be more suitable :)

  19. Killer headlines? Blogs about murder and criminal must be gettin’ huge piles of traffic then, as 50 % of their posts are started with “The Killer of..” , “Killer In …” , “Killer have been caught.. “, etc hahaha just kiddin’. Have a nice day Darren and everyone :D

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