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How to Write Your “About Me” Page

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of November 2006 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

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How do you write an About Me page?

There are four main questions that readers want answered on your About Me page:

  1. who you are…
  2. your expertise and how it addresses…
  3. their problem or goal, and how they can…
  4. contact you

Here is a sample “About Me” page that answers these questions:

Hi, I’m Jane Smith and I write TransitionMomBlog (who Jane is) to help women make the transition from full-time mom to successful entrepreneur (the reader’s problem or goal). I started TransitionMomBlog in 2004 (Jane’s expertise – shows she has been blogging for two years) to help other women deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of starting a new business while still running a household (how Jane helps them overcome their problem or achieve their goal). Prior to raising my family, I spent over ten years as a teacher, corporate trainer and workshop leader (Jane’s expertise, both as a mom and a business person). To contact me, please email XXX (how to contact Jane).

Other posts on About Me Pages include:

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This reader quick tip was submitted by Barbra Sundquist from Home Business Wiz.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. Really nice post. I read it before I wrote my About page

  2. There you are, just in time…I’ve been looking for some tips on how to create my “about me” page.. thanks, now I know where to start.


  3. Ever since I had been online,I never thought it necesary to write an about me in a blog.But,today,I have just added one to my knowledge.

  4. I like to put a picture in my About Me page. I like to let readers know a little more about me without having to read through the articles first. What do you think about pictures on your About Me page?

  5. Is Jane a real person? I want to contact her!


  6. My opinion that there should be a different between a profile page on a website and the about me page on a blog.

    Blogs are more personal the about me page should include some personal information in order to interact better with you vistors, if you visitor know some personal details about you, that can cause them to visit you your because they fell the “know you better”.

    As for a profile page it’s should be more tech facts and should include experties and backround information. After profile pages will appear more on website and sell or deliver services and this information will have some weight if to choose you services or not.

    And as always this not black or white and every case should be considerd differently.

  7. i would like to use this page on my profile page to where people could read more about me if they wish to.

  8. I think this website is cool and I would like to use this as a page on my myspace page.

  9. Hey..thanks.That one was helpful.I was just thinking to add a about me column in my blog http://weblogzz.blogspot.com and was searching for examples.Now i don’t need anymore .

  10. Very interesting stuff. Don’t know if I agree about the distinction between “about us” and “profile” though.

  11. A very nice inspiring topic Mr.Darren.. My blog ” lokapriya.com ” and its About Me page totally inspired by this topic..

  12. I agree with the first commentor. Your about page is probably the best example.

  13. An about me page is not at all a necessity. Having no about me page is a great idea for those not wanting to give out personal information, and those making faulty about me pages because they don’t want to give out personal information. From your content alone many, attributes can be derived.

  14. Hye.Cool tips. i just changed my about me based on this this. have a look at my site and give a comment if can.

  15. My opinion that there should be a different between a profile page on a website and the about me page on a blog.

  16. Cool article, I’ve been putting of writing an about me page for a while now. I might even get around to it after reading this post.

  17. For a personal blog this is a good text, but for a corporate blog or web site I would not put a text like this.

  18. Hi there

    I hate writing an About Me page. And I guess that is a big mistake. But I’m sure I’ll be able to do it now.


  19. this is great!!
    thanks for the tips.. :)

  20. Thanks, I’ve been meaning to write an about page for a while now.


  21. Simple yet effective “about me” structure. :)

    –blog for dream–

  22. noted :)

  23. Thanks for the tips. Off to write one…

  24. Thanks. This has helped me write my page on my site :)

  25. Good advice, but maybe just a little safe? A little boring? I reckon the number rule of marketing is to be noticed and be remembered – to make a connection with your reader. Over the years, I’ve received a lot of comments from readers about by About Us page, which has a photo of me holding a python and photos of water views my wife, Joanna, and I are collecting.

  26. Great advice for a beginning blogger. Thanks!

  27. As a beginner I really appreciate this. It adds more focus to the page and everything. I have been on here for a few days and this the only place I can get solid advice like that. Keep it up. You are our inspiration.

  28. Very good hints. Thanks for that …

  29. Good Tips. Always have a place for contact info. Missing contact information always shows an untrustworthy site.

  30. Hi thanks as a new blogger i will surely try your suggestion on how to write my about page.

  31. Am interested in starting my own blog, thanks this tips were real helpful.

  32. thanks for the great tip… I think I need to edit my about us page immediately !

  33. hi, Yes, About Me page plays a very important role for professinal bloggers. All the above points are good. But, apart from this i feel every blogger needs to have something extra to make it unique from others.

  34. Great posting , i have find great info here, All the above points are good. But, apart from this i feel every blogger needs to have something extra to make it unique from others.

    Booking engine

  35. Hello,
    Thanks for the tips for “About me” page.I was very confused about writting the “About me”page.Thanks for that.

  36. hi
    i had never taken this so seriously. i just wondered why should people b interesred in knowing about all this but now i m thinking of giving a proper word about myself. thanx.

  37. I went pretty much insane with mine; I couldn’t stop writing. I think it’s around twenty pages.

  38. Rightly explained importance of about me page.

    The people who is interested about knowing the author will come and see.

    The way how author is qualified and experienced in explaining
    the topic/web page will give comfort for people and feeling of
    came to right place for right information will help.

  39. Thanks for the tips. I’m actually creating my about page just now, so your tips on this post as well as those in the articles you linked to have been very helpful.

  40. This text “about me” must have some interesting personality.It is most important.So, I like to describe my unusually interests.

  41. RMiklos says: 04/14/2008 at 8:04 pm

    I just learn it yet,but this tip can help me to know better the “blog world”.Thanks for the tip.It’s a very good item for the beginners.

  42. This is exactly the kind of tip that will help someone like me out. I just boast about myself, and that won’t work.

  43. good information to know. I am redesigning my blog right now so I will keep this in mind when it comes to the About Us page.

  44. I also agrees with you that “About Me” page is necessary for all websites and blogs.

    Also thank you for very useful informations!

  45. Would like to see more about this I am a realtor. Looking for different options. Greg Moser

  46. I know that a-lot of realtors are using the blog to help them in real estate. I really never used something like this to help my realty business but would love any help on building my blog business. greg moser

  47. jay perry says: 04/27/2008 at 4:06 pm

    I am an estate planner looking to build my business. jay perry

  48. About me page , is very important for a new blog. Good tips.How can you become a “Problogger” if the world doesn`t know how you look like?

  49. I’ve just started a new blog. I haven’t written “About Me” page yet. Because I don’t know where to start. This post helps. Thank you Darren.

  50. Very useful one. I know that about me page is veryimportant becasue it gives the trustful ness to the visitors, but frame but i now i know that framing the about me page is very important. Thnks darren

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