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How to Blog: ANOTHER 10 Great Blog Tips from Our Readers

Posted By Darren Rowse 3rd of May 2010 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

This post concludes the sharing of blog tips videos from readers (see previous days videos here and here). I have to say – there’s a video in this lot that made me laugh and laugh – I hope you enjoy it too!

Thanks again to everyone who participated – if you’ve enjoyed these videos please do share them with your networks and visit the creators of them by clicking on the links under the videos to visit their blogs.

by Mario

by Mohsin

by Ray Johnson

by Eric

by Russ Hennerberry

by Jason Davis

by Kelly Walsh

by Camilo Garzón

by Deb

by Jannie Funster

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I bet you were laughing at the Rockvertising video. ;) I saw that a few a days ago, it definitely was a blogging video like no other.

    Great series though Darren, there were a lot of great video tips in here.

    PS: Love Jason’s retro Mac. ;)

    • Alex – yes the Rockvertising video was a scream. Loved the others too but that one made me giggle so hard I spilled my coffee.

  2. Great! I love this serie Darren! Already 30 tips about blogging now, awesomeness.

    Gonna check them out

  3. awesome for a sunday morning! you should make a DVD out all this stuff. http://www.ephman.com

  4. Wow…how many more of these can you get? Like, seven more days and you’d have 100 videos produced and on your blog…and that’d be a good thing too. Also ephman I’m pretty sure it’s considered unethical to comment your own link on somebody’s blog…

  5. This is Classic! Loved it!

  6. Thanks for these. It’s always beneficial to see what other successful bloggers are doing and how they’re doing it. Sometimes the most mundane idea can escape you, but when someone mentions it, you see how you can implement it straight away.

  7. Another 10 awesome videos :) . Thanks a lot for posting this great videos Darren.
    I have watched eric’s video and going to watch all of them later on.

  8. Great tips! Well I got some cool and practical ideal which I’ve heard never before. This i great since these opinions are from variousbloggers, it helps us to know how people promote their blog.

  9. Great job everyone on your blogging posts. I must say, a very creative one by Camilo Garzón with the effects and short film feeling.

    For any of you that had one of these videos on this blog, is this your first video? Or have you been publishing videos for a while?

  10. Jannie is brave – all tips were great though :)!

  11. I absolutely loved what Mario had to say. I know exactly what he is talking about. I have been there and was stuck there for a while!

  12. I totally agree with the tip on lessening time spent for traffic statistics. I’ve actually limited my statistics checking from 4 times a month to simply just the first monday of the month.

  13. These are great! I laughed watching Mario and Jannie because yup, I’ve obsessively checked traffic and I’ve actually stuck eating utensils into my computer lol (seriously, the disk thing gets stuck all the time and I have to use a knife).
    All great tips. Cool to see how everyone takes different approaches.

  14. Having a facebook fanpage does sound like a great idea. Is it different from having a network blog on facebook?

  15. Awesome videos! I loved a lot tips. I’ll try to implement some soon! Thanks!


  16. These videos really helped, Thanks to everyone who contributed.

  17. Loved Mario’s tip. When I got started I checked my analytics probably every hour or even more! How much more content could I have created? Well, lesson learned!

  18. Thanks for including me, Darren.

    @Chris – that was my first ever video attempt, our camera arrived literally the day before. I’m including them on my blog now but not ones of me talking like that. Because my blog has lots of activities and is for kids, I’m using quick clips of us doing the activities to demonstrate.

  19. Great series ! it is nice to hear tips from the blog’s family ;)

  20. Hahaha the video by Camilo Garzón rocks!
    And he is right. Whenever there is an opportunity to promote your site, you should do it!
    Its all about grabbing the media spotlight no matter how cheesy it looks!
    Now the name rockvertising keeps rocking in my head!

  21. This tips are very helpful, indeed and Darren I guess we have the same kind of humor :-)

    I want to thank all the fellow bloggers for the compliments. I even received thank-you-e-mails, what I find a very nice thing to do as I really enjoy it if I can add some value. No matter how little.

    By the way I have to admit that I just checked my statistics and I’m amazed at least.

    Have fun blogging everyone.

  22. Nice collection, its good to see a diverse set of perspectives.

  23. Mariska says: 05/04/2010 at 8:50 am

    This was great. Leaving Jannie for last was a bonus;)

  24. I loved all the blogging tip vids. Especially the last one with the singer, great tips.

  25. Great videos! I learned a lot. Thanks for this post. I’m trying to create more traffic to my website, but wasn’t sure what was the best way.

  26. Video’s are so much easier to digest than long blocks of text (which are still good ofcourse!), anyway thanks for the videos and to all the creaters, great job and great info!

  27. I don’t like the first video by Mario. The screen shot goes in and out so infrequence, it make me feel headache after watching it. I off the video clip after 40 sec of watching it… :(

  28. Great tips – thanks a million for this series. I`m just getting into blogging, so these tips are great for me. What is simple for one person is quite easy to get overlooked by others especially when starting out.

    keep up the good work!

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