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How to Blog: 10 Great Blog Tips from Our Readers

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of May 2010 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

A few weeks ago I asked readers to submit video blog tips to share with the wider ProBlogger readership. The idea was that we’d get a variety of useful blog tips on how to blog – but that we’d also get a bit of a snapshot of some of the faces and voices of the community here at ProBlogger.

To this point we’ve had 30 blog tip videos submitted and over the next few days I’m going to feature them (10 at a time) here on ProBlogger (update, read the next two days posts here and here).

Before I get to them – a HUGE thanks to those who submitted these videos. There are some great tips in them and it is great to see such a variety of techniques and creativity used in the production of the videos (I also found it really inspiring to see all your faces – it’s amazing how wonderful it is to see and hear the people who read this blog in this way) – so thanks!

please click through on the links to visit the blogs of those who created these videos and if you find one that resonates with you please share the video with your own network.

by Nate Riggs

by Julie Weishaar

by Eric Dobson

by Susan

by Brett

by Ciprian Rusen

by Paul Cunningham

by Greg Friese

by Nick Stewart

by David

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Wow, it’s time to sit back and enjoy these great blogging tips.

  2. Hey Darren,

    This is awesome! These are some great tips that they are providing.

    I would like to thank everyone in the videos that created them. Thanks for sharing your information!

    Have a great weekend…

  3. Hi congratulations for listed bloggers.

  4. Wow this is a treasure trove of information and ideas for blogging-which is good, considering recently i haven’t had any good blog post ideas (even thouggh I have to post daily), so this is a welcomed tutorial. I think I’ll just make a quick top-ten list today…and plan for applying the “Solving Other People”s Problems” video to my work tomorrow.

  5. Once again, this is a really novel way to create a new post. Not only did you save time by having people submit all these videos and do the work themselves, but you are developing a whole new way to look at the idea of a blog post.

    Pretty soon, I can envision “singing blog posts” where people actually come to your house and personally recite the post from memory after you subscribe… hmmm maybe I’m on to something.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire

  6. Thanks for sharing all these video clips. Will view it one by one,, hope they really helps.

  7. Cool stuff. I’ll sit back and see what comes up.

  8. Wow so many videos. I have seen the first 3 so far, but so far they have all been very helpful!

  9. I think listening to your readers is the biggest tip so far. One can’t have a conversation with their reader if they don’t take the time to listen and respond appropriately and in a timely manner. ;)

  10. Hey Darren,
    That’s awesome to hear.
    You have listed some great bloggers and Paul from bloggingteacher is one of them. Thanks for sharing this great videos bud :)


  11. The first thing I did was learn how money works online, that seems to be the key and I have spent years learning it. Once you understand that you can build a business model around it.

  12. Great tips! What a fantastic resource. It’s nice to have all the videos collected in one place. That not only makes it easier to watch them all, but it makes it easier to find lots of good info all in one place.

  13. Thanks for sharing this lovely article and congratulations to all listed bloggers. You have added 10 more blogs to read it if you want to become a unique in this blogosphere and improve the conversation between you and readers

  14. Good post and it looks to start out with some great tips, especially if you only listen to the first video presented on here. Nate Riggs comes up with a good point for a blog tip by carrying around a notebook to compile is good ideas. I know some of us brain storm during the day, but forget to actually jot it down so you can reference back to the idea you had.

    Personally I am guilty of not jotting everything down, which, why wouldn’t I want to do that. Thanks Nate for the great tip that you have shared and to the others that I will be listening to shortly.

  15. Great videos! I really like the sandbox video… sometimes you have to play in someone else’s sandbox for awhile before they notice and eventually play in yours.

  16. Some really awesome ideas – and the videos, darn it, KICK _ASS

  17. If I had the time, I’d make an animation for problogger… Some good info today!…

  18. A focus of mine (that I have not yet implemented so maybe goal is a better word) is to start doing a lot of video blogging in the field. I sell real estate and I want to start capturing interesting images that I find throughout my day and post them on my blog. While these videos don’t have to do with mobile video blogging, they do show me how powerful video is and why it is so important that I get off my rear end and start doing what needs to be done. Good work Darren.

  19. Hey Darren, thanks so much for this opportunity to be showcased and the opportunity to see others’ blogging tips. There are some really helpful hints here from how to show your posts on Facebook fan pages to the importance of listening – which I agree is crucial to engagement.

    You didn’t get to “see my face” on my video, but as you are listed on my blog under “Learn from the Experts” at http://newhorizons123.com – you can see it there (or here if it shows up LOL).

    Thanks again for this opportunity and for being a constant source of valuable information for me.

  20. Julie Weishaar video is the best yet. I really enjoyed it. He has folded the secrets of successful bloggers in one video. THanks for the really cool video. I will take a look to his blog also.

  21. Great post Darren. I like how one of the tips is to listen to your readers. You took that and expanded on it by incorporating the videos into this post. It’s truly remarkable. It’s nice to get all of this great advice in one place. Typically it takes a lot of searching and reading to get great tips. I like how you made that a lot simpler for your readers.
    I also want to say congrats and thank all of the bloggers who were featured in this post. The tips were great and very useful!

  22. Oh wow, this is awesome.

    I think it would be a good idea to aggregate these posts into a playlist on youtube for easy perusal without searching for the original post.

  23. I want to thank all of you for the great ideas!

    To sum it up:

    The idea book is excellent for many aspects in life and I hope to remember to use it to generate blog ideas.

    Play in their sandbox. Often i find myself reading blogs that I enjoy without ever posting a comment. I should comment each time, then maybe they would come and play in my sandbox one day.

    Facebook and auto posting my blog seems like a great idea, but I had some difficulty. My personal Facebook page does not allow that “Page” feature or I need some more instruction. My business page does but they are two different topics….so I would really like to find a way to post my teachercents.blogspot.com blog to my personal Facebook. Thoughts anyone?

    And I determined that my blog is BORING in the way I present content. Using various media such as more video and screener may really help.

    And as you can see, I am trying to share and posts my ideas thinking that if we all think aloud, we could learn so much more from each other!

    Excellent blog!

    And I will take advice and how to tips from anyone that has the time! Many thanks!

  24. I can’t wait to see the other 20 vids! =]

  25. Susan’s video on publishing post to Facebook left me stranded as I don’t have the slightest idea how to add a page there. This is a pity as Susan’s video motivated me to follow her advise right from the begin.

    However, I enjoyed the tips and at least I learned that I have to make my way through the unclear interface of Facebook.

  26. Hey Darren,

    Great post.

    Here’s a tip I picked up from this post:

    How to Blog: Get other people to post their tips on your blog


  27. I really liked this post–especially the “plain” videos of guys just talking about what they do to make their blog better.

    I hope you’ll do something like this again–maybe I’ll try to contribute next time.

  28. Thanks to those bloggers, who shared their videos with valuable new tips! I liked the “Nate Riggs” video most, which tells us about his dairy success.. When Darren announced this blogging video tip.. i thought of creating but i really faced a great problem in giving a voice dedication.

    Anyway, i got jewels in these videos. Thanks Darrren for sharing these videos at one place!

    – Arijit Das

  29. These are great contents. Surely you can use some or all of them whether you are new to blogging or not.

    I particularly like the How to Blog 3 Times Per Week video by Paul Cunningham. It’s a method I would recommend.

  30. Hi Darren,

    The videos were interesting but it seems like alot of it was the same concepts but different styles. Even though I didn’t make a video, my tip for blogging is that being creative doesn’t necessarily have to fall in the art/design category. It can be just from your daily life.

    Personal experience:

    On Friday, here in the USA, I had a disagreement with a team lead that blew up. For the rest of the day, I thought nothing but how fast and determined I am and will be to get my blog to earning revenue.

    I thought I’d share that and that I’m very inspired to continue to get my niche blog up and running. Great job in posting these videos. Can’t wait to see the other 20 videos.


    I’m sure you’ve had some really great experiences happen to you since you started blogging and I think most of us, if not all of us, would love to hear another personal experience maybe from a JV or creating content on a day that you had came up with a brilliant idea.

    Thanks for the post Darren. Look forward to reading more.


    Chris Martinez

  31. Great posts! I especially liked Nate Riggs – Playbook and Paul Cunningham – How to blog 3 times a week. I did have a thought about using one day to address questions/problems. I’m going to use LinkedIn Q&A find the top responded to questions and use it to create my own post to answer the question.

    Thanks everyone of the all the great posts and thanks Darren for asking and posting them

  32. Thanks Darren- Great tips, I like this idea (which is talked about alot) is writing your blog for a specific person in mind… I believe it makes you write in a way that is more of a connection, and it seems to resonate with people! LOVE tese tips!

  33. I really liked Nick Stewert’s traffic tips. I set up a nice search box on my blog due to his tip. I also want to put a whats new section… not sure how to though!

  34. These videos are fabulous! I liked the first one, love the playbook idea, and ‘writing directly to a specific person’. I think Darren mentioned this one before, and it’s extremely helpful–whenever I’ve forgotten to do this, I find I’m trying to please too many people, and I worry about offending, or irritating someone, and my post is weakened.

    I LOVE ‘Why Aren’t They Playing in My Sandbox’, by Julie W. What a clever and magnificent video. I think EBlogger should use this as a marketing tool. The theme reminds me of when my children were very small, playing at the park, sad because no one was playing with them. I would always say, “Just go and play. When others see you are having a great time, they’ll become interested and join in”–works every time!

    Blog to Solve Problems, by Ciprian R. was awsome. Such a creative video, and great message!

    Everyone did a fabulous job, I like them all.

  35. All of these are well done. My favorite? “why they are not playing in my sandbox”! Great analogy and very sensible ideas.
    Thanks and congrats to all!

  36. Great videos, already have been able to automate more of my work from watching it all. Thanks for spreading the word on all these tips and tricks.

  37. Darren:

    You never cease to amaze me with your willingness to invite other bloggers of all levels to participate here at problogger, and how much I am able to learn from each of them. The best thing, I think, about videoblogging is that it really puts a ‘face’ on the melting pot of people in the blogosphere! Thx for initiating this exercise.


  38. Thanks for featuring my video Darren. I have been offline all weekend and only checked it out today when I got an email from Youtube about the spike in views :-)

    @Dev, @Rezdwan and @Gregg, thanks for saying you enjoyed my video. Glad to hear it.

  39. Darren,

    Thanks for the mention in this post. Hat tip to you for a really cool idea. I’ve been watching the other videos in the series and have already found some new tricks I can add to my own blogging arsenal. Killer stuff!

    Keep it coming man. Problogger has become a guide book for me as I build my own platform.

    Thank you, sir. :)

  40. awesome videos.

    I really like the sandbox one.

    I can’t wait to watch through the other sets here shortly as well. Nice idea and way to give back to people also.


  41. Cool! But Idon’t have much time to watch all those videos :(
    Anyway, the second video is great, it reminds me of my childhood.

  42. i read your blog and watch all video. after reading and watching i engourage my self that i can get alot visitors and coment if i make nice blog.so i m changing my blog style and lay out. i m adding some more text also. Any way thank you very much for sharing and giving idea to all

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