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How to Blog: 10 MORE Great Blog Tips from Our Readers

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of May 2010 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Here are the next batch of reader submitted blog tip videos (see yesterdays ones here).

Thanks to everyone who shared yesterdays with their networks – again, please do click through to the blogs of those who created these videos to show your appreciation and do share with your networks the ones that resonate with you most.

Thanks to all who have contributed!

by Amy Andrews

by Jeff Copeland

by Chris Guthrie

by Travis Campbell

by Chef Keem

by Ryan Mason

Why Bloggers Need Self-Doubt from Mary Jaksch on Vimeo.

by Mary

by Kristin Dziadul

by Pascal

by Nick

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Wow! all great videos, I will have to watch them over and over again.

    Thanks a lot,


  2. These are nice tips, I also like the idea itself if bringing a few videos together from different bloggers sharing their best tips!

    Standing out is the the most recommended tip of today!

  3. Some great tips here!, I love the natural feel of the videos… The problogger community has come alive!!!!!…


  4. Ryan Mason, the voice of reason. Quite true

  5. All of these are quite good. I personally only watched five of them, but if those were good, so could the other ones. Thanks a lot, and I agree most of all with the man who said the key to blogging was personality. That is a great point, and I hope many bloggers out there realize this.

  6. congratulations!

    google bot loves these links ;)

  7. Very cool idea posting your readers tips.. shows you that you don’t have to be Darren to have great blog tips :)

  8. @ Jeff Copeland from Simple Weddings Blog. You make a good point about blogging about your customers, or maybe even your future customers.

    I think it shows them that you are listening and taking there words into factor and expanding on what they have to say.

    I know personally I would tend to re visit sites that utilize there customers content and expand off of it.

  9. @ Mary Jaksch. You make a great point when you state

    ” When we have an idea but don’t know how to put it to paper.”

    It’s the ability to go beyond the idea and act on it so you can share it and grow your blog in a healthy and organic way.

    Thanks for the great video Mary.

  10. I have already watched the first 20 of the visitors blogging tips. I’m not sure what could be left to touch on but I am excited to find out.
    This was a great idea that you came up with. It’s nice to get advice from multiple people all at once who have the experience with blogging. It has definitely helped me!
    Way to go Darren! This is nothing short of brilliance!

  11. Some interesting thoughts here. I mainly like the idea and presentation for this post (and the last). Mixing up reader tips through videos is a nice approach.

  12. More great blogs. Besides giving exposure to your fellow bloggers Darren, you are sharing some really valuable advice. Thanks again for your blog :)

  13. Wow alot of information to take in and honestly I didn’t finish watching them all. Still what I did take in will probably be implemented in my blog.

  14. These are great, love the videos! I have watched a few so far, going to watch the rest later on.

  15. Thanks for sharing these sweet tips.

    Maybe one day I’ll join you guys and vlog about some of the techniques that I use.

  16. How much time do you guys spend on creating a blog? What is the average time it takes you to create one?

  17. What a great way to learn directly, personally, face-to-face from generous members of the blogging community. Thank you, everyone!

    Thanks, Darren, for this wonderful concept. (And thanks for featuring my 5-cents worth, too.)

  18. These videos are really awesome. Thanks a lot for posting this great videos. I have watched 3 of them and going to watch few later on.

  19. I think the first trick with gmail account is best.

  20. Very interesting article, I watched a couple of the videos, quite interesting content, I did check out one or two of their blogs, but no blog beats problogger!

  21. I like what Chris had to say the best. Time is something that I don’t have a lot of and if there something that is a waste of time, why do it?

  22. Dude, some awesome tips here….thanks you for the vids. Kristin is cute btw (not to infer guys aren’t…:P)

    Good post.

  23. Watched every video. How very kind of Problogger to promote other new / experienced bloggers and feature them in their own voice. Very nice!!!!

  24. Re: Blogging:

    “go to the edge, and grow as human beings!”



  25. I like all the tips, particularly the one about blogging about our customers. I think it’s a good way for us to get prospective clients to actually contact us for services we provide.

  26. Darren

    Mary Jaksch’s tip stands out head and shoulders above the rest. What a huge CHALLENGE!

    Go to the edge of creativity, not just another 6 top ways to blah blah. (My own 22 traffic tactics looking suspect now LOL!)

    Ouch, but good :)


  27. Gosh- I really don’t want to watch the videos to find out the subject of the post! Like most people who want information, I’ll scan the titles of posts to find what is relevant to me, before digging in. After all, if these were print posts, would you title it “ProBloogerTip.mvX” or “MyTip.com”?

  28. I LOVE Chef Keem! His idea of treating your blog like a storefront, and incorporating personality, was spot on.

  29. Thanks for posting my tip. I’m a huge fan of testing everything (more so on larger traffic websites I run) but I do think it’s something many people overlook.

  30. Chef Keem nailed it with his retail store take on blogs. I think a lot of blogs out there miss the point of getting the reader to what they want, not just blinding them with ads. It’s not that having ads are bad it is more that the focus should be on serving the customer FIRST with great content,which gains trust, which then gets them to buy. All excellent tips here thanks a bunch.

  31. The first video isn’t useful for me, yet. I don’t sent mails regularly, maybe once in two weeks. And I don’t think that using an email templates will effect on my friendship with other bloggers.

  32. I think compiling all the videos altogether from different bloggers to share their best blogging tips seems to be a cool idea. One of the main aims of business blogging is to create and then maintain a good relationship with your readers so they start to trust you and come back to read what you write.

  33. Blog posts have a subject or header – just as a newspaper article, or email does

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    Blog posts quite often have a time and date stamp – so that readers know how recent the post is.

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