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How Many Posts Did You Write Last Week?

Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of June 2007 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Time for a quick reader question:

How many Posts did you post to your blog/s last week?

Lets make the dates from Sunday 10th June to Saturday 16th June.

I’ll kick it off:

Here at ProBlogger I posted 17 posts – at Digital Photography School I posted 5. Those numbers are pretty average for me (although at ProBlogger I was relying upon guest posts pretty heavily last week).

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  1. I did 4, but was out of town on business all week. Posted 3 just today!

  2. 11 at my property management blog
    2 at my personal blog
    5 at my apartment community blog

  3. Only 1 post ! I know slap me on the hand. I have been busy with other projects. Gotta get back into the swing of things if time permits.

  4. I posted 11. Most of these were written and timed stamped last week though, as I knew I would be busy to post, and then I’ve added a few small time sensitive ones. I am happy with this amount, however. I think one to two posts a day is a good amount.

  5. Set and retain my target of 3 post a week :)

  6. On my private blog i posted 19 articles, on other blogs about 8 and 5 more in my city-wiki

  7. I managed 8 posts. That’s about average these days, though I’d like to bump it up to about 12 a week.

  8. Only two because I’m in the middle of moving the family back to Australia. Traffic has actually gone through the roof since I reduced posting frequency, thanks to being stumbled for the series I’m writing on moving overseas.

  9. We posted 3 new blog entries on 2Dolphins and 2 on our Russian Adoption Journal.

  10. I posted five times last week. My new goal is to post daily if possible.

  11. 46 for the week

    24 on one site, 15 on another, and 7 on the third

    Rock and roll baby.

  12. 7 for me

  13. Four.

    I tend to post fewer but comprehensive posts.

  14. I posted 7 times at my main blog, 11 times at my network site, 2 times at my weight loss blog, and I recorded and posted 1 podcast.

  15. 23 Posts for that week (no wonder I didn’t get anything else done).

    Lengths varied from 50-ish words to over 1000. to be fair, some of the stuff had been floating in my consciousness for a while but others were spontaneous posts on stiff that was interesting to me and i thought was worth sharing. My general principal is that 99% of what I think shouldn’t make it to the blog.

    My aim is to post at least daily with something short and once or twice a week with longer pieces.

  16. I posted 7 but only 5 made it past draft.

  17. I posted 7 over my three blogs. This is way down on my usual 21 per week (1 per day per blog) because I went back to full time work for a week (I am a relief driver for a friend who is a courier – he needed a holiday). Should get back to normal again soon.

  18. 17 posts for my hockey blog. At the end of the season, there is always plenty to talk about so it wasn’t hard.

  19. I wrote 36 posts.

  20. On my main blog, I only got 5 posts in, it was a bad week! On my personal blog, I did 14 posts. That´s because they were shorter and far easier to write, plus I just started that blog and needed to build up the content quickly.

  21. Only 4 Posts! Looks like i have to work harder =).

    amazing that some post so many but are the posts of great quality?
    Keen to know your way of keeping the posts coming..inspiration?research.. wow.theres alot.. Great job!

  22. At Online Cash Flow I posted 10 posts from June 10th until June 16th. Pretty average, I would say.

  23. I did 9 — I usually aim for about a post a day.

  24. Only a few.. Maybe 6 or 7… I go out of town because of my college activity, so I use scheduled post on wordpress :)

  25. 39 for me. Since my weblog is about news and politics new material and ideas come up each and every newscycle. Plus, I love writing so it’s not a chore.

  26. I got in 3 posts during that period. I would have had one everyday, but we had a death in the family.

    I will be getting back into the one-post-a-day swing of things about mid-week once we get back home from being out of town for the funeral.

  27. 6 posts. That’s my normal pace. 1 post every weekday and 1 on Sunday.


  28. 16 total, Darren, 11 for my primary blog.

  29. Only 2 – but then I don’t go for quantity. When I post too much I know that it banks up for my busy readers and I want them reading me not filing it away in the to-read drawer.

  30. 4 posts. I try to keep that pace for a while (a few months or so) before increasing to one post per day. I think it’s the same as with excercising: when starting you should keep the pace consistent but light enough so that you don’t tire yourself too much. Once you get used to running, you can run longer and so on… :)

  31. I have only one blog and that is also new. Only about 18 days old. I have written 17 posts on that blog last week. Im the only writer for my blog. At least Im not the only reader for my blog. LOL. Trying to write as many as I can.

  32. 16 posted for this week with several written ahead and ready to post for next week. I just took over an existing blog and am trying to breathe some new life into it.

  33. 23, but I’m still new at this and not yet burned out.

  34. 5 at our SoloSEO.com blog, SEO for All.

  35. Not a single post. I took the week of and went fishing with one of my sons in Canada. No internet access; no cell phone access; it was great.

    I did however have a guest blogger lined up who made three posts throughout the week.

  36. 3 – Three posts. A slow week for me.

  37. None last week. I went away hiking on the Bibbulmun Track (Australia) and enjoyed a computer-free week.

    Normally varies from 1 to 4 per fortnight, as its only a casual hobby and I only write when I feel I’ve got something to say.

  38. Easy question.. 7 posts! =)

    One per day keeps the ______ away

  39. Five, with a site theme redesign to boot! Several articles put on the back burner for future use as well. A productive week, but still not where I want to be.

    (Thank you for all of the advice, hits, tips and food for thought, by the way. I’ve been lurking for a bit, and love ProBlogger, even though I’m not a Pro yet. It’s great for non-Pro’s who take their blog seriously too!)

  40. Somewhere around 100 – I haven’t calculated the exact total.

  41. ON http://www.shedblog.co.uk 12 posts

    mainly about shedweek but mostly to get my sheddies to add more images

  42. Quantity over quality?

  43. 6 posts on An American Expat in Deutschland, which is pretty typical, maybe even slightly above average. None on my genealogy blog Shaking the Tree, since I was too busy to do much research last week.

  44. 7 post, I work seven days a ween and yet I am still blogging lol…

  45. I put up 15 posts to my blog, Supernegro.com, which is pretty much par for the course. I tend to average about two fresh posts a day, which fits nicely into my work/play schedule.

  46. Hmmm, an interesting question!

    I wrote 2 posts on my personal blog, just getting back in the swing.
    I wrote 5 posts on http://www.popbuzzuk.com
    I wrote 6 posts on http://www.youtubedigger.com

    That’s actually not great, maybe I should condense them and start writing more :S

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