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How Many Posts Did You Write Last Week?

Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of June 2007 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Time for a quick reader question:

How many Posts did you post to your blog/s last week?

Lets make the dates from Sunday 10th June to Saturday 16th June.

I’ll kick it off:

Here at ProBlogger I posted 17 posts – at Digital Photography School I posted 5. Those numbers are pretty average for me (although at ProBlogger I was relying upon guest posts pretty heavily last week).

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  1. I made 9 Posts for that duration which is in line with my current goal of 1 post per day and 2 post on Sundays for my new blog about Internet marketing solutions.

  2. 12, two a day on the weekdays, and 1 a day on the weekends. It’s a new blog, but I think that’s the posting schedule that I want to continue.

  3. 15 posts and I don’t post on the weekends.


  4. 8 posts:
    – 3 in Paddling with a Camera
    – 5 in Fitness Paddling
    It is a little bit more than usual, but I was covering Texas Water Safari.

  5. 5 Posts, but I can only watch so many movies.

  6. 2 Blogs and 1 blog I started last week for a total of 12 posts…

  7. 25 posts, a number I try to hit every week at my blog (and usually succeed).

  8. 12 on Webmaster-Source.com
    2 at http://redwallhp.ntugo.com/ (yeah, that’s pretty low for that blog)
    8 at http://blogs.ntugo.com.

    So, a total of 22 posts (from June 11-17).

  9. 7 on MamaBlogga ( http://www.mamablogga.com )
    22 on Marketing Pilgrim ( http://www.makretingpilgrim.com )

    29 posts total.

  10. 5 on MakeMoneyBlog and
    0 on LegendsOfTheEast :|

  11. I posted 6 posts last week. I try to post once a day. However, my personal blog, I tend to only update once a week.

  12. I wrote 10 on Lipstick Powder ‘n Paint
    and 1 for GLAM.com

  13. 6 posts: a movie review each week day (they’re very short) and one site news post. (typical week)

    I also did one long post on my best practices blog for web freelancers (typical week)

  14. I made 10 posts in that time period on my Craft a Craft blog. I also wrote a moderately long article for another site in that time period. I used to try for (and usually achieved) 2-3 a day, but I found that this can be hard to maintain, and after reading several other opinion posts discussing frequency, tried backing off a little. I find that my readership hasn’t dropped, has continued to grow at about the same rate, and people seem just as happy.

    Getting some of the “load off” lets me make better posts (I hope), makes the process more entertaining to me (less drudgery) and if I have a day that I want to make 3 posts, so be it :-)

  15. I made 15 posts. Yikes! Outta control!!

  16. Just nine posts on http://www.magiclamp.org. One of those is the latest episode of the latest “24” parody I write every week for Dave Barry’s Blog and my own blog. I think that episode was between 6 and nine pages long in Word! New episode tonight too. :-)

  17. A grand total of 18 which suprised even myself! dont remember doing that much =D

  18. I wrote with passion and purpose 7 blogs this past week at Explorelifeblog

    WOW Jordon you wrote 29, You are writing machine

    Peace and Purpose to You, Joseph

  19. My goal is to post one article on each of my two blogs Monday thru Friday. I posted all 5 on one and I posted 4 on the other but two of those were in one day.

    I missed my goal on one blog and my traffic was down.

  20. Woot! 22 (see comment 105), I’m beating the pants off half of you. :D

  21. 7 posts the last week! And this has been my craziest and busiest week ever! Thank god for time stamping! ;)

  22. Just one post. I have been busy lately, and having a hard time coming up with things to write about. On the subject of time, I have given up on most blogs that have several posts a day. One of mu favorites typically has 5 to 10 a day. I jusat don;t have time to look through all of those to find what I am interested in. Am I alone in hitting information overload?

  23. 12 on my main blog, a couple on another.

  24. I made 8 posts–one post per day–which is pretty typical or me.

  25. belle says: 06/19/2007 at 4:52 am

    I launched my blog on June 12th. I posted 5 posts.

  26. I made 5 posts last week. That is my goal. It doesn’t look like I am going to hit that this week though, feeling a little burnt out between work and blogging (an job hunting).

  27. I wrote 12 posts last week :)

  28. 11 on plainBETA.com
    4 on SupernaturalWarfare.com
    And then… two others on a blog that I shall not announce yet – it’s still under construction. ;-)

  29. One post, but it’s a mighty important one.

  30. 28 post on thelocomonowebsite.com, mostly short but plenty of long ones.

  31. I didn’t post at all. But I’ve got lots of excuses:
    I got a bit of writers block, I keep getting distracted, I was on vacation for 5 days and I spend too long reading other peoples blogs!

  32. I have managed to publish 8 posts but have three in progress.

  33. 13. That would be typical of my recent blogging. I used to try to push out one post a day. Most weeks I would hit between 6 and 8 posts. But the last month or so, I have gotten a renewed interest in my blogging and am cranking out more content.

  34. 14 across my three blogs (one established, two of them newish): Seven on DVD Spin Doctor, three on Write for Blogs, and four on Downlod Movies 101.

    Still getting the hang of writing for three blogs. Seems doable, since there are some synergies (you only have to troll the news once for all). But it’s definitely a stretch!

  35. i posted 5 (amazing) posts on my guitar blog :)

  36. Not too many posts for me because it’s summer and I’m lazy.

  37. I posted 4 posts on my main business blog and 2 posts on my community blog.

    I would be interested in how many comments you guys with the high subscriptions make. Obviously posting comments can increased your numbers and is something I need to do more of!!

  38. I put up 14 posts in that timespan, and that’s a little less than I’ve been doing in recent weeks.

  39. 11 posts on http://www.allaboutappearances.info.
    Since the beginning of the blog a little over a month ago, I’ve averaged about 8 posts a week.

  40. I posted 11 entries on the JMG–Galleries Blog discussing everything from landscape photography, nature photography, technology news and philosophy of photography articles. I usually aim for 5 entries, but as I read through out the week I’m often inspired by news articles and other blogs.

  41. 6 posts on a very new blog. Most of them were pretty involved too. They took me way too long to write also because of the research involved. I need to figure out how to write more quickly.

  42. i wrote 3 posts.

  43. I have an independent games and games programming blog and that week I wrote 8 posts. The number is usually 8 or 9, and posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 2 or 3 posts per day.

  44. I made 17 posts on FlightSimX in that time. I normally make between 2 and 5 posts per day, depending on the supply of news stories.

  45. I made 2 posts. A_A

  46. I wrote 200 posts last week and I only have a small readership. I’m serious about my blog though and I hope it will take off soon. PokerLife Blog

  47. 18 posts at Needcoffee.com during that time period. Been trying to get some other sites up and running as well as going back and retrofitting some old posts, which, you know, can sorta sap your will to live.

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