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How Many Posts Did You Write Last Week?

Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of June 2007 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Time for a quick reader question:

How many Posts did you post to your blog/s last week?

Lets make the dates from Sunday 10th June to Saturday 16th June.

I’ll kick it off:

Here at ProBlogger I posted 17 posts – at Digital Photography School I posted 5. Those numbers are pretty average for me (although at ProBlogger I was relying upon guest posts pretty heavily last week).

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I posted 5 times in that period and my biggest traffic day of all time was June 15th.

  2. I made seven posts between June 10 and 16!

  3. I think I posted 19 articles on my site, although it’s not really a “blog”, it’s a How-To site.

    I did write 4 posts on my actual blog.

  4. I have 5 (with one in timestamp).
    The problem was that I was away, and I’ve set up a blogger friend with an account to guest post but he couldn’t do it.

    Hope I can get 7-8 this week.

  5. I manages 6 posts last week, which is right at my weekly average.

  6. Surprisingly, 3. I have only written 5 blog posts since April, though (which include these three). I should get moving! :)

    Oddly enough, my RSS feedreading statistics are going up (+60) rather than down.

  7. Forgot to say that I also have a tech blog where I have 16 for the last week!

  8. My blog kick-off was June 7 and I did 16 posts between June 10 and 16.

  9. I wrote 8 posts. I used to write 2-3 posts a day but now I average one a day, unless inspiration strikes at a random time.

  10. Last week I posted 12 times, which is slightly above normal (6-10).

  11. I wrote 8 posts and posted 6 of them last week. But writing about judo in norwegian isn’t exactly a niche with many blogs so I don’t have to worry about the competition. (There are aprox. 3500 judoka i Norway. :-) )

  12. I got about 10 posts done last week, which is significantly under what I’d like to be doing. But I put in my two weeks notice at work (so they have me working a lot of extra hours). One more week and I’m free to make my income online (hopefully!)

  13. I wrote 7 posts on my blog, im trying to keep that number(1 post a day).

  14. Only 11. My goal is 19 but I average 12. :P

  15. I posted 14 times. That’s about average for me, but I normally try to post a little bit more than that.

  16. I think I wrote five posts overall, three of which were just snippets/links with a small amount of commentary.

  17. I wrote 17 posts last week, that is only slightly higher then my weekly average which is 15. I try to write 3 posts a day during the weekdays and take the weekends off. But, lately I’ve been writing 1 or 2 on Saturdays and Sundays.

  18. I posted 15, but it’s a new blog so I feel the creative juices flowing. Not sure if I can keep up with that many. Hoping to sit around 10 per week. I prefer to do one a day during the week and a few extra on weekends when I have more time to research and write.

  19. 6 posts in those days. Half were on my holiday to Portugal, half were asking “Where the hell have all my readers gone?”. That’s the last time I go on holiday without contingency plans for blogging.

  20. 14 posts :)

  21. 5 posts. I post monday through Friday and Saturday and Sunday I play around with plugins, rss feeds and all those other services that can promote your blog

  22. Only 5. :( I am no Perez Hilton.

  23. 2 Posts I had to work a lot

  24. Last week I was out of my mind and posted around 100. I was shooting for 20 per day across five blogs. I’ll probably never do that again…

  25. Between those dates I posted 25 times. Several of them were advance written and then timestamped to within those dates, but I counted them anyways.

    My goal has been 3-4 posts a weekday and 4 posts over entire weekend. So I was just a touch over those guidelines last week.

  26. I made 21 posts if I counted right, had some shorter days I suppose and that reflected quite well in the amount of posts.

  27. 9. I post one a day, but sometimes I can’t restrain myself :-). Then I really want to share it with the rest of the Dutch speaking world, wrote some new pages for my corporate site http://www.ravisie.nl and busy designing another blog …
    Wait… I know somebody who’s going to translate all my NLP writings to English …

  28. Just two. I strive to write three posts a week but if nothing worth mentioning happened I just don’t write.

  29. Darren, you beat me by one! I had sixteen posts – which is just slightly higher than average.

  30. I wrote 19 posts lastweek, when you are writing about Technology and Gadgets, there seems to be a lot to write about.

    I would like to try and get it up to 3 posts a day minimum, but having a full time job as well it can be difficult.

  31. I hold myself to one a day, so seven in that period. I’m a busy stay-at-home mom with a special needs child and very little time in the day to write, but blogging is my outlet. If I ever do manage to write more than one post in a day, I save the extra(s) so that I can post them on a day when things are so crazy that I need to take time off writing!

  32. I created 8 posts in that time. I’m shooting for slow and steady content creation.

  33. 10 posts plus a couple on a property site that I freelance for.

    It doesn’t pay well by back home standards but here in Nicaragua it’s good money.

  34. I wrote 27 for RGS ….

  35. I work full-time on the side as well. The way I get things done is by using a point system. Some days I don’t feel like writing, some days I don’t feel like commenting, some days I don’t feel like networking, or whatever… I have to reach at least 50 points per day. 10 points for a long blog post, 5 for a short one, 2 points for a comment on a blog I’ve commented on before, 5 points for commenting on a site I’ve never commented on before, 1 point per comment on my own blog, 10 points for installing a new module/plug-in, etc. Works well for me. I think I may have created the system, or sub-consciously remember reading about such a thing somewhere.

    I just know that the point system keeps production going while I also work a full-time job.

    Anyway, enough of my blabbering.

  36. I only managed to get three posts out last week. But now that school is over and done with I can post as much as I please!

  37. 5 posts on my photoblog and 7 on my music blog.

    Hmm, that is less posts on my photoblog than I thought.
    This was kinda helpful for me. Will have to work harder :)

  38. I wrote 13, but part of those were sponsored posts.

  39. I wrote 18 last week…..none sponsored and it was fun! :) I also work full-time and blog on 2 or 3 other sites….I guess I have a lot to say…

  40. I have posted 14 entries on http://www.muiomuio.net, a blog about internet, technology and Blogging in Portuguese and also 14 entries on my personal blog, being 6 of those entries paid entries.

    Funny thing I noticed is that on Saturday I hardly posted, only 2 post early in the morning and was one of the days adsense rated highest.

  41. 7 posts.

    One per day is my target – pretty happy I was able to achieve it this week.

  42. Six post for me. Six or seven is the goal.

  43. In the past seven days I’ve posted 5 times and I’m hoping to get another up later today :)

  44. 17 Posts, woulda been close to 20 but I took the weekend of the 10th off.

  45. I have made 6 post to my http://www.go2linux.org (Linux Blog) and 5 posts to my (Personal blog, about blogging and Technology)

  46. 13 posts on one and 6 on the other.

  47. I wrote three posts.

  48. I think I did a total of two. I have been slacking as of late although many of my posts are regarding my work so if there is nothing really interesting going on at work I won’t post anything on my blog. I know that isn’t good for continous readership, I’m trying to get that fire lit under my but again.

  49. Hi, I posted 14 times in the week, all of them in Spanish!
    We had some new launches at Officenet so that increased from my average of 1.3 posts/labor day.

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