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Find Readers for Your Blog Through Commenting and Relationships

Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of August 2015 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

Find Readers for Your Blog Through Commenting and Relationships on ProBlogger.net

In the last episode of the ProBlogger podcast we talked about how to build a sticky blog to keep readers on your site. Today, we’re going to talk about how to find them in the first place by building community, strengthening relationships, and commenting on other blogs.

It’s important that not only you build great content that hooks the reader in, makes them want to read more, and makes them want to share it, but it’s also important to find readers for that content.

Before we get started on today’s episode, I want you to recall what we discussed in episode 29 about identifying where online your ideal readers are. It’s all very well and good to promote your content, but what if you’re promoting it to the wrong people? So if you did the exercises in that episode, you should have a list of places your ideal reader is hanging out: blogs, forums, social networks, who they’re following, the podcasts they listen to, etc – this will be the basis of where you will look for places to be useful and build your profile.

Today I want to focus on two things: prolific usefulness through commenting, and networking/relational growth.

The first idea, prolific commenting, is definitely a low-level strategy that won’t bring heaps of traffic, but it will help you gain confidence and get the lay of the land. It’s also useful for getting your name out there, as people begin to see it and remember you. I talk about this strategy more in episodes 9 and 20, but it’s a really good place to start. I do give extra tips in today’s episode about how to do this well on Twitter and even in YouTube comments.

The second strategy revolves around strategic networking and building relationships with others in your niche that can help to grow your profile. There are quite a few ways to do this, from informal online networking to pitching influencers, and I list the options available to you, and the best ways of making them work.

To listen to today’s episode and to view the show notes, head to ProBlogger Podcast Episode 36 Find Readers for Your Blog Through Commenting and Relationships

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About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. That’s definitely the way to do it. Relationships are the foundation of a site making the grade on the web, and the simplest way to getting better SEO.

  2. Commenting and sharing content from other bloggers has been crucial to the success of my own blog and also getting more traffic and loyal followers, who eventually became clients.

    These are very useful tips, thank you!

  3. Good read. I had wondered for some time if commenting was even a smart idea. I had read in a few places that there was a possibility that Google would see it as a bad thing. Although it was very little, our SEO service was doing a few blog comments each month, and we questioned them about it. Seems as long as it is relevant, and it isn’t a main strategy for SEO, it can be helpful.

  4. I just read another blogpost that on “How to build relation with reader” somewhat that was 2nd episode of this post. Overall nice post and the way to apply for blog. :)

  5. If we build a good relationship by following or commenting on their blog, undoubtedly our blog will be noticed, once liked by people; they will surely remain stick to our site.

  6. Yes I also use commenting for finding readers and friends of course. growing together is very better than alone.

  7. Nice post for the perspect of SEO. I am also commenting on others post to extend the relationship and readership.

  8. For me anything and everything in business related to relationships. If you can provide some mutually benefit to each other by commenting on another’s blog , then I don’t see any issues with it , nor could I understand why google would .
    Provided of course that your responses are valid and related to the post in question and not just pure spam.
    Once again excellent content , am learning a lot and loving the podcast as well


  9. this very good and thank you for share this article with we

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