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Why I Love Twitter

Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of April 2008 Social Media, Video Posts 0 Comments

Two days ago I asked my followers on Twitter why they loved Twitter.

There were over 100 responses within 2 hours and some of them were really good – I wasn’t sure what to do with them all but just yesterday I’d seen a video with a whole lot of screen caps of Tweets at Rocketboom. The idea was still fresh in my mind so I decided to make my own with the responses from readers.

The above video is a compilation of the responses from followers. I hope I got them all!

You can see a full sized version of it on it’s YouTube page or a slightly better quality one at Revver.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Nice video compilation there. Kudos to you to come up with such nice ideas so frequently. Was fun to read & also informative. Thanks.

    Most valuable comment:
    I love that its a way to brainstorm, learn and connect.

    Most out of the box comment:
    Twitter is like working in a busy office where you actually like all your coworkers

    Most funny comment:
    Twitter helps me pretend i am a geek

    I am yet to experience with twitter. Although i have read reviews of it so many times. Just that currently i am happy with my Orkut Facebook and LinkedIN account. Will add twitter shortly.

  • I’m just getting into the whole Twitter thing after reading a previous post about it here on Problogger. It looks to be “the next big thing” when it comes to social networking, so all of these folks that have already embraced it look to be the early adopters.

    Blue Sunshine

  • I’ve recently got into using twitter after overcoming it’s slightly obscure nature.

    A whole site dedicated to following what people are doing? Ridiculous, maybe. Genius, yes.

    I’m on twitter here if anyone would like to follow me:

  • Hey Darren…what did you use to make the video?

  • Creative idea! Was especially cool to see my comment on there as well! :)

  • You know I signed up a while ago, but didn’t use it. Just in the last week or 2 I’ve been using it everyday and am really enjoying it myself. Thanks for the video.

  • I’ve had a Twitter account for some time, but it wasn’t until the past week that I really got into it. I can see now why many bloggers are addicted to it. I like the idea of getting one thought out there without having to build a whole blog post about it ;) A mini blog – love it!

  • Love the video Darren, thanks for putting the effort into creating it. Some thought-provoking responses in there too.


  • haha I watched up until my comment… then realized in disappointment that I said too much :P

    This is the first time I’ve seen a montage style vid from twitter. Very cool idea, somehow I doubt this will be the last time we see this concept in action.

  • I guess I am becoming something of a Twitter evangelist. I have got so much out of it in the few months I have been Tweeting. The first post of my new blog about Twitter was an attempt to articulate that view, but the video does a much better job!

  • Relatively new to twitter but enjoying it so far – looking forward to watching the video and picking up even more ideas for how to use it.

    I’m finding twitter a good way to quickly highlight interesting new articles in my area (healthy eating, econutrition) without having to blog about them. I also use it to tweet about quick, healthy meal ideas – I started off doing this using but I’m tending to skip that extra step now as it wasn’t really doing anything for me (maybe foodfeed will get more popular with time)

  • I’ve been against social networking sites until recently (still have certain reservations). However, Twitter has been something of a revelation to me. It’s great not having to worry about adding apps and having a fancy profile. Someone described it as a 24/7 networking event which I think is very fitting. I feel like I can get involved, participate and interact straightaway. My only (current) concern is with spammers. I’ve had quite a few types follow me and while it doesn’t affect me directly because I don’t follow them back, it could be a long term concern for the quality of Twitter.

    You can follow me at:

  • I wish I’d answered that question now! I concur with so much of what I saw. This is a fantastic, and oddly heartwarming, compilation.
    I’m leading a session on Twitter at Podcamp Ohio in June. Would you mind if I used your video (fully attributed of course)?

  • Very cool! I try to use twitter as a mini blog especially if & when I don’t have the time to write an entire post about something.

    Nice video – I definitely learned a thing or two.


  • Hi Darren, really cool video!

    I’m one of those who replied to your tweet poll – I’ve been using Twitter since last week to keep myself accountable to my health & fitness goals, incl. weight loss. I also like to tweet about anything positive and uplifting though, as well as the topic of blogging, of course. ;)

  • This post has caused me to find out more about twitter since I have no idea what it is. Thanks

  • I’ve had an account for a few months.

    I started using it after attending the ‘Spring Fling Garden Bloggers Conference’. I about the only garden blogger there not using it and I was probably the most technical one of the group.

    I really like it, I’m staying in touch with the other garden bloggers, meeting more technical local folks and a few opportunities have been put to me through Twitter even though I’ve been on only about a week.

  • I didn’t really ‘get’ Twitter till about a month ago. I signed up long ago but just started using it. I like the way it’s mostly free of dross and the people I follow always link to useful stuff. It’s a great resource, a research tool and I’ve had some good advice on blog problems too. Feel free to follow me:

  • Oh such a shame I missed the original tweet. I love the video idea, you’re really giving me some great ideas of ways to use Twitter effectively!

  • Darren,

    I’ve been twitting my brains out for weeks, but I’m not feeling the love. I’ve followed much of your advice, yet I’m being roundly twignored in the land of the toot-sweets. I like the platform, but the return on my time and effort has been woefully dissapointing.

    Maybe I’ll tweet the fact that I’ve commented on your love of the tweet–see where that gets me.

    Nonetheless, thanks for the ongoing words of advice. It’s appreciated.

  • I really love how you integrated the comments into a slideshow. That’s just brilliant. I am starting love twitter more and more each day. It does feel like there’s a whole another universe of connection out there that only twitters know about.

  • twitter seems pretty cool I haven’t tried it yet but it’s buzzin alot lately, I might just check it out.

  • Hey Darren, whats the name of the song you used?

  • @ Marty I just queried for the word ephemera and only received 8 returns on Twitter. Perhaps you are spending time where your audience is not. Others may have a better way for you to find people interested in ephemera on Twitter. I think your time might be better spent using Twitter for keeping touch with fellow bloggers and to stay on top of tech things. Then, I’d be looking for related forums in your niche and become a part of those communities. Another good idea is to scan the “ask a question pages” available online to see if anyone is looking for your help related to your niche.

  • How did you make the video? that was very cool.

  • I just signed up for Twitter a few days ago. I like the concept now that I have started using it, but am wondering some of the same things as Marty.

    One huge bonus…I told my wife if she has any problems with me she will have to put it in 140 characters or less.

  • Twitter is Instant Update Alerts about those You have in
    Relationship and Fellowship. Could soon become the
    # One tool to connect Your Top Social Networking Plans.

    Will it enhance Your Email Options, Blog and Websites?
    This is an Awesome Tool to stay connected with those
    that are people that, Just Know How to Do. Thanks Darren.

    God is Love, God Is Good, God Is One.
    Be Blessed always…Peace!
    Positive Viral Marketing Illustrated

  • My nephews and nieces keep in contact by texting via cell phone and rarely check their emails anymore. It sounds like Twitter feeds into this need for speed.

  • Really, I still don’t get it. It just seems like another thing that distracts me from the things I really should be doing. There’s enough digital information to worry about. Will you really get more hits on your site if you post one twitter message every single day?
    One thing is for sure: I don’t want other people what I’m doing all the time!

  • I think Twitter is so popular in between its user because they gain access to easy and quick sharing with each other in a snap. Remember the Egypt case when a twitter user text Arrested to his friends when he got so in Egypt and his friends save him from jail!

    That’s the quick sharing power. I think I should also try twitter; after all it saves the fees for a lawyer. :-)

  • Glorybeam

    My husband thinks I love twitter because I have a crush on you! :-)

    I don’t, but I think you’re really cool, and awesome, and super-talented …

    Seriously, loved the Twitter-video! Great idea!

  • I thought twitter was completely pointless until last month when a friend convinced me to give it a go. I find it a great way to keep up to date with my friends, and to “meet” new people.

    I guess you could say I’m a converted skeptic.

  • I haven’t quite gotten into twitter yet
    I might check it out though

  • Jeff – – I ended up using iPhoto and exported the slideshow as quick time. I’d previously tried it with Keynote but that came out bizarre when I uploaded it. I was also going to give iMovie a go…. next time

    Collin LaHay – it was called ‘Revolve’ by

  • I’ve not really used Twitter a lot, but I’m having fun with it at the moment. There are some good articles on LifeHacker about using it for a personal organiser, which I find intriguing. qwd asd asd asd

  • I have just recently began using Twitter and implemented a sidebar widget which shows my recent “Tweets” on my blog.

    It is quite a bit of fun, but I must admit I am at a bit of a loss as to how to actually use it to promote myself and my blog, and follow the blogs I care about… All part of the learning curve I suppose.

  • I guess everyone is either going to hate me or think that I’m a dope (ok, maybe I am.) I don’t get why people are making such a big deal about Twitter.

    I watched the video and thought the panes went by just a bit too fast. But the real question I have is why are all these people are acting like Twitter is their best friend? Don’t these people have “real” friends? People that they can actually see, feel, and do things with? Come on! Real friends don’t have to tell you every single thing they do. It’s not that important.

    In my humble opinion if you can’t get the feeling of friendship, the insight of current events, or the experience of belonging from “real life” then I personally think that a reality check is needed.

    If people want to fool around on Twitter that is fine. But to speak about it like it actually matters to their life is crossing over into lala land. What I think I’m hearing is people just jumping on the next new thing—- If person A thinks it’s great then I think it’s great. I would like to hear what all these people have to say in one years time. Probably will be talking about the next new thing and Twitter will be old news and not important.

    I’m not trying to be negative or deragatory towards anyone. But I keep reading about how people are discovering all these new things on the internet and how great these things are. And then all of a sudden they are on to the next new thing. So I’m a little bit hesitant to jump on the bandwagon just because it is travelling down the information highway.

    Darren I really like reading ProBlogger and always read all of the comments that are posted. I love all of you. This is just my opinion.

  • Just signed up for Twitter last week and I’m hooked. It’s just so much fun!

    I use it to post links to great blog posts and capture ideas. I also like reading other people’s tweets too.

  • I have just started using Twitter myself, in my opinion it has great potential.

  • Man when did you ask that question? I wasn’t there that time on twitter or i would have also come on the video :)

  • Join twitter last year, and found that it does really do a lot well and both connecting to friends to bringing traffics. :)

  • Wonderful video, Darren. I love Twitter, have made friends from different parts of the world. Great input. One of my followers even sent me a story from Australia which I used on my blog.

  • We too didn’t get Twitter but once we did we found endless uses for it. Every day it seems that the considerably simplistic tool has so many uses!

  • Cool idea for a video Darren. I’ve only just started to get into Twitter myself. I think the key is building up a reasonable number of people you follow, and people you follow you – otherwise it can feel a bit like sending text messages to random numbers! ;)

    On that note if anyone wants to follow me, here’s my address, and I promise I’ll follow you, too. ;)

  • Am I the only person who found it hard to read some of the longer tweets before they were replaced by the next one in the slideshow? Maybe I’m just a slow reader…

  • I recently started to get active with twitter and can only occasionally write updates. Most of the time they won’t “take” and I understand that I am not alone and tech doesn’t respond so I guess it’s pretty useless for me. :-(

  • Hilarious! I also blogged last night about why Twitter made this week so much better for myself and a few people around me.

    Why Twitter is so unbelievably awesome

    It’s amazing the impact 140-char messages can have!

  • I’ve been a member of Twitter since they started but never got around seriously using them cause I found them to be a tad confusing. Thanks to this post tho cause it really showed what it is capable of and why I need to get cracking on it… LOL!


  • Loved the video. I’m a newbie blogger and have also been experimenting with Twitter. Basically just using to update status on Facebook and website. The jury’s still out for me personally how I’ll continue to use but I realize it has tremendous appeal to many for personal connection with others.

    By the way, Darren, I also loved the song Revolve you used in the video. However, can’t find on Would love to buy the download.

  • Funny I should find this here. I have also recently discovered Twitter and have been blabbing about it at my Crafty Princess blog.