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Why Do We Blog?

Today in response to an article that Andrew Sullivan published that was titled ‘Why I Blog‘ I asked my Twitter followers and Facebook friends to tell me why they blog. The responses were so good that felt it was a pity to just see them myself and not share them.

Here are the first 100 (or so) responses that came in over the next hour.

















Thanks to everyone for participating!

Why Do YOU Blog?

I’d love to read your answers below or on your blog. If you choose to blog or tweet your response please leave a URL in comments below so we can read it.

PS: For me it is a complex question to answer, particularly when you only have 140 characters to do it in but for me it boils down to:


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  1. I blog for the many reasons you just listed, Darren, but the reason I choose to do these things in the blogging format are because:

    1: There’s no better way to connect with the world in these unique ways.

    2: There is so much potential for success in blogging that I feel it foolish to not pursue it. I truly believe that we are just in the VERY beginning of great things to come with blogging. I still believe that you can consider RIGHT NOW to be ‘getting in at the ground floor’. So I just think it’s an exciting time to participate and hopefully benefit from this new and growing/evolving form of media/communication.

  2. I wasn’t a part of that string, but I’d love to contribute!

    I blog because I want to teach others what I know about the things that have helped me in life.

  3. I blog to meet people, to make money, to promote myself.

  4. I blog to get the story out about what I do and to build a community around those who are interesting in benefiting from the knowledge I have.

  5. I haven’t been blogging for that long, but right now the main reason I blog is to share ideas that I care about with others so I can help them (in the case of my blog, I’m speaking of organization). I find a lot of satisfaction in it and I hope to develop it further as I learn more about blogging.

  6. definitely for the love of bacon – lol

  7. How does one ask the facebook friends? Did you send an e-mail individually to everyone?

    Or ist it possible to mail them all? But how?

  8. Such a diverse group of people – great idea for a post!

    I blog to share my recipes with the world and help me organise them all in one place! Plus, I thrive on the feedback ;)

  9. to promote my work as a beader and writer of what I honestly love, but mostly to be a part of the extended family of people I now have from around the world. That is the best reason of all.

  10. There was a fun meme on this a year or so ago called “5 Reasons I Blog”. You can read my post here: http://customersrock.net/2007/03/12/5-reasons-i-blog/. Looking back, my reasons haven’t really changed. I find the blog format a great way to reach a wide range of people, as not everyone is using Twitter (yet!).

    Thanks for highlighting this idea. You rock, Darren!

  11. Its all about those little voices in my head that keep telling me to do it. That and the love of being part of a wider community that may or may not care about a single thing I do, say, post, or photograph, but are still there whatever the weather.

  12. @Roy Scribner Yea, that’s why I blog too :P


    I blog because I love to write, and also I like to learn new things and share what I learn, and because I like the wonderful community that blogs bring together.

  13. I blog because it is a fantastic way of sharing my own thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world and someone else may benefit from my knowledge, and I learn a lot from others blogs.As a bonus, blogging provides me with an income.

  14. Cool post. I blog as a way to meet other people in my field and as a way to organize my thoughts and be accountable for my plans in starting a business. Eventually, I hope to use the site as a resource to help others who are looking to start a computer support business.

  15. Wow; such clever responses! I would have gone with the boring “networking” response.

    I started blogging to promote my site, then it morphed into one of those “green living” blogs. I do a bit of business promotion mixed with information everyone can use. I am new to blogging so I am still searching for my voice.

  16. I have to say that’s very interesting and unique idea for good and informative post! Congratulations!

  17. I blog because as a writer and photographer, it gives me better exposure and the opportunity to interact with my readers like never before.

  18. I blog to hone my writing skills so I can become a great christian book writer one day

  19. I think that @thomas is right on it. I blog because there is no excuse not to if you want to write and share your thoughts and talents with people. I write about cultivating and preserving meaningful relationships. @Ryan….if you wait to become you will never become.

  20. I started blogging as a hobby and to share my knowledge in a niche area. What I hadn’t planned on was making money and now I’m pleasantly surprised at the income stream that blogging has become.

  21. A lot of the reasons why I blog are already listed, but here are the main ones:

    -To improve my writing skills.

    -To creatively express myself.

    -To connect with friends (that’s what got me blogging in the first place).

    -To meet new people.

    -To learn about myself and others.

    -To share myself with a global audience.

    -To eventually make a living doing what I love.

    -To be known around the world, as egotistical as it sounds.

  22. Nice feedback. I do not currently have a blog, only a facebook profile. However, I will be launching one soon, and here are my reasons:
    1. To share and express my 20+ years experience in pursuing my passion in Art and Photography.
    2. To learn and discuss current and past trends in these fields, professionally and observationally.
    3. To promote my work, and the work of other artist represented by my company.

  23. I blog because I’m passionate about sharing how our day to day choices determine what our tomorrows will become. As a cardiovascular nurse, I’ve seen what cardiac patients go through and I want to help people avoid that. Making simple changes can impact body, mind and spirit. I also love meeting new people through blogging.

  24. You’re sweet to include us all in your post, thank you! It was neat to see what everyone else said. One thing I notice on Twitter is that many of the people who are active work from home. It’s kind of like a replacement for the office camaraderie that so many of us got used to years ago. I think blogging is similar–community. There’s not very many people in my immediate area who share my interests, so blogging gives me a way to interact with them.
    ~Angela :-)

  25. To eventually re-beat the Jodies Foster and Marsh as the number one Jodie on Google! *insert evil laugh here*

  26. I blog because people look at you funny when you talk to yourself out loud and it helps to scratch the same itch.

    Sorry, let me try that again…

    I blog because it’s a great way to communicate to a larger audience that you normally have access to. This implies that I think that I have worthwhile things to say and, quite often, I think I do. At the same time, I get to connect with other interesting and smart people, so it’s a great combination.

  27. Wow!! I love the “brain dump” comment. I blog b/c it is another opportunity to write.

  28. why I blog – to educate, to learn, to inspire, to be inspired, to leave something to be remembered by, to influence.

  29. To make my life balance. Because I can share everything to everybody in the world without facing them and after that I can breath freely.

  30. cheap therapy while sharing my view of life et.al. Seriously, it’s very therapeutic for me: http://www.lizas-eyeview.com/

    I started another blog to share MAUI to the everyone, from a local’s point of view. Gain friends around the world : http://www.amauiblog.com/

  31. I blog for money and traffic, sometime just for fun!

    Bottom line, I enjoy doing it, making friends, seeing it grow and money coming in is just too much fun…!

  32. Basically I blog because I want to improve my English and my writing skill and I hope will come after that.

  33. I love beauty and images. Also it is closely related to my job. So it is a no time job for me to wirte what I see around.


  34. why do I blog? I started blogging originally I think to help myself get ready for a 2 week coast to coast walk across Scotland. But it kind of snowballed from there and has turned into this addictive thing that is used to express my love for the outdoors when I can’t get out into the countryside.
    It has been such a positive thing in my life, I have met people that are now such good friends that I would never have met without it. Plus folks have been so supportive over the couple of years I have been writing now, it’s incredible.

  35. Oh, wow – I wish I’d been part of that Tweet – I didn’t even SEE that question, how silly!

    As for why I blog, I wanted to throw my all into a project I loved, document my life, and create a positive haven for people to retreat to.

  36. I blog to express myself, and chronicle my life. The money or pocket change is really good. Greg Ellison

  37. I’m sure every point has been covered so far. I blog for various reasons, both personal and business and maintain a distinction between them by maintaining different blogs. I blog because i’m addicted to blogging :)

  38. I blog b/c articles like Sullivan’s are rare, and I want more media that doesn’t treat people as dumb.

  39. Why do you blog? is really interesting topic to write. I received the most comment from my 2 posting on this topic. ..so many reasons why people blogging based on their background, hobby, knowledge, community, education and more and more and more.

  40. Sorry to arrive fashionably late… I missed the call, but fortunately found a humorous on-topic post from a past blog that I’d love to share with you (thanks, Darren, for giving me a great excuse to recycle it!):


  41. Why do I blog? “I blog, therefore, I am.” Sort of. I blog to connect with women (and men) trying to understand how to make the Internet work for them. I learn more from my readers than they learn from me. I meet the best people on earth and have some of the best conversations. And then, occasionally, I get to meet these talented folk in person, at workshops and seminars. What can ever be better than that?

  42. I blog because I fear writing and am one hell of a bad speller and it has always stopped me before but not any more.

  43. I suppose I blog out of enjoyment, not really for the money because I’m not making much!!

  44. I started blogging because I was not satisfied with some of the other articles I was reading–so I just started writing my own.

  45. I originally started to blog on A Blog about Nothing because I enjoy writing, wanted my voice to be heard, and just generally thought it would be fun. Now I blog at Pet-Snakes.com because they are a passion and I enjoy learning/teaching people about snakes

  46. we all blog for money that is basic some times some people blog for providing info to people

  47. I blog to teach people how to start an online business. Since starting my own businesses almost 5 years ago, I’ve been through the “school of hard knocks” a bit. I’ve taught hundreds of people how to do effective keyword research, how to narrow down their niche, how to find suppliers, how to do on-site optimization, how to do offsite SEO, and how to integrate blogging and social media in to the mix.

    Blogging and teaching others has become a passion, and I feel if you do what you love to do, everything else falls in to place.

  48. I blog for a combination of reasons or factors; most if not all of which have already been mentioned by others already.

    Why do I blog? Hmm.. honestly, for me it is an opportunity to capitalize on writing and idea generation skills so I can make money and leave my regular job.

    I love poetry and find blogging and the blog-platform an ideal place to self-advertise my poetry. For a long time I searched, sought or waited for ‘help’ from ‘someone’ to help put me out there in the public sphere. Blogging eliminates the frustration I encountered and gives me a personal platform – which I control – to put my writing out there.

    I love wiriting about MIndset Optimization skils, or life-coaching skills, based of or from the greatest Manual ever; the Bible! But I did not want to be like any of the other great and not so great life skill coaches out there already; so I combined poetry with life coaching skills on my own platform, My Own Blog!

    Blogging has the potential to provide financial freedom, control and creative license. It lends a sense of ownership over one’s creativity.

    I blog because I want to be discovered; one of my goals is to be a Motivational Speaker; starting this way with an opportunity or outlet to share my ideas will hopefully lead to the realization of my goals.

    I blog also because I have found out that another ‘world’ or society – the blogosphere – exists away from the ‘real’ world we live in. I want to get in quickly and learn as much about it as I can.

  49. I love finding great deals, but I always forget what they are, so I blog about them. I figure if I have to write everything down to remember it, I might as well share it with others. I posted my reasons here : http://www.centsiblesavings.com/2008/10/why-do-i-blog.html

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