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Why Do We Blog?

Today in response to an article that Andrew Sullivan published that was titled ‘Why I Blog‘ I asked my Twitter followers and Facebook friends to tell me why they blog. The responses were so good that felt it was a pity to just see them myself and not share them.

Here are the first 100 (or so) responses that came in over the next hour.

















Thanks to everyone for participating!

Why Do YOU Blog?

I’d love to read your answers below or on your blog. If you choose to blog or tweet your response please leave a URL in comments below so we can read it.

PS: For me it is a complex question to answer, particularly when you only have 140 characters to do it in but for me it boils down to:


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  1. Very simple.
    Why do we blog.
    Answer: We have thirst to write and if we write then we need readers.So we have a good platform to Write that is Blog.Like my daily diary.Which is my online Diary I mean my blog http://iboozi.com

  2. I blog for many different reasons, both personal and professional. But it really all boils down to this:

    I blog to connect with, listen to and be heard by people from around the world.

  3. I blog because writing helps me to crystallize my thoughts. And when I take a step back to look at what I’ve written, I realize that I can share them with the world and help change lives.

  4. I’ve got to agree, I blog for bacon.

    Actually, I blog because I’m between major assignments right now and I’ve been storing up months of technical knowledge that I like to share with people. The Internet is an ugly place, if just one of my tutorials can help somebody make it a little prettier then I hope I’ve done my part.

  5. I blog to share my personal views, ideas, thoughts, experiences, etc in hopes of meeting others out there who share the same ideas as me!

  6. sorry I missed the tweet; I blog because I like to share knowledge about real estate in my area; I’ve always been a teacher at heart

  7. I blog for self promotion, to let others know what I’m doing, to give back to the community, and to make some money. I also found that through reading Problogger, I now really love the blogging process. I look forward to coming up with ideas, writting them down, and hitting POST. It’s exciting!

  8. I blog because it gives me a chance to clear my mind; to write down my thoughts; to ramble about stuff my friends aren’t interested in; … . It gives me a chance to be me, without thinking about what others might think..

  9. I blog for myself. It’s a great way to keep track of my wine choices, recipes and other interests in one neat (non paper based) place. I don’t know if somebody else reads my blog. Probably not and I don’t care.

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