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Why Bloggers Blog – [VIDEO MASHUP]

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of April 2008 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Last week I put out the call for video posts on the topic of ‘Why I Blog’. This is a ‘group project’ of sorts and my hope was to see bloggers experiment with producing videos all around the same topic.

The result was 36 bloggers tackling the challenge and submitting their videos. The videos exceeded my expectations with a while range of bloggers participating. We have bloggers who have just started out along side bloggers who’ve made a successful business from blogging. We have bloggers from around the world (and even one video in Spanish), bloggers young and old, male and female, human and…. dog. Some are serious, some funny, some abstract….

Some of the videos are ‘talking head’ in style, others get a little creative (and at times bizarre) – but all take up the topic and run with it.

As promised in my launch post – here they are. I hope you enjoy this mashup of voices. Thanks to each blogger who submitted a video – I hope I didn’t miss anyone!

Jamie Harrop submitted:

Leo Piccioll submitted this video (SPANISH):

Jim Kukral threw this one into the mix:

45n5 submitted:

Soultravelers3 put in a submission that was a little different:

Ian Fernando chimes in with:

Colin shares his video – a fireside chat:

Cindy Szponder adds her video into the mix:

Pixel Head shares:

Fat Lazy Guy put this very clever video together:

Spiderman…. Zac Johnson then joined in with:

Debby Banning shared her thoughts with:

Lori’s video is at:

Maddie Grant’s shared her video at:

The Story Lady chimes in with:

Bob Younce shared his video at:

Jerry Dawg’s video is at:

Syed Balkhi submitted this video:

elezend put together this video response:

Amanda Marie Roberts answered the question of why she blogs here:

Brad’s video is:

Travis Reynolds has posted his response here:

Karen put together this video:

Agent001’s video is at (I feature in this one):

Chrispian shares some thoughts in his video:

Hallsky’s goofy video is at:

Sundar Rajan GS shares this video:

Sara Ch. has made this creative video:

Mark’s submission is:

Joe Cheray tells us why he blogs:

Vic blogs because:

Robin Good shares at:

Andrew Flusche shares his video at:

Rhett Soveran shares this video:

Samuel sneaks this last one in:

Suzanna Stinnett also gets this video in at the last moment.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Good to hear why others blog, I didnt have time to make a video but I wanted to. But I blog because I want to help others learn to blog!

  2. Sweet. This is great.
    I was so bored until I got here now.

    Yep a lot of talking heads.

    Its crashing my browser a bit.

  3. i wish i could add up in russian,… I am sure i have smething interesting to say….

    an idea to you, Darren: devote more time to video posts, optimaze them and add titles for the deaf (research shows they do constitute a portion of the audience)..

  4. OMG!!! I guess I didn’t realize I was gonna be seen on your blog! HOLY COW, I would have dressed up more!!!

  5. Thanks again for opening up this project to entries from us dog bloggers!

    And for embedding each movie instead of a mashed up playlist. What a great way for you to ensure readers stay on this page a while …

  6. Hope you are going to do this again I missed this one :)

    Darren ware there more contestants then 36 and you strip them out or only 36 bloggers really did the video ?

  7. Awesome collection. Thanks for listing all of the videos. My favorite is definitely Jerry Dawg’s dog video blog!

  8. Nice to be able to put faces with all these great blogs.

  9. Lori – you look great :-)

    Jerry – no problem – great vid

    LiveCrunch 2.0 – these were the 36 who submitted – I included everyone.

    Jason – yes that’s why I loved this too – so many of those videos are from people who I read the comments of every day so it was good to get voice/faces to put with names.

  10. i blog coz i am bored …

  11. Darren,

    Awesome collection. Once again, you’ve put together something great.

    I have been away for a while and I’m glad to see you’re still doing a fantastic job. Keep up toe good work.

    I’m running my own IT company now. Understanding social networking and blogging makes quite a difference revenue wise.

    Thank you for your daily effort and inspiration.

    Kind regards,

    Chris Peters

  12. Darren,

    Great set of videos there. Especially liked Jim’s, Mark’s and Vic’s.

  13. This was a lot of fun. I dig the video format and just have to feel my way around to see if it’s something I want to keep doing. That, and find a way to do something creative. Very fun though though, I’m glad you put this together.

  14. Thank you for saying mine was goofy..thats what I was going for

  15. Firefox isn’t crying but thanks for putting this together Darren.

  16. This was just awesomefunstuff. Thanks again for hosting this, Darren.

  17. Thanks for the opportunity. I had fun doing it and I appreciate you giving us some face time. Great to see everyones videos and click through everyones blogs.

  18. MMM Darren I am a woman lol. Can you please correct that thank you.

  19. BTW thank you for this great project it was fun to do.

  20. Thanks Darren for getting the video up. Ofcourse my favorite one is the dog one out of all.

  21. Thanks Darren for posting my video. I really enjoyed putting it together. Are you going to do video mashups weekly, monthly?

  22. Oh, I didn’t have time to finish mine, so I hope you will do this again, Darren! These are fantastic! And it is indeed nice to put faces with the blogs. Very cool.

  23. now i realized what is the reason i blog, and hopefully i can stay on track

  24. Thanks for this project! I enjoyed looking at each and everyone! I never would have started a blog if we had not decided to travel the world and now I am so glad that I have discovered this medium and community!

  25. I am glad I was not the only one using Viddler. 33 YouTube, 2 Viddler, and one lone Google Video(can’t we call that YouTube as well?) I wonder why the submissions were predominantly Youtube?

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