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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. It’s weird. My blog is about making money, yet most of my search traffic is “greendimes coupon code”. I wrote about Greendimes a long time ago, for the occasion of Earth Day.

  2. With “cottage” in my blog title I tend to get lots of people looking for rehab information like paint cottages, cottage planking, cottage porches, etc. Next are variations on cottage and poem, with somebody (always the same ISP) down under regularly looking for “corn and squirrel poem.”

    The most unusual, maybe it’s funny, is “unused utensil,” I have no idea what’s up with that.

  3. Right now, “daily kimchi” is the search term that brings me the most traffic. It seems like people are now using Google as a bookmark, instead of typing in the address to my blog!

    Followed by that, it’s “Korean fashion” and “Red Mango frozen yogurt”.

    The weirdest search term I’ve encountered are “can you get worms eating raw noodles” ;)

  4. My top traffic generators are:

    “ronald jenkees”

    “us GAAP vs IFRS”

    “finite population correction factor”

    Now onto the strange searches:

    “robots will do your job”

    They will? Awesome!

    “picture of the world showing me where iraq is”

    Hope that didn’t come from the US…

    “can i write essays on mac book pro”

    I don’t think he/she quite understands computers…

    “purses of dog footprints”

    Your guess is as good as mine…

    “like a rusty steak knife cutting through a well aged steak”

    this goes with my top traffic generator

    “bush hell poland”

    This one’s not that strange, considering I wrote a post about Bush visiting Hell, Poland.

  5. I get the most traffic for “ipod contest” from a contest that I ran 2 months ago. I’m a little surprised by that since we have fallen to page 2 on the search results.

    I guess the funniest would be “wanted girls” from an article on female bloggers. Actually rank #11 for that one…

  6. My top keyword is my blogs name, the seminal. I guess this is good, right? People are actually searching for my brand name. I get a ton of long tail keywords, but I’m actually surprised to see my #4 search term this month (with 18 hits) is “egyptian sex.” As a political blog, I’ve never written about egyptian sex, but I did include the words “Egypt” and “sex” in one of my link post titles, so that’s how I ended up there. Way odd.

  7. For some reason, this month, it’s “Buy Me a Beer”, from the post I’ve written about my plug-in.

  8. I get a LOT of people searching for “smelly balls” and “ball gag” which are probably the funniest ones but the absolute weird-funniest is a search I get repeatedly for “exploded babysitter” which I’m certain I’ve never written about.

  9. My top search term is:

    “Bom Chicka Wah Wah”

    Oh, I feel so dirty. So very dirty.

  10. This month eight people found my very niche marketing blog using the search term…

    naked cleopatra

    Not targeted traffic, but I’ll take it.

  11. “Dolphin olympics” is the keyword driving in the most traffic to 2Dolphins — and by no small margin. Of the hits on that keyword phrase, more than 97% come from Google searches.

    Odd thing is that this comes from a brief (2 sentences!) post I did over 5 months ago (called Dolphin Olympics) about a silly (but fun!) little Flash-based online game. I’ve only referenced this game once and have never deep-linked back to my original blog post.

  12. Hey everyone! This is a trick!

    By posting your top search terms here, Google will suddenly point to Darren’s blog for that search term instead of yours. ;)

    Have a nice weekend :)

  13. Popular: “zune art”
    I also got from my own URL “stevesblogen.i2mfan.com/” with the same number of search.

    The funniest: ” does hollywood videos take checks”
    I’m about tech and never posted about “Hollywood videos”.

    I don’t have many because I got Google Analytics for a few months under in own id.

  14. My top five:
    – “whiney expat blogger in germany”
    – my name
    – another variation on my name
    – “american expat in germany”
    – “an american expat in deutschland”

    Except for the whiney part (I’m not THAT whiney), I’d say that’s pretty good.

  15. The number one search term for finding my website is my name or a variation on my name and profession.

    I get consistent hits every June for ‘strawberries and cream at wimbledon’.

    The funniest one at the moment is ‘queen being lazy in medieval times’.

  16. My site is very much in English, but my most popular search hits are for Portuguese terms! I have a machine translation plugin installed.

    Trabalhos comtexturas and movimento uniforme are on top of the heap.

    I do get some traffic for more normal terms though. These include:
    “how to crash a wedding”
    “taking professional pictures”
    “best action movie”

  17. On Webmaster-Source, my top keywords would be
    1. wordpress vs movable type
    2. freeweblayout
    3. harry potter invisionfree skins
    4. wordpress install dummies
    5. webmaster source
    6. webzine wordpress themes
    7. apples layouts
    8. wordpress vs
    9. movable type 4 vs wordpress
    10. wordpress vs movabletype

    All the “wordpress vs movable type” variations are due to an article I wrote comparing the two. Of course, some people bashed it as “already done before” and “a lame attempt to get dugg”. Yeah right, I just wanted to compare them in my own words.

    “WordPress install dummies”, is either someone looking for a tutorial on installing and setting up wordpress, or someone looking for animate crash dummies that can install wordpress. Hopefully the first option, since I don’t have the latter.

    “webzine wordpress themes” is probably there because I reviewed the GridLock theme for WordPress.

    “apples layouts” has pulled-in a bit of traffic in the past. I wrote a post analyzing Apple.com’s new layout. Since I did it the day their changes went live, it soon became one of the more popular posts on my blog.

  18. I blog about guitar making, ergonomics and guitar design so my top three search terms make complete sense:

    1. headless guitar
    2. guitar building
    3. ergonomic guitar

    Then, of course, there’s the oddest search term for which I’ve seen traffic and for which I’m ranked in the top ten – “forearm building”! All around my guitar blog are sites about developing your forearms!

  19. Hadn’t gone so far as to put demographics on my blog *just* yet.. On my website, it was the names of fellow disability advocates I highlighted in calendar blurbs I was doing.. Had no problem imagining things were very similar now on the blog.. “Butterfly” is as close as I can get to funny.. :P

    Any suggestions of (not too) invasive favorites that give this kind of info on blogs hosted other than on one’s own website..?

    The setup is that just two days ago took the plunge with a new webhosting provider.. Having been burned so badly back in March by another, it will be a while before I “trust” enough to go through moving my favorite blog over to this new one where it looks like traffic info will be available.. But, in the meantime…… ;)

  20. This may be a bit off topic but does anyone know how to create a landing page specific to search term? My most popular search term brings in thousands of visitors per week and I would like to create a specific landing page just for them.

  21. I am not yet getting much traffic from search engines, but my top searches are:
    “strange ways to earn money from home” which comes from a post I wrote on weird ways to earn.

    “minioffice for kids”
    “mom blog design”
    and surprisingly “home jobs for moms site athomemomblog.com” I´m not sure why they would do the search if they already know the URL!

    My funniest search terms include “blood experiments you can do at home”, “blog energy mom” (I can relate to that one!) and “illegal ways to earn fast cash”.

  22. Most of my visitors to http://www.creditwrench.com and http://www.themostwantedcriminals.com are people looking for debt collectors so they can pay them or find out who has been bugging them on the phone or quite often because they falsely believe that paying the debt collector to clean up their credit reports.

    Of course, nothing could be further from the truth because paying off a debt collector will only hurt your credit rather than cleaning it up.

    People need to learn how creditwrench students clean up their debt and credit reporting problems.

  23. I blog about my marriage and my children. My husband is a sex addict in recovery, so nearly all of the searches that come to my site are for porn. (I actually did my ProBlogger Top 5 contest post about this — my blog was new at the time, so I have more data now and need to post again.) They’re all more disturbing than funny, even though they are inaccurate. I get a lot of searches these days for “mama sex with son” or “mama sex with daughter.” But the non-porn search that disturbed me most was “pictures of interracial couples being lynched.” Creepy.

  24. The term which brought me the most traffic was ed and elaine brown and variants thereof.

    Some of the funnier ones I’ve gotten lately are weed for sale, bad cop no donut, and security camera sex.

  25. I once wrote a blog post about how artists and craftspeople could really benefit from blogging, by drawing their blog visitors into the story of their artwork being created. As an example, I showcased a dollmaker’s blog. To this day, I get a lot of search traffic for the word dollmaker.

  26. Combinations with the word “drawing” bring the most traffic which is a good thing since my site is about drawing. With some combinations I’ve reach the first page at Google. And that in a little more then two months.

  27. stuff exploding
    “stop global cooling”
    how to get poor
    seductive poses for larger women
    funny died in the traffic
    funny catastrophic events
    abercrombie uses a real moose head
    funny picture of tree being cut down
    pimp prostitution
    how stuff work speargun
    kill the manatee
    how to be filthy stinking poor
    wal mart colonoscopy

  28. The keyword which brings me max traffic is download directx10 and funniest is best porn , lol I wrote a post on best porn blockers :D

    I might be late for this darren but i just got back from my marriage and honeymoon and was reading all your pending posts

  29. My blog is called http://speedendurance.com/ and the top 4 search results are:

    1. speed endurance (two words)
    2. wake up when not in the rem cycle
    3. speedendurance
    4. speedendurance.com

    #2 is funny because 1 wrote one article on sleep and rem cycles for athletes.

  30. These terms and different combinations of these words have been driving traffic for me for a couple months now.
    mommy abc atheist debate kirk cameron ray comfort

    Some interesting ones:
    wife 101
    mother in law obsession with grandchild
    i got a buildabear my name is tamara
    how to get busted for child porn
    chatroom for pedophils- (scary thing is this one didn’t bounce)
    biggest human’s mommy

  31. Sam – I highly doubt I’ll be getting traffic for everyone’s search terms because there’s no keyword density on the page, the words are not in my title and the words are not in the URL. Very unlikely.

  32. I have two posts which receive nearly all traffic on my blog. The first one:
    For the searchterm “youporn” which is banned on the german version of Google … so blogs are ranked very high for that term here.

    The second one:
    For the searchterm “nackte frauen” (naked women) in Googles Imagesearch. The post is harmless, but apparently contains the words and somehow ranks very high for that combination.

    That said … I am NOT a porn blogger (my blog is a normal personal one), but looking at the searchterms that drive traffic to my site one would definetly get that impression ;-)

  33. I write in Spanish, and about food.

    Pie de Limón is the same as “lemon pie”, everybody seems to like the word. Or the pie?

  34. 1) navel
    2) belly button
    3) fluff
    4) belly button lint
    – Most common, not surprising as my main traffic generator is my collection of navel lint (I’m the world record holder).

    12) bra hanging
    – My favourite, probably from a blog post I wrote on the Cardrona Bra Fence, a fence in NZ which has hundreds of bras hanging on it.

    16) largest person in the world
    – I don’t get this, I’ve never written anyting related to it.

  35. The search term bringing me the most hits is: “stacy dash”.

    The funniest search term is: “elke the stallion”

  36. I wrote a post about typing in your name and needs into google in quotes and seeing what it is that you need. This was 2 years ago and to this day, I get more hits for “Jim needs” than anything else, like 10x more hits than the next most popular thing.

    One of the funnier ones is “patron saint of technology”, a post where I mentioned the new pope a couple of years ago.

  37. Ahem, that would have to be “paris hilton video” .. whenever she does anything crazy like get arrested, or appear at a public party I get a small spike. I won’t even link it here, go search :)

  38. Had to add one from this morning – “bean stuck in ear” – happened to my son – wrote about it and what do you know – it brings in traffic! :)

  39. Mine, amusingly, is “bumblejeep”! It’s Transformers’ Bumblebee, photo manipulated to make him a Philippine jeep instead of a car. Haha! It’s a funny (and impressive) photo manip. Lots of people love it even if they aren’t Filipinos. ^_^ The photo isn’t mine, though.
    my Bumblejeep post: http://journal.sarahcada.com/2007/07/bumblejeep.html

    My #2 search keyword is tied to “igoogle teahouse ghost”. It’s been the top for the longest time, and it was overthrown just last week when the Transformers movie opened.
    IGoogle Teahouse Ghost post: http://journal.sarahcada.com/2007/06/igoogle-teahouse-ghost-captured.html

  40. For the last 30 days at Web Analytics World the top referring keywords have been:

    1) KPI
    2) Facebook vs. Orkut
    3) Web Analytics Comparison
    4) omniture actionsource

  41. Mine was “happy grunge.” That was actually the number 1 searched. But it gets even better. People drop by my site because of keywords like “typing with your forehead.” But wait! It gets even better. I even got this one: Men kissing under water. *lmao* I could only imagine how appalled those people were when they saw my site was personal. ;)

  42. Mine is iscrybe since it seems pretty popular and I have a screencast of it. Also “best online calendar” and Bubba mini server :)

  43. I once wrote a post about renting a truck in Munich for relocation purposes.

    At that time, I couldn’t get one because I tried at the end of the month and they were all booked already.

    Unfortunately, “Transporter mieten in München” is still a popular search term although I don’t rent transporters at all :-)

  44. My top search varies, but it generally contains some form of “communication”. My favorite search term that has brought me traffic, however, is “plymouth”. I don’t recall ever writing the term, though I must have, but it was certainly odd to see it in the logs.

  45. Hottest keyword – Miss Belvedere
    For the Plymouth that was buried in a time capsule in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1957

    Funniest – maybe “How tall was Gary Grant”
    Who knew you cared how tall I am!

  46. The funniest search I saw was for ” ACDSee Connie”
    My sister & I have 3rd party tutorials for ACDSee products & we provide tech support. I guess my word of mouth was a bit effective?

  47. my biggest search terms are irregular verbs and verbos en ingles. Most of my traffic goes to my main site not to my linked blog.

    I think it is a little dangerous to over optimize for your google search terms becuase if your ranking for those words drop, you’ll be stuck. Who knows? Maybe the next post you write will use your next top key word.

  48. My biggest search terms are irregular verbs and verbos en ingles. Most of my traffic goes to my main site not to my linked blog.

    I think it is a little dangerous to over optimize for your google search terms because if your ranking for those words drop, you’ll be stuck. Who knows? Maybe the next post you write will use your next top key word.

  49. free always helps my site get in the top search results

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