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About Me…. and the Search Term Competition – The Results

Posted By Darren Rowse 13th of July 2007 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Ok – the last 24 hours has been a little silly around here with the Guess the Search Term Competition. The idea emerged out of me looking over my Google Analytics account yesterday and noticing a slightly odd search term coming up as brining in more traffic than any other from Google.

What was the search term? Has anyone guessed it yet? The answer is yes – in the last 12 hours a number of people guessed it in both the original competition post and the followup one.

The first to guess it was Phillip Molly Malone who got it at 3.44pm this afternoon (my time).

Phillip wins the month’s membership at Blog Mastermind Mentoring program (thanks to Yaro for putting up the prize at very short notice).

So what’s the search term?

“About Me”

Like I said above – I was a little surprised when I saw it too. For starters it’s not really related to my overall topic, secondly I was surprised by the numbers of people searching for the term (over 5000 visitors came via it in June) and lastly I just can’t work out why people would be searching for that term in those kinds of numbers.

The page people are arriving on after searching for ‘About Me’ is How to Write Your “About Me” Page.

PS: A few people have been asking what the other Top 5 terms are. Here’s the top 5 (with links to where they go):

  1. About Me
  2. ProBlogger
  3. Blogger Templates
  4. How to Make Money
  5. Blog Tools

Anyway – thanks to everyone for participating. Congratulations to Phillip – I’ll put you in touch with Yaro shortly to get your membership to Blog Mastermind.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Oh no! My answer was “about me” too, but I got it later than the winner, didn’t see his reply among all other comments.

    Actually, “about me” was a pretty obvious answer after analyzing your stats on Sitemeter ;)

    I guess it’s the most popular search term because Copyblogger has mentioned your site as the best example in his post on writing about page, so your site ahs received more authority, right?

  2. The contest was a real blast.

    Cool one Darren. Congratulations to Philip for winning it, and I wish you had more contests on problogger :)

  3. Oh, and many congrats to the winner!!! :)

  4. “and lastly I just can’t work out why people would be searching for that term”

    I will take a guest at that: Newbie users arrived all day on the Internet and may think for some reason that Google know them personally. So, they do a search for “About me”. After all, Google knows everything from what they heard. ;)

    Anyone else? take a guest

  5. No, it’s definitely because Darren’s ‘about me’ page is well written, and another popular blog (Copyblogger) has mentioned it.

    People who search for the term ‘about me’ are not necessarily newbies. They do that when they want to find good examples on how to write their site’s ‘about me’ page.

  6. James Moore says: 07/13/2007 at 11:46 pm

    Well, you ARE the number one result on Google for “About Me”, but I can’t for the life of me think of why people would be searching for it either.

  7. Well, I couldn’t get to the page that your “about me” is linked to. Must be a lot of people trying to get to it. So I did the search on Google and went to the cache for it.

    #1 hit out of 2.3 billion! Awesome!

  8. Olga:

    Point taken but I think that people,non newbies, would add a word like “blog”, “create”, “write” …. not just “about me”. You must try to remove yourself from the blogging word. The web is not all about blogs. Yes, I can’t believed it but it’s true ;)

    For example, if I say “plugin” now , you and me you will think of a WordPress but plugins exist for other types of software too(media players).

  9. Congrats to the winner!

  10. Well, I found this contest very interesting! I also think that it just goes to show how important an about me page can be for a website.

  11. Congrats to winner.
    sometimes its amazing how you get visitors.

    Bad luck to aboutme.com

  12. Steve,

    Yes, I’m a bit too much into blogging these days LOL

    On a second look, you’re right, hehe.

  13. lol. i never thought that would be the keyword! Out of all the other contents you have here, it turns out to be “About Me” :p

    Anyway, congrats to Phillip Molly Malone!
    More contest pls, Darren!

  14. Congrats to Phillip! I had no clue that people were searching for this so much….hmm…time to check my about me pages…. ;)

  15. Niranjan says: 07/14/2007 at 4:22 am

    Wow… i never actually guessed that!
    i did see that answer of his..but i didnt give it a second thought.

    A 7 month old post giving top no: of hits .that’s great. :)

    congrats to Phillip :) you are one lucky guy.. [ with some SEO talent :P]

  16. Congrats to winner!

  17. I have to say that I did that search: “about me” a lot. I was working on a company as an SEO two months ago and they were doing “blog spam”. So I was building 4 blogs per day, inventing different profiles for each one. I need a lot of “about me” pages so I could make the blogs very different and real. I don’t work there anymore, too dumb strategy and too unethical.

  18. If I was around I would have gotten it! I’m new to this site and I remember reading a few times about how popular your about page is. I could quote it if I tried but it went like: “My about me page and about problogger are by far my most viewed pages.”

  19. Hey Darren,

    Anyone can guess your top search terms if they are smart. See the bottom Sitemeter URL, click on it and go to the referral page. Walla. If you wait for 5 minutes you can easily calculate which are the top search queries.

    Congrad. to the winner though.

  20. As the writer of the article”How to Write Your About Me Page”, I must say I’m flattered. But Darren, don’t I get some sort of prize or something? (just joking – the traffic that I undoubtably receive is reward enough)

    The popularity of that particular page reinforces something that I have noticed on my own site – lots of people are looking for examples of ‘about me’ pages.

    Coincidentally, I just published an article yesterday on my blog http://www.HomeBusinessWiz.com called “Website Stats Contain Hidden Money” which describes how I have started a spin-off service writing “about me” or bio templates for various job titles.

    This all came about because I noticed from looking at my website stats that my “How to Write a Professional Bio” article (a longer version of the article that was published here at Problogger) was by far and away the most popular page on my website.

    By keeping an eye on my stats I discovered a ready-made business just waiting to be born.

  21. I just realized I should have provided a direct link to the “Website Stats Contain Hidden Money” article.

    For anyone who’s interested, you can find it here…


  22. Congratulations and welcome Phillip to the Blog Mastermind program. I’m a current member and I think you’ll find the community and the program to be and invaluable resource.

  23. Oh no i missed contest,but its really shocking to me too.I thought “make money” will be the most searched term.so sorry for olga for losing with the right answer.

  24. For my Swedish blog, I got queries for the Swedish equivalent of “carrot sex”. “Carrot” was in the blog name, and in Swedish, “six” and “sex” are spelled the same.

  25. That is amazing. Though I wasn’t around at the time of the contest, I would have never guessed that!

  26. Just curious, I would have guessed that Lokesh would have been right on with make money, or something similar. Was make money anywhere near the top?

  27. I wonder if there is some sort of API we could hook in to (which is not the google API) where we can find out search terms and the traffic they would bring. Anyone here know?

  28. liz wolf says: 03/05/2008 at 6:23 pm

    when Free Blog Money said
    on 7-14-07
    “Anyone can guess your top search terms if they are smart. See the bottom Sitemeter URL, click on it and go to the referral page. Walla. If you wait for 5 minutes you can easily calculate which are the top search queries.”
    OK, I’m smart but a newbie, what’s he talking about? I googled sitemeter but I don’t see the link on this page or whatever he is talking about.
    Oh, by the way, “Walla” is spelled “Voila” eez French.
    thanks for the site and the info

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