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Free Blogger Templates

Posted By Darren Rowse 31st of May 2006 Blog Design 0 Comments

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“Where do I find Free Blogger Templates?”

I’m regularly asked by bloggers using different blog platforms where they can get nice designs for their blogs, usually for free. I’m a WordPress User and therefore know a few good spots for WP templates (here, here, here, here, here, here and here for starters) but one of the platforms I’m less familiar with that many blogs use is Blogger.com.

Gecko and Fly have a nice list of well designed Blogger Templates that I think I’ll be sending people to from now on. Most are designs imported in from WP designs that are quite unlike Blogger.com default designs.

Share your Free Blogger Templates below if you’ve got any good sources.

Free Blogger Templates were found via blogHelper

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Thanks for the great list of free wordpress themes. I am using a wordpress blog, maybe its time is use a different skin now.

  2. I think the idea of templates is to give you the start point of your design, take any free template and make the changes you want, don’t use any template as it is.

  3. template template template!!! I needed that!! My site still ugly. ~~

  4. I’ve always been more of a “edit by hand” kind of person, but then again, starting from a template is nice, like how Nerdvana looks (started from the standard dark theme).

  5. Thats a good list of free blog layouts …

  6. I think the free blogger template can be good as like the unique templates…

  7. Hi,I just want to change my blogger theme,but I can not find what i like, so could you suggest some site for me ?thank you:)

  8. I made a living using Free blogger custom templates, I never could figure out wordpress but I heard so many good things about WP, I tried to set up a WordPress theme up got pissed off and went back to blogger, But http://www.wordpress-installer.com/ set my theme up for free, and I still have my blogger sites but they can’t touch the plugins and ability to monetize a size like what you get with Wp, I will allways keep my blogger sites they make me good money, but if your not using wordpress your missing out, trust me.

  9. Thank you for great templates. I was in need for my 2 blogs.
    it took me long time to decide and to browse all templates that i have downloaded all this days.and now it’s done.
    I want to say that the best way to shoose personal template is: choose some that you like very much and put them in folder, then preview them 1 by 1 on your site( be carefull , dont hit the save button), and reassemble the templates you think it go more with the “character” of your blog. Then bring someone else like friend, husband, wife…etc anyone (He/she don’t have to know alot about blogging) and let them see the preview of the templates you have chosen. Don’t influence them if you want good help. let them say what they think, and the most important if they see the detail you want them to see like visitors… Many times i was surprised by my husband (my adviser, and not blogger at all, but visitors of a lot of blogs) that he just can’t see titles, or he can’t find where are the labels, or some widgets make him nervous. This make me think about changing a lot of things in templates to symplify them. after all this blogs are mine but not fo me!

  10. I love all the free themes and templates out there for wordpress. WordPress is definitely my favorite CMS and these free themes and plugins are a great addition.

  11. Wow i like the templates here and thanks for keeping us Blogspot in your mind! Thats sweet of you.

    The below website has some classic templates for bloggers rated Gold, Silver and Bronze.

    Templates converted from Worpress are also available here.


  12. Thanks a lot for this. I’m not familiar with Blogger, having only used it a couple of times. Yet, I think I’m missing out on all the wonderful benefits of Blogger. I hope to soon gt back into messing around with a Blogger blog again.

  13. Drupal and blogger.com free templates have nice designs and layouts. WordPress also offer free themes and templates.

  14. Thanks for sharing such a useful list of blog Templets.

  15. I tried to get the Tic Tac 3 column blog template from Gecko and Fly but it didn’t work. Does anyone know of another site where I can get a 3 column Tic Tac template? I really like that design.

  16. hello,
    this is really old template list, now there are many cool blogger templates around.

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