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What do you do with your Blog on the Weekend?

Posted By Darren Rowse 30th of June 2007 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

The weekend is here and I’m looking forward to some fun. You see today is my Son’s first birthday party (his actual birthday is next Friday) and we’re getting together with family and friends to celebrate his first year as well as doing a dedication ceremony (sort of like a Christening). It’s going to be a great day.

Weekends present bloggers with an interesting challenge when it comes to thinking about what to do with their blogs.

‘What do I do with my blog on the weekend?’ is a question I’m often asked.

  • Do I post less because people are not online as much?
  • Should I post more to try to keep traffic levels up?
  • Should I just take a couple of days off for my own well-being (ie get a life)?
  • Should I write posts in advance and set them to go off automatically?
  • Should I use the weekend to write posts for the next week because I’ve got extra time on my hands?

All of the above strategies are ones that I’ve seen different bloggers use (and most of them I’ve tried myself). There’s no real right or wrong answer I guess – but I’d be interested to know what others do with their blogs on the weekend? Is it blogging as usual or do you change your strategy?

What do you do with your blog on the weekend?

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Over the weekend…

    I try to publish a bit more over the weekend. During the week I have a thousand and one other things to do as well. Once I get my head around the blogosphere I might change my strategy a bit.

    It seems to take some significant time to become established in the blogging community, on any topic.

    Does anybody know of resources where I can find a VERY simple 1-2-3 on blogging? Even Problogger is very big. I would like to get more participation on my blog, more traffic…

    Thank you all for making the good stuff work!


  2. Whenever I have had a blog, be it my current one or old ones, I always find traffic drops sharply at the weekend. Sometimes as much as 90% even if I do post over the weekend.

    I assume the trends could be subject specific. Do IT related blogs get read more during the working week and more “personal” type blogs get read more at weekends?

  3. During the weekend I am working on my blog as hard as I can because then I have plenty of time. Here’s what I do:

    1) Write and schedule new posts – as many as I can.
    2) Manage my PPC campaigns.
    3) Browse and comment on blogs I read regularly
    4) Write forum posts
    5) Write mails for co-operation
    6) Work on my new e-book and free reports

    As you can see, the weekends are a very busy time for me.


  4. Every weekend I try to post some random sites that have some good quality content that might help my readers. Since I have a tendency to write long detailed articles I figure it is probably a good idea to give my readers a little break.

  5. I try to post as usual, but sometimes will write a post and have it ready to send out for monday morning. My weekends are always up in the air so I never know what’s going to happen !!!

  6. I don’t post on weekends. I suppose with some planning I could prepare a few things for the weekend byut Friday night is usually downtime for me. I try to get out and listen to some live music so I might have something to write about in the weeks ahead.

  7. I try to do my longer posts on the weekends as I have more free time to give them all the time they deserve. I also like to use the time to get ahead for the next week and do lots of research and get some posts in for the days of the week ahead that I know I’ll be too busy to add any posts. Blogging is my hobby so I have a choice, but I just like it so much I can’t help myself.

  8. The weekends a busy time for me because:
    1. Posting new article
    2. Write forum posts
    3. Reading ebooks

  9. I like to catch up on my rss reading on the weekends. I keep adding feeds to my reader, and I just can’t keep up thru the week. There are so many good ideas out there, I can’t get enough.

  10. I just wondering, what if we are bored to blog? How to anticipated “empty ideas” week?

  11. I do a lot of marketing/research on my weekends. I don’t post, because it’s my ‘day off.’ I might stumble more, comment on other blogs, and jot down post ideas. If I’m being good, I’ll sometimes write a post in advance.

  12. I was just researching about weekend traffic on blogs. My blog is fairly new and when the traffic dips on the weekend, well then there is really no traffic…….lol. I know, myself, I read blogs just on the weekdays or nights. On the weekends, I check out some fun sites an do tons of research on blogging. I usually get back to my favorite blogs during the week.

  13. @Darren,

    I think It is better to take Sunday off, unless you are obsessed with your blog. Otherwise it will work against us over time.

    On weekends:
    –>I never posted extra on my blog
    –>Weekends can actually bring more traffic. I don’t know how this works for others. But I feel that people get some time to read others’ blogs.
    –>Most of the time I don’t update my blog on weekdays. But recently I had changed the rythm of updates and increased frequency to comfortable levels. So today I did a scheduled update that goes live after 2 hours.
    –>Presently I am scheduling posts and even last week I did the same when I couldn’t spend time online.
    –>After all the weekend is over, late Sunday night I consider writing the next post. I really feel like using the whole weekend for blogging as much as I can but I don’t get such a chance. This is the weekend I got such chance. I am planning to use it fully.

  14. My blog is only two months old. Generally I’ve not been blogging on the weekends. But I got the urge today (Saturday)
    I’ll probably opt for weekends off. Still need help with installing Google anaytics so I can track traffic. I’m obsessed!

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