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How to Get More Eyeballs on Your Blog

Today I am talking about how to get more eyeballs on your blog. How to get more attention for your content. How to get people on your blog for their first view.


This is part of my current series on the 4 different steps you want your readers to go through if you want them to be fully engaged.

The 4 steps were about taking your readers from being cold about your brand to becoming fully engaged with you and your brand and becoming raving fans of your site.

Today is all about the first stage – Helping People to Become Aware of Your Brand Getting attention isn’t for those just starting out, it needs to be incorporated for the long haul.

Note: listen to the next part in this series in episode 114 which is all about converting first time readers into people who keep coming back.

Challenge: Getting readers to know that your blog exists.

Objective: To get the eyeballs, and have your blog seen.

4 Techniques to Get More Eyeballs and Attention on Your Blog

  • Create guest content – leverage other people’s blogs, forums, and sites to get eyeballs on me
    • Go through the exercise of listing the top 5 blogs, forums, groups, podcasts, media, books, events, tweets, pins etc that your ideal reader is reading
    • Find out who your ideal reader is
    • Then get permission to interact with your ideal reader at these places they frequent
    • Look for opportunities to create content, even comments and forum posts count
    • Guest posting on blogs still has opportunity for exposure if not SEO
  • Shareable content – this is just one more way to get eyeballs on your site
    • Mythbusting posts get shared a lot
    • Humor gets shared
    • Debates this versus this
    • Research and poll results
    • List posts
    • Cheat Sheets
    • Infographics
    • Long Form Content
    • Beginner’s Guides
    • Use BuzzSumo
    • Always link to other content in your site
    • Look for opportunities to take readers to the next level
  • Repurpose your best content – this is a great way to get fresh eyeballs on our site. Can You Really Make Money Blogging (Example)
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • YouTube is a search engine – I made a video of me talking about a camera and put it on YouTube and it has been viewed 60,000 times
    • App Store – Content aggregation app Jarrod Robinson, he gets 1000s of downloads from this app, plus push notifications every time he publishes a new blog post
    • iTunes – Starting a podcast is one of the best things I’ve done for ProBlogger in a long time
    • Google SEO – Featured Snippets answer to your question put into the search results, we optimized an older blog post so that it would get a featured snippet

Further Resources on Helping People to Become Aware of Your Brand

How did you go with today’s episode?

Leave a comment below and let us know what you have done to get more eyeballs on your blog.

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