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How to Warm Up Your Blog Readers to Become Fully Engaged

Welcome to Episode 112. Today I am kicking off a mini-series of podcasts that are designed to help you to move your readers from being cold towards you and your blog, to being fully engaged towards you and your blog.


I’m going to talk about the benefits of getting your readers warmed up, and walk you through a series of steps to do that.

Then over the next four upcoming episodes I’m going to get strategic and tactical and give you some practical exercises that you can do to help move your readers through these four stages.

In the sixth episode, I am going to give you some case studies and examples. Go to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast, so you don’t miss any episodes in the series.

In Today’s Episode – How to Warm Up Your Blog Readers and Make Them Raving Fans

  • Why readers may be cold towards us
    • Blog readers can be incredibly distracted
    • They might be a bit suspicious of us
    • They are just clicking links in a Zombie like state
    • Short attention span
  • Benefits of warm readers
    • Readers that have warmed up to your blog return again and again
    • This reinforces your brand and makes you more memorable
    • Warm readers contribute to your site and comment or answer asks questions
    • Builds social proof
    • Share content and help to promote
    • They trust us and take action on our calls to action
  • How to warm up our readers
    • Steps readers need to go through to get to this point


The 4 Stages for Warming Our Blog Readers

  • Challenge: Readers that are completely unaware that we exist. Objective: Get their attention.
  • Challenge: The readers are not interested. Objective: Get them interested.
  • Challenge: They are about to leave our site. Objective: Get their connection, or else they are gone.
  • Challenge: Our readers remain passive. Objective: Get engagement.

 Where Is Your Weak Link?

I’m going to get into these tactics in the next episodes. Before I get into them I would like for you to ponder the question of “where is your weak link”?

You may have had success with one or two of these tactics, so we want to focus on getting all of these stages working towards your blog.

How did you go with today’s episode?

I would love to hear your feedback of where you think your weak link is. I would also like to see examples of how you have overcome these weak links.

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