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Why You Should Create a Start Here Page for Your Blog

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Today I am talking about start here pages. This topic comes from a question by John at


Why a Start Here Page? John wants to know why we should have a start here page and the best way to create one.

We recently put a start here page on ProBlogger. For us, the start here page has replaced the about page. If you have been blogging for awhile, it becomes challenging for a reader to know where to begin.

A start here page can help a new reader find the most relevant content to them, and direct them on how to use the site. It is also very clickable. Start here is a compelling call to action.

What you should put in your start here page will vary depending on the goals for your blog, but here are some compelling ideas.

In Today’s Episode 7 Things to Consider Adding To Your Start Here Page

  • Make a Personal Connection – Who are you? What is your story? Use things like story, picture and video.
  • Communicate who your blog is for – Who are your readers? What are their pains? Who are you trying to help and what are their needs.
  • Communicate what your blog is about – How does your blog help change the lives of your readers?
  • Point people to the right content for them – Get people to the content that gives them a “quick win” where they may have a challenge.
  • Call to Connect – It’s really important to create a connection with first time readers.
  • Depending on your goals. you might also like to highlight your products, services or other key converting pages on your site (affiliate pages).
  • Social proof works too – Something that shows your site is active, numbers or testimonials or comments that show you’re helping readers.

Formatting Your Start Here Page

When it comes to format, there really are no rules. I would use whatever medium you usually talk to your readers with. If your blog is primarily text, then write your start here page. If you’re a podcaster, then add audio.

Use whatever voice your readers are used to hearing you in. We have found video to be particularly effective and that can be a great choice too.

How To Create a Start Here Page

  • Create a “page” in WordPress or write a blog post and link to it
  • LeadPages – There are great templates in LeadPages or you could build your own
  • Other landing page tools – many have templates you can use
  • You could also find someone to custom design a Start Here Page for you

My Start Here Page

You can see our new start here page here.


  • Statement of what the site is about
  • Call to subscribe
  • Video
    • Who I am
    • Why I started ProBlogger
    • The Content areas on ProBlogger
    • How to find the right content.
    • The benefits of reading
    • Call to connect to our newsletter and social
  • The Written Content
    • Tells my story of starting a blog and building it into a full time living
    • Tells why I started ProBlogger
    • Talks about the site and what it’s become and points to the podcast, blog, job board, book, ebooks etc
    • Taps into the ‘dream’ of making a living from blogging but also the ‘pain points’ of our readers
    • Introduces our portals and asks our readers what they need help with – points them to the portal relevant to those pain points.
    • I know if I can get them to a portal page they are going to find some ‘quick win’ content
    • Calls them to subscribe to ProBloggerPLUS and our social pages
    • Points to our ‘resources’ page
    • Again reinforces the portals

Further Resources on How to Create an Effective Start Here Page for Your Blog

Examples of Great Start Here Pages

Michael Hyatt

michael hyatt start here page

      • Taps into his readers dreams
      • Immediately makes a connection with the readers he can help
      • Signals to potential reader what the blog is about
      • Follows up with a “I know how you feel section” this creates the personal connection
      • Tells readers his goal
      • Then pushes people to his most popular posts and categories
      • Highlights products and services in the bottom


ytravelblog start here page

      • Immediate statement of what blog is about
      • First paragraph addresses pain point
      • Second paragraph explains how they can help
      • Scroll down for best tips broken down into categories
      • Sends readers to portals based on where they are in their stage of travel planning
      • Finishes with a call to subscribe

Pat Flynn

pat flynn start here page

      • Pat’s is a great one that does everything I’ve talked about.
      • I particularly like his use of multimedia – there’s a play button to bring a popup video
      • He defines what his main thing is about ‘Passive Income’
      • There are podcast episodes embedded into the content – his ‘required listening’
      • He busts myths – gets expectations – mix of busting myths but allowing people to dream
      • Gets people to the resources he recommends – his own and affiliates
      • CTA to subscribe
      • Thanks people – personal connection

Natalie Sisson

natalie sisson start here page

      • Great opening example
      • You’re my kinda person!
      • All about joining her on her mission, being part of the tribe, becoming a friend.
      • Uses a video to inspire people to the lifestyle she’s all about helping them to achieve but also shows her in action and builds social proof.
      • Offers a free starter kit (optin)
      • Really emphasises ‘freedom’
      • Talks about benefits of connecting
      • Points people to her story, book
      • Points people to best content
      • Points people to resources
      • Option to leave a voice message!

Lisa Corduff

lisa corduff start here page

    • Uses a simple but effective video – well branded, shows her personality, talks about the why of the site, talks about family etc. Talks about how her food journey was long, slow and not easy.
    • Introduces her program/course.
    • Links to her best stuff on the site.

How did you go with today’s episode?

I would love to hear about or see examples of your Start Here Page. Please leave a link of your Start Here Page or of another great Start Here Page example.

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