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An Exercise to Help You Write Sales Copy

Today I’m going to share a simple exercise that will benefit your blogging and help you with writing sales copy. You can do this exercise in as little as four minutes, and I found it to be effective.

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Ed Dale of The Challenge and MagCast recently shared this idea at a conference. His talk was brilliant, and I took pages of notes on copywriting and sales because these are things I’ve struggled with.

For most people, selling doesn’t come easy. Ed made a lot of sense when he said that selling shouldn’t be about getting people to buy, it should be about “pain relief” and “gain creation”.

If you are trying to sell a quality product that will enhance other people’s lives, you might want to give this exercise a try.

In Today’s Episode A Simple Exercise to Write Effective Sales Copy

  • For 2 minutes – List as many pains of your readers that you possibly can. Big, small, tangible pains, something personal, anything you can think of.
  • Pause for 2 minutes and list these pains
  • For 2 minutes – List as many gains as your readers may want. What results and outcomes do they have? What are their dreams?
  • Pause for 2 minutes and list these gains

Key Takeaways

  • After the exercise we wrote our sales copy.
  • Sales copy is most effective when it aims to bring pain relief or gain creation
  • After the conference, I used this technique to write a sales email
  • Before Ed’s talk, I was stuck on this email writing process
  • I went through the exercise, and highlighted top pains and gains, then I began writing
  • Now I wasn’t writing about the product, I was writing about my readers pain and dreams and how this product would help them
  • This process changed the email and the energy I wrote it with
  • This email not only converted well, my readers thanked me for selling them that ebook
  • This exercise really helped me, and I would encourage you to give it a try
  • This exercise could also be useful in a whole heap of other places
    • Best place to try this is before you create the product – what are your readers pains and desired gains
    • Thinking about starting a new blog or niche
    • When choosing categories for your blog
    • When creating opt-ins for your blog
    • When brainstorming and deciding what to write about
    • When writing a post – get in touch with the specific need

How did you go with today’s episode?

I hope you see the value of this exercise. I would love to see what happens when you do it. Tell us about your results and how useful it was for you.

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