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How to Turn First Time Visitors Into Interested Readers of Your Blog

Today I’m talking about getting readers to take a second look at your blog. In episode 112, we started this mini series on warming your blog readers up to your blog.
PB114:  Strategies to Help Convert First Time Visitors Into Interested Readers of Your Blog

In that episode I presented you with four different stages of warming your readers up. In the last episode, number 113, I talked about how to get the first eyeballs on your blog, how to get the reader to take a first look.

The first step of warming up your readers is to get their attention. Today I’m going to give you some strategies on getting readers to take a second look at your blog.

Getting people to take a second look can be a massive challenge. Looking at statistics, we can tell people land on our site and then bounce away. We need to do something really quickly to show them why they should stick around.

In Today’s Episode We Talk About Getting Blog Visitors to Look Twice

  • Make a big promise to get people interested
    • Exercise to unlock the promise you should make – List the pain points of your reader – List the gains that your readers want to make
    • Have a tagline that makes the reader look twice. At ProBlogger we will show people how to make money with their blog.
  • Differentiate yourself in some way
    • Is there something in your branding that can show people you are a bit different
    • Ask why you are different and communicate that reason in some way
  • Create content that gives your readers a quick win
    • Create fist pump content
    • Have you ever read content, and thought yes, that is exactly what I was looking for?
    • Fist pump content moves people from one place to another in their lives
  • After writing this content, funnel readers to this content that is relevant to their needs
    • Audit your site navigation, and think how to get people to the best content for them
    • One way to get people to the right information is to have a Start Here page
    • Another way is to have a portal for your readers to find the content that applies to them. On ProBlogger we have a portal that links to eight of our surveyed blog readers pain points.

Portals on ProBlogger



  • Create content that is more personal in nature – storytelling and video
    • Video makes people look twice, especially live streaming – this has become really popular with brands and influencers
    • Live video grabs people’s attention and gets them immediately interested
    • Facebook live, Periscope, etc
    • Storytelling and personal content with photos
  • Use social proof – when people come to your blog, seeing social proof makes them look twice
    • Have an expert or celebrity say something nice about you
    • Testimonials from influencers
    • Quotes from readers and users work too
    • Wisdom of the crowds, using numbers instead of individuals, if you have 1000 readers highlight it

Further Resources on Getting Blog Visitors to Look Twice

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In the next episode, we are going to talk about how to get people to connect, and then in the next episode we talk about how to get people to engage with you.

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