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Niche Blogging Benefits

Posted By Darren Rowse 16th of December 2005 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

It’s Day 8 in the b5media 12(ish) days of Christmas Series and the next contribution is from By Tammy Powley from the Jewelry and Beading. She’s going to talk Niche Blogging. Feel free to add your own reflections and experiences on niche blogging in comments below.

Right now, I maintain three weblogs: Jewelry and Beading at b5media.com; Jewelry Making at About.com; and The Jewelry Weblog at Creative Weglogging. Notice a trend? While each blog has a different flavor, they all focus on one topic – jewelry.

After many years working as a defense industry technical writer, I always wanted to become a freelance writer. Jewelry was the way I accomplished this. It was my “niche,” my forte, and the way I managed to eventually write for the Internet, get published in magazines, and write and consult on a number of books. I was lucky that I happened to stumble onto my niche, and by focusing on one topic, I have found a good deal of success as a freelance writer and now Internet weblogger.

Niche blogging is a great way to promote your writing/blogging career and can even be fun, especially if you pick a topic that you’re already passionate about. If you’ve been struggling with your blog identity, moving from one topic to another but never really sure of where you’re headed, then consider the benefits of niche blogging.

  • You become an expert. When you concentrate on one topic, you eventually become an expert. Your knowledge grows and so does your reputation. This can lead to more writing work and recognition. As an example, I was recently interviewed by another freelance writer for an article she was working on for Art Jewelry magazine. I’m not getting paid in cash for this, but it will pay in promotion for me because she agreed to include the URL of my writing site (www.tammypowley.com), which has links to all my other blogs and web sites.
  • You can cross promote yourself. For example, use blog rolls to include links to your related sites. I do my best to keep each weblog I write filled with new content. However, if I have a new article or e-course on my About.com Jewelry Making site, I make sure to blog about it at one point or another on my Jewelry and Beading blog at b5media.com. I also blog about my latest hardcopy publications such as magazine articles or books I have pending. Keep your content fresh and new for all your blogging, but there’s no reason you can’t mention some of the same topical information.
  • You build an audience. By positioning yourself as an expert and cross promoting your on line and off writing, you build an audience. Readers of one blog turn into readers of your web site who turn into readers of your books. As you build an audience of readers, you build your reputation in your chosen topic field. I’ve received numerous publication opportunities from the fact that someone found my blog or web site. They liked what they saw and emailed me about possible writing projects. Also, when I query about new writing jobs, once I mention a URL or two of mine, those “in the know” often already know me and have read much of my on line work already.

Niche weblogging, of course, first requires a niche. Pick something you are already knowledgeable about and extremely interested in because it is what you will focus the majority of your blogging efforts around. You don’t want to get burned out in just a matter of months. Many of us have interests, hobbies, or a vocation that may be the perfect niche topic for a weblogging career. More than likely, you already have a niche; you just haven’t purposely concentrated on it in order to reap the full benefits of niche blogging.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Excellent tips, I am just finding success with niche blogging and love it all the more because I am focusing on my passion, food.

  2. It’s vitally important that you blog about things you’ve had a sustained interest in. My main interest is in science and health but if I didn’t have a variety of other blogs to write, I would have burned out by now for sure.

  3. My niche is no niche… or a few niches… ;)

    Thing is, I could narrow it down, but even if I have a niche where nobody else is blogging, well, maybe there’s a reason for that. I need an audience, and I need the best audience. So finding a niche isn’t all that. You need to find something not yet talked about too much, and something people want to hear. It’s not easyly done.


  4. Niche bloggers make more money!

  5. […] Tag it! December 16th, 2005 Niche blogging is a great way to promote your writing/blogging career and can even be fun, especially if you pick a topic that you’re already passionate about. If you’ve been struggling with your blog identity, moving from one topic to another but never really sure of where you’re headed, then consider the benefits of niche blogging. – Niche Blogging Benefits: Blog Tips at ProBlogger […]

  6. I agree with you 100%. People who blog about what they know are more effective. To develop a niche to fit this knowledge is something a lot of would-be probloggers should think of.

  7. Michele: Glad to hear it. Food is a great topic – tons of spin off type content there too.

    Lei: You also have a great topic with a lot of related content direction. I wouldn’t mind expanding my topic, maybe to more crafts, some day, but for now, this is working for me. Plus, I have to admit that I never don’t have something to talk about when it comes to jewelry.

    Brem: A few niches makes sense too. In fact, one niche can kind of spin off into another. For example, here I am blogging about blogging (about jewelry). I also often write articles for people who want to sell their jewelry, so that sort of turns into small business-related articles. II also write about my experience as a designer. I’m not necessarily saying to blog about something on one else is blogging about, but to focus on an area and become expert in that. It doesn’t necessarily matter if others are doing it as long as you are doing it really well, preferably better than they are.

    Englee: I hope you’re right!

    #5: Thanks for the cross link.

    Ann: Thanks Ann. That means a lot coming from you.

  8. I would also say that life in a niche is a whole lot less work.

    I’ve been running websites in the cycling world for about a year and a half now. The first one we positioned as an overall weird/funny/interesting news blog across cycling. While we have had good success, we work hard looking for information and trying to maintain a high quantity of posts.

    On the flip side of things, I started a very narrowed niched blog inside the mountain bike world. The niche has a small base of passionate users and the technology in the niche is still growing. For this blog I post just a few times a week and it’s usually out of information other people send me.

    This blog, in the past two months has grown to getting over half the traffic it took me a year and a half to build with the first.

    It’s easier to become an expert and gather information in a niche.

  9. Exactly, Tim. I know, at least for me, I just can’t be an “expert” on everything. I can’t even fake being an expert on everything :)

  10. My blog started focusing on web design — but it increasingly has content about webcomics. Unfortunately some niche’s (like TiVo) provide better revenue from Adsense than some others (like webcomics) with the same number of readers.

  11. Niche blogs bring benefits

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  12. Nische-Blogging: Erfolgreiche Weblogs am Rande der Interesse

    Blogs wachsen längst wie Schwammerl aus dem Boden. Zu jedem Thema existieren nahezu unendlich gleichsprachige und noch einmal so viele fremdsprachige Weblogs, die täglich von trafficliebenden Bloggern gefüttert werden.
    Doch wer füttert die nachkomm…

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