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b5 media’s 12 Days of Christmas

Posted By Darren Rowse 9th of December 2005 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

As I mentioned in my last post – while I take a little break here at ProBlogger (just for a few days) I’m going to be running a series of posts written by some of the bloggers over at b5media. I’m hoping for it to run over the next 12 days as a 12 days of Christmas type series.

Whether there ends up being 12 of them I’m not sure (I think I’ve only got 10 of them).

The point of the series? It’s twofold really.

Firstly I think the bloggers at b5 have a wealth of experience between them and I wanted to get them sharing with each other more on what they know about blogging. This is one of the benefits of being in a blognetwork – people quite naturally help each other out as we have a group with all kinds of expertise. Our internal communications are a fascinating read as different people share what they know. I’m hoping we can raise the level of this sharing of knowledge within the network in 2006.

Secondly I figured it’d be a good opportunity to put some other names on the face of b5media than it’s directors. While there’s been some negative press recently about b5media’s directors recently our bloggers have selflessly blogged on and produced some excellent content. Hopefully this will give a little something back to them and raise the profile of the work that they do. Each post will have links back to their blogs.

Keep in mind our bloggers are all at different levels of experience and are blogging about very diverse niches – some of their tips will be very helpful to some of you and others will not be as relevant for you depending upon your own blogging focus and experience. Some will seem basic, others irrelevant – but I’m sure all will find some readers that they resonate with.

Without further ado – let me bid you farewell for the weekend and get this new series under way.

update: Here are the posts in the series so far:

Day 1 – Writing Gooder
Day 2 – Ethics for Science and Health Bloggers
Day 3 – It’s all about the Lifestyle
Day 4 – Fund Your Love of Blogging
Day 5 – Get a Little Bit Personal
Day 6 – Tips for Writing Hardworking Posts – Part A
Day 7 – How Pictures can Sell Your Post (and Your Product)
Day 8 – Niche Blogging Benefits.
Day 9 – Tips for Hardworking Posts II
Day 10 – Overcoming Intimidation Over English Skills in Blogging
Day 11

  1. […] The first submission in the b5media 12 (or so) days of Christmas series is from Rhys Alexander one of b5’s many bloggers with more blogs than she really knows what to do with. She’s the blogger behind Screamstress (a horror blog) and Literally Blogging at b5. And has other personal blogs that include: Proud White Trash, Online Universities, TV Envy, and Universities. Rhys is also a college professor who teaches writing and literature and has more energy and ideas than I’ve seen bundled in one person for a long time! I hope you enjoy her post on Writing Gooder – she certainly seems qualified for it. […]

  2. […] The post is part of a 12 Days of Christmas series on blogging tips from the guys over at b5. […]

  3. Great idea, everyone should take few days off sometimes anyway, good to gain some extra energy and inspiration.

  4. […] The next post in the b5media 12 days of Christmas series is from Nikki, one of our newer bloggers who has joined b5 as a result of our merger with the About Weblogs network. Her blog is on fashion accessories and is one of the AW blogs that we’re still to bring across onto a new domain and design. I hope you enjoy what Nikki has to say. […]

  5. […] The next post in the b5media 12 Days of Christmas Series (I’m keeping a full list of posts there now) has been submitted by Christina Jones, another of our newly merged blogs fom the About Weblogs Network. Christina blogs for us at eBeautyDaily and the Birthday Blog (which will be merged over onto it’s new domain and design shortly). Here’s Christina’s tip on Getting Personal on your Blog […]

  6. […] Next in the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Tip Series is a post from hard working blogger (I keep losing track of how many blogs he writes on) John Evans who will write about Writing Hard Working Posts. This will be a 2 parter with his second post coming next week. […]

  7. […] Next up in the 12 Days of Christmas Series is a blog tip from Pro Blogger Arieanna Foley – a (blogger who has at last count) involvement in over 16 blogs (actually it’s probably more than that now she’s a channel editor at b5) on a wide range of topics. She blogs for herself at Blogaholics and for b5 at the popular Cooking Gadgets and She Knows Best. She’s also our Entertainment Channel editor. Here’s her tip on using images in posts. […]

  8. […] It’s Day 8 in the b5media 12(ish) days of Christmas Series and the next contribution is from By Tammy Powley from the Jewelry and Beading. She’s going to talk Niche Blogging. Feel free to add your own reflections and experiences on niche blogging in comments below. […]

  9. […] This post belongs to the 12 Days of Christmas Series. […]

  10. […] Today’s post in the b5media 12 Days of Christmas series is another post by Hsien-Hsien Lei. She previously posted about ethics for science and health bloggers but this time she’s showing her diversity of blogging interests by writing about Product Placement on Consumer Blogs. […]

  11. […] Today is day 12 in the 12 days of Christmas Series – but it’s not over yet (it looks like it’ll be a 15 days of Christmas series instead. Today Melissa Petri shares with us about Travel Blogging. I’ll let her introduce herself. […]

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