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Make Money Online Blogs – Should You Start One and How to Choose a Profitable Topic

Posted By Darren Rowse 20th of September 2007 Miscellaneous Blog Tips, Video Posts 0 Comments

In today’s video post I want to respond to a reader’s email by talking a little about how to choose a niche topic for your blog.

One mistake that many bloggers fall into when they discover the idea of making money from blogging is to start a blog on that very topic.

It is understandable in some ways – many people first read about the idea on a blog on that topic and automatically assume that to make the kind of money that that blogger is making they just need to copy what they are doing.

The problem is that the ‘make money online’ niche is crowded, there are already many established blogs, to be successful in it you need credibility and runs on the board (or a unique approach to it) and it really has a limited audience when compared to many other niches.

I make considerably more money from other blogs than I do this one – despite being one of the first writing the topic.

So what topic should a blogger choose and how do they make that decision?

In this video I share a few questions for PreBloggers to ask themselves.

I expand on each question in this post – How to Choose a Niche Topic for Your Blog.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Hi, darrel. I’m very intrested with your article about google adsense. I need your suggestion, how to increase money in my blogger (http://wizmalya.blogspot.com)? thx

  2. Not to get off topic but I have enjoyed your video blogs. I didn’t think problogger could get any better. Thanks!

  3. thanks dude. i read alot of your aticles on blogging and to be hones most of your tips are on point. i avoided a lot of rookie mistakes that many people make in this field. thanks much.

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  5. Finding your niche is tough already. But what happens when the niche is over crowded?

  6. Sometimes — and I’m not being facetious here — there’s a niche within the niche. I think Darren made reference to it briefly: something about finding another angle or an alternative voice. There are topics out there that are quite dull (specialist); if you can bring bit of enthusiasm to that topic, then perhaps that’s a way of finding that niche within a niche. Just a thought.

  7. Darren, Great video! Very informative. I love having my blog be multi-nicheable? Not really a word, but it fits. This way, if I want to talk about “What I did last night”, or want to do a product review, movie review whatever… My readers understand. This format seems to be working EXTREMELY well for my blog.

    Thanks again for your videos, and for bringing not only a great resource into blogging, but for also fostering the education of blogging for future writers.


    Jim Moon

  8. Blogging is like marriage. It is too easy to get started. Once I found blogging I started too many sites wanting to talk about all of the stuff that I find interesting. After the honeymoon was over I got frustrated keeping up with it all.

    I guess overeager blogging is like being a polygamist. Sounds great but it is hard to keep up with several women…when you are married. Dating…or guest blogging is more exciting.

    So I slowed down and have less sites I am working on. The one that is the most fun and I would do if I only had my nose to type with is Reasonable Outrage. I haven’t even thought of advertising there and it probably gets the most hits.

    Start with what you love and it will be easier to learn how to do it. Then it will be easier to see what you can do to monetize and it will be smoother.


  9. the best video thank´s

  10. I agree with this partially. I think, running a blog about blogging is the best training for a new blogger. The blog may not get much attention. But if he had done this perfectly, I am sure he can do great with his next blog. I am running a beginner guide for blogging and I think it has lot for beginners, all most everything. The traffic is low, but I am happy about it as I have done it perfectly and I will win in my next blog. And for your information, “it is my first blog”.

  11. Just a comment on blogging in a saturated market…

    I just started a blog to share “money making” secrets I use…and although it is a saturated niche, I think the comment on being passionate about what you are doing, plays into the equation.

    I started my members only blog on money making because I am passionate about the subject! It took me soooo long to finally learn how to make money online and once I finally got it, I got excited and wanted to share what I have learned that works.

    One thing I have learned also is that people buy from people they like, trust and respect…so if you are breaking into a niche that is saturated, I would think it would be very important to show your personality and your uniqueness.

    By doing that, your passion is going to come across to others as well as your personality.

    Of course, I am not using my blog or forum for affiliate linking, adsense or such…I am using a twist, I guess you could say, in that it will be a private club for learning and discussing techniques, walk thru’s etc.

    Would this qualify as a unique approach do you think? Interested in your feedback as I am new to the blogging and forum scene:)

    Veronica Routtu
    “Success Begins When You Take the First Step”

  12. Hey! I have seen the video and it is really good. Niche marketing has become a popular concept on the internet in recent years and a number of products have been developed teaching the importance of profitable niche selection, segmentation and marketing.

  13. I suggest two possible paths to blog about:
    1) A passion/hobby you are interested in.
    2) Go local, blog about your country, assume you are tourism minister of your town/city/country.

  14. The information on this blog helped me put together a much better blog for my business. Instead of focusing on promoting my biz opp I began to share that anyone can use to build their business regardless of the opp they are promoting. I alsol started focusing on more niche blogging and my business has grown as a result. Thanks Darren

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  16. Great post you have! People start blogs and than run out of things to write about I think that’s another reason why blogs fail and competition.

  17. One core thing in internet marketing is the internet campaigns that allow a marketer to test given messages. A PPC campaign is a great way to see how certain messaging ideas echo in various forms. Keep up the great discussion.

  18. A good post on the most critical part of starting a blog. It can be difficult to pick the right niche to be successful.

  19. Incredible Blog! The information that was shared in your blog was right on point! Blogs are an extremely effective way to explode your business!

  20. Imraaz says: 04/23/2009 at 11:44 am

    Adsense and other ppc programs can make some profitable income…dats true btw …nice article…
    also recently i’ve joined smartappsportal.com and started making really good income …..matrix systoms reallly dosnt work that well

  21. Its a small niche and most people are often working on the same topics. But however blogging really helps your website to bloom.

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