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Does A Bloggers Age Matter?

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of June 2010 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I had this interesting question from Arlene Crespo from lifeplanweb.com.

I have been blogging since November of 2009 and I really enjoy writing especially about my experiences with life.

My problem is that my age works against me, If people see how old I am which is in my fifty’s they will be turn off. Most of the bloggers are young people in their twenty’s thirty’s forty’s.

What’s one to do when your at this age?

I thought this was an interesting question and one that might generate some good discussion so I’d like to hear your opinion on it. But before I do – let me share a few thoughts:

I’ve not really run into this question before and as a blogger still in my 30’s have not had to face it personally – so I can only really speak from my own personal experience as a blog reader but when I arrive on a blog by someone who is a little more ‘mature’ than myself I don’t think I’m any more likely to read, if anything it could make me think that the person is a little more experienced.

I’m a big believer in trying to use the situation that you’re in to your advantage and to try to turn perceived problems into opportunities – so if I was in this situation I’d probably be wanting to almost use my age as a way to market and brand myself rather than hiding it.

I’d be exploring trying to position myself as someone who has experience in my field, who has faced the challenges that others might not have faced and as someone who can coach and mentor a less experienced person.

That approach may not work in every niche but it’s probably where I’d be starting.

What Do You Think?

  • Do you think age matters (on either end of the spectrum)?
  • Could being a little older be used as an advantage?
  • Have you used your age in some way in marketing yourself (whether you’re younger or older)?

PS: as I’ve written this post I realize I have been asked the question before, but by young bloggers who have asked if they should reveal their age out of fear of not being taken seriously.

I know of a number of bloggers who are still teens who’ve chosen not to reveal their age for this reason – but also have seen a few who have used their youthfulness to their advantage as a blogger by shouting from the hilltops that they’re young. I guess it can work both ways but I’d love to hear from both younger and older bloggers on their experiences with this.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. A blogger’s age is relative to the blogger’s topic. I certainly will not be spending any time reading self-development tips from anybody under 30 years old. By the same reasoning, I won’t be reading about cutting edge technology from a 60 year old unless they are an MIT professor or the like. Valuable content is more valuable when the source is trustworthy…years of experience can only help!

  2. I don’t think age matters whatsoever!

    Age doesn’t matter as long as you have something important to say, you’re interesting, and you serve a purpose. Think about favorite authors (Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Nicolas Sparks, John Grisham) – not one is under 40, yet I hang on their every word.

    Actors? Johnny Depp, Robert Downey, Jr., Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Morgan Freeman…

    Actresses? Helen Mirren, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts,Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz..

    If you’re good, you’re good. If you’re bad, you’re bad. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been at it!

  3. I think the difference in age between the blogger and readers does make a difference. People relate better to people in their same peer groups. However, I don’t feel its all that big of a deal and that good blogging and interesting posts are what’s most important. I think its a bit cliche, but just being older doesn’t mean you have more experience or wisdom. I should know. I’m older and there are lot’s a people much younger than me that have had more experiences and I’ve seen much wisdom in both young as well as older people.

  4. age is not a important factor in blogiing if someone is expert in his/her topic

  5. I agree! I read a lot of blogs that I have no idea how old the writer is. However, I also believe you need to act your age in your writing. Speak to your niche and do the best job of it.

  6. Youth brings dynamic energy and and age exudes wisdom and wit that only experience can provide.

    The main character of my blogfiction is nearly 25, but I’m, well let’s say–much wiser. My age has been a great advantage, and makes it easier for me to see into my character’s future.

    But my age has also been a disadvantage, and I have a continuing need to conduct research (reading generational statistics and books like, How Not to Act Old by Pamela Redmond Satran, and recently attended the Ink N Iron Tattoo convention, etc.)

    But my focus is always on compelling content, and I try to make my posts relevant to 25 year olds as well as those who may soon be 25, or who were 25 sometime in their past. Tricky, but possible.

  7. @Boris…”I wouldn’t read a blog about cutting edge technology from a 60 yr old”………FYI….Bill Gates is 54 going on 55………..just sayin’

    Cat Chat Caren

  8. Marsha Waggoner says: 06/25/2010 at 5:09 am

    I do think age makes a difference, but it’s a positive difference. I’m in my fifties also, and I think age gives us a high level of credibility, a special authority on certain issues that younger people can’t really speak to simply because they haven’t lived long enough. There are some gifts that come with maturity, and they tend to be things that you just can’t acquire at 25. Our life experience means that we older folks have a lot of information to share, and I think that has value. We might not be as tech-savvy as the youngsters (although many of us are!) but we have plenty of savvy in other areas. Technical skills can be learned. Maturity and credibility must be earned.

  9. Interesting question…I contract with a problogger who is still in her twenties. She says she tries very hard NOT to tell people how old she is, as her youth has been a detriment in closing business. So I think ageism is around no matter how old you are.

  10. I LOVE IT ! Being over 50 — I can still teach my 15 & 16 year older teenage daughters about blogs,internet,cell-phones,etc….

    It helps I was an engineer. ;-)

    I am getting into SEO and Social Media and having fun.

    Does anyone want to be on the 1st page of google?


  11. I’m 77 and plan to keep on living and blogging to at least 114. And when I was younger I didn’t look my age and had people talk down to me. So I hear both sides.

    I like to tell people my age because i’m so active it encourages and inspires them. In my coaching practice there is no way a 65 year old can use age as an excuse to not do what she wants to do. Now is all we’ve got. Now is when we start!

    We all have a purpose and a calling in life. When we start to follow our passion is not important – that we follow it is.

  12. I honestly don’t think too much about age at all in the context of blogging. With the appropriate caveats for blogs that have a personal bent, good content shouldn’t even raise the question of the blogger’s age. I like to think that well-written, useful content is ageless. For instance, until this article, it had never even occurred to me to think about your age, Darren.

    I also have to disagree with the idea that people of a certain age (older or younger) should be excluded from a given niche. Really, people of any age can add to our collective knowledge. Some people are wise beyond their years, while others have a youthful enegery that belies theirs. Would I take tips on the AARP from a 20 year old? Maybe not. But that’s the only real exception I can think of.

  13. This is the first time I thought of this issue – a blogger’s age, and I’m glad you raised it.

    I personally think it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re out there being honest and giving unique and useful content. I totally like your idea of using your age as one of your advantages. I think it works for any niche, such as personality development, or running an online business.

  14. Hi,

    Interesting question. I don’t think age matter at all. Personally, I’m teenager, but I blog.

  15. I am almost 64 years old and make no secret of my age. s a writer/blogger I LOVE my age in fact welcome the idea of writing/blogging into my 90’s after all I have a longer history than most bloggers to personally draw on and add to a story, I can easily make comparisons on how things have been over the last half a century or more and I have a great wealth of experience to draw on and I believe my readers value this.

    I can only see positive things about mature age as it relates to a writer. One of my blogs recently achieved a ‘best blog’ award and it was up against blogs written by bloggers who were mostly in their 20’s and 30’s, I would say I had a 40 year advantage of two to three times the experience.

    Every year I blog, every decade, as long as we are in posession of an active brain, should only improve our blogging skills. Welcome age. Respect maturity.

  16. I do not think a person’s age matters when I am reading blogs. At 22, I think that it’s great that 50-somethings are blogging, and I feel that with their knowledge and experiences they potentially have great content to write about.

    The biggest problem I’ve encountered in regards to age is an aversion to blogging at all – I find it really difficult to get my 50 year old mom to blog about her business!

    Bottom line, though – I think that relevant topics are what stimulates readers, not age. I still have a lot to learn :)

  17. I am so glad someone asked this question. I will be 55 years old next month and have worried my age would be a disadvantage as a blogger. There is an old saying “Gray hair is the crown of glory” meaning experience and wisdom. After reading this encouraging blog, I will be shouting it on the rooftop “I am an old fart and proud of it”.

    I love the honesty of this blog site and look forward to its many updates.

    Thanks Problogger

  18. Wow! I am so blown away with all these responses that it takes my breath away. Thanks so much for all your kind remarks. With this in mind I will now write another article.

  19. Fascinating comments!

    I was so convinced that age mattered not only in blogging, but also in selling online (etsy), and social media (facebook and twitter) – that I do not have my picture posted anywhere except in two blog posts (okay – it was a reader contest!).

    After reading your advice, Darren, I had already decided that when I go live with my website and my second blog I would post my picture *roflol* and not a painting of my horse. A few of my readers know my age, but most of them think I am between 20 and 30 years younger than I am.

    I think that sometimes age is a factor, but other times it is not. One of my favorite bloggers passed away recently. She had a local Prescott blog where she posted photographs and commentary about local events and locations. Her last few months were spent in a nursing home. She was in her eighties. Her daughter has left her blog up and new people continue to visit it.

    Sometimes, I think that age matters most to the individual writing, rather than to the reader. What these comments have shown me is that most of you don’t really give a hoot how old I am – as long as I can blog well!

    And, me and the horse – we’re workin’ on that!

  20. Considering I’ve read prolific blogs written by World War II veterans and their peers, someone in their 50s is too young to ask such a question!

  21. Hi Darren,
    No I don’t think the age matter at all.I’m 18 and my blog is widely acknowledged by quite a lot of people.But having said that if someone my age starts blogging on “how to sustain marriages” and other mature topics,then he wont be able to gain any credibility.


  22. Angel Harper says: 06/25/2010 at 1:03 pm

    Age can definitely be used to our advantage. All the experience, stories, insights that come with the years over forty are amazing resources. My blog is read by lots of people in their 20-40’s, as well as those in their 50’s and 60’s and 70’s, so I say go for it, no matter what.

  23. In a couple months, I will be 76 years old. I’ve retired from two full-time careers and I’m currently full-time faculty for a university. I find that age has not made any different whatsoever. In fact, I’m kept “youthful” by my students, and when I speak – or write – I offer a lot that the teens, twenties, etc. haven’t attained yet. That doesn’t make me better or less capable. It means that I’ve managed to keep up and still move on. Sometimes I’ve worried that I couldn’t compete with the young ones, but I’m over competition :)

  24. Even if I wasn’t upfront about my age (early 50s) the blog name gives it away!

    I’ve found younger bloggers to be very open, friendly and supportive. We learn from and with each other.

  25. I am only 13 and am on my way to getting somewhere as a blogger. Just because I’m young doesn’t mean I’m dumb. It doesn’t mean I’m incapable. It just means I was born a lot later than most of you. Got it?

  26. I’m 52 and I have been blogging for a year and a half. I don’t see any disadvantages or even advantages of being older. When I read a post on a blog I don’t think about how old the blogger is.

  27. It had never occurred to me that age would be a factor. I am more interested in the quality of information being presented. Of course, I’m 53, so I would think that, right? ;-)

  28. I think age doesn’t matter at all. Views and opinions are more important.

  29. 71 years old and I do not worry aout age ..I do not preach to anyone and try to be the all knowing father type. I follw blogs of teenagers and people of all ages. Occasionally I will post a complimentary comment on others blogs. never advice. No one has seemed to make a big deal of my age. I certainly don’t.

  30. I’m 23 and I strongly agree with you Darren. Age is definitely not a matter or problem of being a blogger, I would say that people might think that they’re more experience as they went through the process in our age. In my point of view, I’ll respect blogger how is older than me, as well as those younger me.


  31. I too have pondered about this question before on whether I should reveal my age (I’m 18). In the end I decided to reveal my age and use it to my advantage. If I did not reveal my age in the beginning it would be like I’m keeping things from my readers.


  32. I don’t think it matters what age the blogger is. At least to me, what matters is the content. If the content interests me, then I’ll read it. I have never pondered what the age of the blogger is, whenever I read something. It’s the content and their point of view that interests me.

  33. I don’t think age matters in the least, and if it does bother someone that I’m 42 and they stop reading? Well I don’t care to be honest, it’s their problem not mine! I don’t think about how old a blogger is unless they specifically bring it up. Usually it doesn’t influence me one way or the other, I’m reading because I’m interested in their thoughts and writing. What does turn me off is when bloggers bemoan getting older, like each birthday is a nail in the coffin. If they’re upset because they’re about to turn 30 or 40 (like it’s the end of the world) how does that make us readers who are older feel? Pretty old and marginalised. But that kind of attitude to ageing is rife in society as a whole so why should the blogging world be any different?

  34. Shawn says: 06/25/2010 at 8:25 pm

    Generally speaking I do not believe that a person’s age matters. For me the content matters most. There are some exceptions. Growing experiences of a youngster might help parents understand what their kids might be going through. In this case I believe that someone that grew up 50 years ago might not have the same impact as someone that is experiencing it today. However if I am looking at how someone grew up in one of the World Wars then I will read the blog of the older person more readily than a blog written by a current youngster who read a book on it. In the end age only matters to me if I might give validation to the content of the blog.

    Age is the last thing that I look at.

  35. I guess the blogger’s age is an important element too as it’s something like branding to the blog and its owners. Sometimes readers judge the content based on the blogger’s age and when it comes to certain aspects or services such as designing and consultation.

    For me, it matters.

  36. I’m 61 and blogging. Younger people have visited my site and find it hilarious, according to them. I still have a sharp sense of humor and hopefully a little wisdom. The way I look at it is writing is something that can’t be taken away from you just because you are older.
    I think the topic and your writing abilities are the only things that matter. If people enjoy what you are saying, they will overlook age or at least it shouldn’t matter.

  37. I don’t look at someone and wonder first about how old they are. I tend to look at what they have to say, how inspiring they are or how much they bring to the table. If they are young and successful I’ll probably be impressed, if they are older I’ll admire their wisdom and want to learn more about them.

    I think it’s really more about who the individual is and how much of a positive impact they can make on others that is key, not their age.

  38. I’m a fifty-something and have two blogs – one in my professional field and another in my hobby area. in neither case have I ever found it a problem. My “professional” blog aims at sharing my experience and draws in readers just starting out in the field who are looking for help and information. My “hobby” blog is much more of a conversation. I don’t hide my age – the photo on the site reveals it. But I don’t think it matters. I have readers – many of whom have become “virtual friends”- of all ages. And thinking of the blogs that I read in both fields (plus others like this one), the writers range from 20 to 60+. I’m not interested in their age – just in what they have to say. If a 17 year old is blogging about her favourite pop stars, I won’t be a reader. But I won’t be reading if a 70 year old is blogging about clasic cars, either.

  39. My blog, mothering21.com, is about parenting adult children so it’s aimed at moms over age 50. Age is not an issue except I try not to go too old and keep it vague so we appeal to the 50-60 and even 70 year old mom. Also deliberately try to only sprinle in grandparents posts and not let it dominate becasye the image of grandparents is still gray-haired little old ladies. Definitely not my reader!

  40. Wow, how I’d like to meet your lady in question! As a 50something blogger, I use my life experiences to encourage & inspire women of a certain age to embrace their journey & not fear this 2nd phase of life that will ultimately become an authentic lifestyle.

    As I’m quite comfortable writing from the perspective of an elder woman, I think others get that I’m speaking from a place of truth and will want to know/learn more.

    Thanks for this post. It fuels my purpose for blogging even more.


  41. Age is just a number. Who you are writing for is the issue. I am 61 and have been blogging for six months. Ironic, my readers are mostly women between 20 and 40. It is all about the content, but once in a while I’ll throw in a few older man digs like( older men read, or walk in the evening). I am proud to be 61 and hope I see 62, that is the beauty of getting old. Wisdom and failing helps as it increases your drive. Thank you for letting me know there are older people writng blogs.
    With kindest regards, wayne

  42. Well I don’t think so age matters… I am at 23… but I started Blogging when I was 21…. Now I am more rich + I have more Knowledge …. So Just Imagine 10 Years from now…. (more rich X 10) + (more knowledge X 10) = BOOM

  43. I don’t think a bloggers age matters at all! I’m 15 and I love blogging! Its my favorite thing to do!

  44. I don’t think age really matters in building a following . Here in the UK I’ve come across several really big blogs that are run by 40 plusers and even older than that. But I have noticed that most of their followers tend to be in a similar age group. If you know your audience and cater to it you can still be successful.

  45. I really don’t think age is a factor here. Regardless of how old that person may be, there shouldn’t be any bias in terms of who posts better content or not. I think the person with the most experience should be looked up to and that should not be related to age at all. That being said age is certainly not a barrier to start blogging.

    Its all a matter of how much you want to blog and how much you want to learn from those who have been blogging for a long time.

  46. To me, age does not matter one bit so no, a blogger could be in their 70s or 20s and I’d read their content if it’s great stuff but grammar and correct use of the language really matters to me. And here forgive me for being so forward but there is at least one error in this article and the first one is in the title:
    A blogger’s age (apostrophe missing).
    Thank you for taking it in the right way. I think it’s really important to double and triple check our work before publish.

  47. I think it matters in some niches – but not in a bad way.

    If your blog is about whisky, the more mature reader will be drawn in naturally, but not exclusively. The same applies to music genres and so on.

    I think age matters more with the reader that the blogger.

    Needless to say I am not too young. Anymore anyway :)

  48. Old Guys Rule.

    Yes, that’s a web site. Normally, that’s about all the comment I’d be inclined to leave. But I don’t want to be drive by commenter.

    Note: I have no affiliation with Old Guys Rule, but I am going to buy the tshirt next time I’m in Capitola.

    (The connection here: you’re as old as you feel.)

  49. It absolutely doesn’t matter! At least not to me anyway ;-) I’ve read blogs from bloggers in their teens and those in their ‘mature’ years and have gotten great value.
    At the end of the day, if the person has something to share and it brings value to others than who cares about their age.
    It’s about people connecting with other people and it shouldn’t matter if you’re 15 or 50; what matters is that you have the willingness and COURAGE to put yourself out there and share something of yourself, whether it’s experience, knowledge or just your opinion.
    Thanks for this inquiry Darren…definitely gets people thinking.

  50. Age matters if you decide to let it. My friends, both on and off line, range in age from early twenties to late 70’s. Each of them brings something unique.

    The same is true for the bloggers I follow and the ones who follow me. Bring fresh, original ideas to the table, and no one will care how old you are

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