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Does A Bloggers Age Matter?

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of June 2010 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I had this interesting question from Arlene Crespo from lifeplanweb.com.

I have been blogging since November of 2009 and I really enjoy writing especially about my experiences with life.

My problem is that my age works against me, If people see how old I am which is in my fifty’s they will be turn off. Most of the bloggers are young people in their twenty’s thirty’s forty’s.

What’s one to do when your at this age?

I thought this was an interesting question and one that might generate some good discussion so I’d like to hear your opinion on it. But before I do – let me share a few thoughts:

I’ve not really run into this question before and as a blogger still in my 30’s have not had to face it personally – so I can only really speak from my own personal experience as a blog reader but when I arrive on a blog by someone who is a little more ‘mature’ than myself I don’t think I’m any more likely to read, if anything it could make me think that the person is a little more experienced.

I’m a big believer in trying to use the situation that you’re in to your advantage and to try to turn perceived problems into opportunities – so if I was in this situation I’d probably be wanting to almost use my age as a way to market and brand myself rather than hiding it.

I’d be exploring trying to position myself as someone who has experience in my field, who has faced the challenges that others might not have faced and as someone who can coach and mentor a less experienced person.

That approach may not work in every niche but it’s probably where I’d be starting.

What Do You Think?

  • Do you think age matters (on either end of the spectrum)?
  • Could being a little older be used as an advantage?
  • Have you used your age in some way in marketing yourself (whether you’re younger or older)?

PS: as I’ve written this post I realize I have been asked the question before, but by young bloggers who have asked if they should reveal their age out of fear of not being taken seriously.

I know of a number of bloggers who are still teens who’ve chosen not to reveal their age for this reason – but also have seen a few who have used their youthfulness to their advantage as a blogger by shouting from the hilltops that they’re young. I guess it can work both ways but I’d love to hear from both younger and older bloggers on their experiences with this.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Not at all, age doesn’t matter. I love to read blogs with sense, if your writings are fun, I ‘ll read them no matter how old or young you are!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Content is king! Write in a friendly, modern style and you win readers. I have a lecturer who writes in his programming assignments statements like “you have no right to change this!”. Statements like this, speak volumes about his age. And Its not a user friendly style, in fact it instantly changes the tone to ‘unfriendly’.

  3. funny. my blog is similar in topic to lifewebplan, and yet i feel my age is an advantage, not a disadvantage. first of all, if i only attract readers in their 40s or 50s – i’ve still got a HUGE potential audience. to suggest that someone might not read a blog because of his or her age is like suggesting someone might not read a travel blog because they don’t travel — it might be an accurate observation — but it doesn’t matter. what matters is that you understand your target audience and serve them, right? my guess would be the lifewebplan has no interest in most blogs written by, let’s say, teens…so why take offense or take issue with teens or others who can’t relate to your blog? no worries. just go with what you know and write from your heart. those who share your passion will stay… if you give them good reason. thx for the thought provoking post…as usual.


  4. Well, I’m 25, working 9 to 9, but I still love blogging enough to give it time. I guess its just not “work” for me.

  5. Yes, it does because old people have more experience rather than the young one. I’m 16 and my English is bad cause I have no experience.

  6. Nah….I HOPE it does not matter..LOL. I just started my blog about adventures I take and I am 58 yo. As a previous commenter said “it is what it is”,

  7. It boils down to who is your audience. If your audience is teens or twenty something year olds then being in your 50s might be a problem. On the other hand you might be the coolest grown up they know.

    Blogging for business however, an experienced and seasoned mind might prove more valuable. If you write well, connect to your audience, share value then no one really cares how old you are – young or old.

    Age is only relevant in your own mind – how you see yourself is how you will present yourself. If you feel old you will write old and if you feel young and alive and excited, your writing will reflect that as well.

  8. I would place higher value on a elder than someone young since there is – as said earlier- wisdom, knowledge, experience. Age should not matter at all. l say, welcome and would have to frown at those that show disrespect. Just my thoughts. :)

  9. Well, I’m 65 (65 and a 1/2 actually), and I just publicly announced my first blog, Tom’s University (www.tomsuniversity.com), a week ago. I’ve devoted a lot of quality time and attention (and pain and mistakes) to learning. I know that what I’m sharing and want to share will be of benefit and relevance to 15, 20, 30, 40 year olds as well as 60, 80 and even 90 year olds.

    I may be just a little “technology challenged” because of my age I still don’t “text” or feel very “Facebook savvy”, but I LOVE Twitter. @tomsuniversity

    Thanks for the post and thanks for your upbeat, clear, encouraging articles. Your archives is AWESOME!!

    Tom Huntington

  10. Great topic, and I’ve enjoyed reading all the comments as well. As a fledgling blogger, I had assumed most bloggers were in their 20’s or 30’s (I’m in my early 40’s). It’s encouraging to see that experience is valued.

  11. I am blogging for three years. I love to blog. I love to communicate with like minded people through blogging.

    Thanks darren for your great post.

  12. I have just started blogging and it never occurred to me that my age might be an issue. I think this venue is perfect for people all ages, ethnicity, gender, etc. because we can’t ‘see’ them.

    We don’t judge people in the way that we do when we see them when we are likely to judge them by aesthetics and by class. It’s kind of like being blind.

    Yes we see a person’s picture, but we mostly judge by their written word (as a blind person ‘sees’ and judges by hearing and listening and sensing).

  13. Yes and no. No, I don’t think age matter if you know how to connect to your target audience. Yes, because I think people tend to understand, talk, and connect better with people of their age group. I, for example, don’t know how to talk like a teenager anymore. But I’m sure there are people who know how to talk to, talk like, and talk with teenagers.

  14. Age is an asset no matter what. I am 28 and I think my belief of how many things are possible, since I haven’t had all the extra years for society to brainwash me otherwise, is a huge asset for my readers. On the other hand, as I start to reach out to offer coaching, etc through my blog, I find myself thinking that being a little older will help. I know deep down it’s not true. It’s just something I make up to take some of the current pressure off. Young or old, it can all be positioned in a great way. I call out my age big time in my blog as a way to stand out. I love it!

  15. I just wanted to be careful to use the word blog on your site. Many people still do not know what a blog. If your age is your target audience, I think you should try to educate your audience is on blogs or making it to resemble a non-blog.

  16. To me, age doesn’t matter. What matters is content! I follow Yoko Ono (77 years old) on Twitter. Not sure if you consider that blogging or not, but I like her updates and they make me smile. I’ve also watched some YouTube posts by a teenage kid who knows Apple technology pretty well. As for actual blogs, I follow travel and culture blogs, and the age range of the bloggers tend to be 20s, 30s, 40s, and some 50s. The art and culture blogs tend to be older, but not necessarily.

  17. In my point of view, age does not matter. experience is the one that needed for bloggers.more experience gives you stability to write accurate and traffic catching articles.

  18. Hi, I want to share my review in this that this totally does not matter your age!

    If you’ve experience in writing and your age is 13 years, but you know how to write on your topic it is good, but if you are 50 years old and you don’t even know how to write, then I am sorry you are not the one to write.

    So, please make sure that you can write well, if you think age matter’s, just don’t show of your age and all will be good.

  19. I’m still new to the blogging scene, but I’ve got experience in other areas. And I’m finding that, in almost every situation and circumstance, others will perceive or see things the way that YOU see them. That is to say, if you’re insecure about your age, for whatever reason, then they’ll pick up on that and also be insecure. But if you are thinking, “Hey, I’m 15/35/54 and that is totally awesome for x reason,” then that’s what they’ll think, because everything you say/do will communicate that message. People are more sensitive than is often realized/appreciated, for better and for worse, and they want to have their feelings and thoughts be in harmony with yours, so if you’re strong, they’ll usually go along with the information and attitude they’re fed.

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