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David Peralty Shares His Blog’s Tipping Point

Posted By Darren Rowse 23rd of May 2008 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Today David Peralty from shares the Tipping Point of His Blog.

For me, the biggest tipping point on my blog wasn’t actually anything I did, but instead what others were doing. During the first few months of my latest endeavor,, I wasn’t linked often, I worked hard to create amazing content, and the growth was nothing but tiny baby steps. I had a few people who were basically my friends and family reading the site, but it wasn’t anything major.

After a while, certain posts started being noticed, and when they were, they were linked to, and for me that was the tipping point. My blog was no longer being promoted just by me and my friends, but instead by people that actually found value in my content. That changed the community, and the power of the site, and because of others extending the reach of my content, it grew it beyond just a one way conversation with a few interactions via a comment form into a vibrant, helpful and fun community.

Without those people taking the time to link to me, to give me kudos on my articles, expand on a thought I had, or write a rebuttal, my blog would not be half as successful as it is today. This is even more apparent to me recently, with the current hardships my wife and I are dealing with. So many people have chimed in wishing us well, and reminding me that they will support me and my site as I sit back, take a small break and contemplate my life and future.

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  • Great post and I came away feeling more confident that I can get my blog rolling along. thanks

  • Aye – without the community, 90% of the blogs out there would be dead. People linking to ya is always good. :)

  • These tipping point posts are interesting. Also, let me know if you want me to do a tipping point post about my blog. I have over 60 rss readers and average around 60-90 visitors a day.

  • Again a really nice post. “Tipping points” have become one of my favorite things here at problogger though there are a lot of good stuff elsewhere on the site.

  • That’s true Jason. There are also many things you need to keep in mind.

  • I had a similar experience. It was when other blogs started posting my work on their blogs and referring me that things really grew.

  • WOW . INCREDIBLY GREAT POST ! everyone is kidding right ?

  • That’s grea that people are there to support you all because you write a blog.
    I am looking forward to the point where people start linking to my site and my content and when my blog reaches it’s tipping point

  • Everybody seems to have a great story about their “Tipping Point” but in reality David’s story seems to be the most realistic for me.

    I am noticing a similar “history” on my blog. Baby steps, people starting to notice certain posts, people commenting and linking.

    It is nothing major yet but it is a start and it is a realistic expectation.

    Live From Las Vegas
    Where We Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations
    The Masked Millionaire

  • Nice post!!! :D

    Until now I still searching tips how to make some buzz to my blog, and this blog is somehow help.

    Thank you

  • Nice Post there..Really Inspiring..It shows that dedication to the work we do can bring wonders in our life.

  • Sometimes it’s the seemingly simple and obvious things that have the most resonance – and sincerity. Thanks for sharing this David