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Challenge: Update Your Blog’s About Page

Posted By Darren Rowse 12th of June 2013 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Today I want to set us all a little homework – a challenge of sorts – to update your blogs ‘About Page’.

This challenge evolves out of the embarrassing realisation that my own about page here on ProBlogger was dated and in need of a refresh.

It had been well over 12 months since I’d last looked at it – in that time I’d ended some projects mentioned on the page but also started new things like the ProBlogger Event – embarrassing!

It is particularly embarrassing because a blog’s About Page is often one of the first places a new visitor to a blog goes to check out what the blog is about, who is behind it and to make a decision whether it’s a blog that they want to subscribe to!

Many bloggers I speak with report that their About Page is one of their most read pages on their blog – get it wrong and you could be losing readers, hurting your brand or just looking dated.

So today I did a quick update of the page to fix the obvious problems and have put a fuller rewrite on the cards for the next week.

I also thought if my about page was dated – there must be a lot of others out there with similar issues so lets do a group challenge of sorts and all refresh out pages together!

There is no right or wrong way to write your about page but if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration check out this previous post on the topic – How Your About Page Can Make or Break Your Blog which gives some practical tips including:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Remember the mantra: What’s In It For Me?
  • Sharing Who the Blog is For
  • Being Personal – but not too personal
  • Determine the goal of your About page
  • Always end with a call to action

Once you’ve updated your About Page – please link to it below in comments so we can see the approach you’ve taken (I’m sure we could all learn a lot about creating great About Pages through seeing how each other does it).

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Thanks Darren:) It took me a few weeks after launching to realize the importance of the ‘About’ page. Thanks for the timely reminder!

  2. I in fact just noticed this the other day! I feel like it’s sort of similar to a resume, you can always go back and strengthen it. Good idea!

  3. I just updated my about page a few weeks ago, but I did a little more tweaking after reading this. Thanks.

    • I like your list of what we can expect to find on the blog. I may have to incorporate something like that in my next revision!

      Also, the lists of facts about your kids were cute and interesting instead of the often boring blather we get when folks talk about their children. :-)

  4. I’ve just updated my About Us page, would love any feedback if anyone has the time.


  5. It probably wouldn’t hurt to check your about page every couple of months. To be honest, I’m never really happy with mine. It just always seems like it needs something, no matter what I put on there.

    • Hi Bobby

      Actually, I think your page works perfectly. I especially like the paragraph – “Consider this a neatly ….. etc” which actually helps to define exactly how toy view your blog in a neat few words.

      I think you’ve covered everything neatly and succinctly.


  6. Well hello Darren, I had recently tweaked mine as it was suggested that we should only have our social media connections on our About me pages, the reasoning was that we made all that effort to get them to our blogs only to encourage them to leave as soon as they had landed.

    By putting them on your About page, those that are interested in getting to know you will naturally make a social connection with you

    I have since reading this post, tweaked the page again to focus more on the ‘whats in it for me’ and less on my history. As you point out, its a good idea to monitor our about me pages to ensure they are doing what we desire.

  7. My blog does not have About page, so I can not update it.

    I will create it, but I don’t know when. :-)

  8. This article was a great motivator to finally get me to update my about page. I revised the copy and added a call-to-action. Thanks!!


  9. Thanks for the reminder! I’ll be honest – I do forget about my “about” page for absurd amounts of time. Gave it a little spruce up today :)


    • I really liked your about page, it’s so cute and I had to subscribe in feedly right away! What I like the best is that the main picture of you on the page is kind of like we just walked up to each other and started talking.

  10. Thanks for the challenge. My about page was pretty good because I followed some of your suggestions in previous posts.

    Today I added a call to action. Good thinking,that!


  11. Just updated mine! Thanks.

  12. I don’t really share who the blog is for. I need to give that one some thought.

    Jennifer, your kids’ answers to your questions are too cute.

    Here’s my About Me page:


  13. I have just updated my about page after reading this post.
    here is the link http://www.kachiblog.com/p/ebooks.html

  14. Here is my About Page: http://www.nutritionistreviews.com/p/about-amandacontact.html

    I would love tips to improve it if you have them.

    • Hi Amanda, I know you were looking for comments from Darren but thought I’d give you a few tips :)

      I think you want fewer images and also make them smaller. I feel that the message to the text on the page gets very diluted because the images take all the spotlight.

    • Great. Will be dropping some feedback on your page soon. let us know you thoughts as well. Cheers

  15. Just updated mine! Thank you :)

  16. Thanks for the kick in the pants! This got me to finally update my about page with new copy and a call-to-action.


  17. Thanks for the great reminder Darren! My blog is fairly new and your article was a great call-to-action for me to make my about page clearer and cover key points.


  18. I have enjoyed this post and I see the importance of it. The “about me” page is needed on all blogs and I dislike not seeing one on some blogs as I love to get to know the author the best possible way I can, especially if I am a regular reader of their blog. Updating that page is obviously needed as well; something I need to do more often and this post has encouraged me to remember that. Keep up the great writings my friend!

  19. It’s only really been 6 months since we’ve launched but we had a go at updating our about us description recently. I think we still need help with our call to action! Let me know what you guys think.


    • Hey Scott, I think I’d beef up the intro a bit, it’s not very clear at a glance if you are only offering info or actually selling products.

      Also the list of links is too long. I’d pick maxim 6 and maybe show them with icons so they stand out. Perhaps use the most important ones and which aren’t already repeated in the social media icons at the top right.

      Also a relevant image would help – preferably you or your team :)

  20. Thank you, this serves as a great reminder / friendly kick in the ass. I have finally added three pages that were missing from my blog: About, Contact and Best Posts:

  21. One thing I feel is very important for an About page: do *not* give it all away.

    An About page is one of the most landed-upon pages on a website – so it’s in prime position to hook people. And the way to do that is to treat it like the first chapter of a novel – or the pilot episode of a TV show. Open up questions, tease, hint, hook – but make sure the reader has to click through to get all the answers. Give them lots of compelling reasons to investigate further. Frustrate them. Give them just enough to stay, but not enough to feel like they know everything they need to know about you and what you do – and then provide them with a very clear set of roadmaps into your blog, your Best Of pages, the posts you’re most proud of…

    Hook ’em good. :)

  22. I just started my blog in Feb. of this year and have updated my About page twice now. Once just in the last couple of weeks.

    If anyone would like to look at mine and give me some good honest feedback that would be great! I always feel like I am not getting my message across.


    Thanks in advance!


    • Cody, it’s obvious you are very passionate about your topic, but I think your about page is too wordy. I was interested in what you had to say, but found it too much to bother to read. Perhaps if you boiled things down a bit and had some headers breaking up the text it would be easier to scan. You do this very nicely in your monthly summary posts, btw. :-)

    • Nice About, Cody! I think I’d make it shorter, not sure you’ll get people to stay long enough and read all that you provided there. Perhaps take a very honest look and cut some of it.

      I also like to title the About page “Welcome” About Me is a little bit uninviting because you want to talk about what’s in it for your reader and not so much about you. Meet Cody will also work!

      Hope I helped a bit :)

  23. Thanks for reminding us Darren, so I get 4 homeworks at leats? Not right now using this Opera Mini I think :lol:

    Come back later! ;-)

  24. Good tips here! I’m constantly tweaking my about page!

    Here’s the most recent version:


  25. Great points! My blog is relatively new so I did not feel like I needed to update my About page, but here it is and I welcome any feedback on it! http://blogformatting.com/welcome/

  26. We just launched only six months ago and have gone through a few different iterations of our About Us page. You’re right that it’s definitely one of our most visited pages but we find it difficult to make personal and have a real call to action.

    I guess running the blog as a business rather than a more traditional personal blog it’s difficult to tread that fine line between professionalism and informality.

    We’d love people’s feedback if you had any advice on how to build more interaction with the products we review and feature.


  27. Thanks for this, Darren! I started a blog this week and just realized I have yet to create my About page. I’ll work on this later, as I’m in the middle of writing a blog post. I came to your blog just now to search for a little inspiration.

  28. Thanks Darren, for your suggestions. I didn’t add an About page in my original design, but I see now how it will fit in and enhance the information offered on the site. (http://vagilantes.com/) This is a good, easy challenge.

  29. I keep tweaking and tweaking. It makes so much sense when I can answer the questions above and apply them to my page. http://euphoricroots.com/about-cheryl-bigus/

  30. Thanks Darren.

  31. Great idea, Darren. I recently updated my about page with a new call to action and here’s the link to my about page – http://www.wpkube.com/about/

    Thanks for the challenge :-).

  32. Great reminder, thanks!

    I’ve just tweaked our travelling (through South America with a baby) blog About page:

  33. The About page is one page I don’t joke with. It can either make or mare your blog. A good and well written about page is a converting page!

    Thanks very much Darren for such update, I will still look into my page to check for possible updates.

  34. Great post and great idea. I did a bit of updating today on both my “About” pages and here’s what I’ve come up with:



    Please let me know what you think.


    • Hey Jay, I’d really read everything with a critical eye and take out anything that is not essential. I think about 6-10 paragraphs should be fine. People’s attention span is really short, nobody will read that much.

      Also consider reducing the pic size and having it at the top right, rather than at the bottom, where it may be missed.

  35. My about me page has been around for 2 years without updates. Your practical tips looks great for my reference.

  36. Thanks for the reminder. My blog is quite new and I found that “About Me” page is the most popular page according to Google Analytic. I am gonna implement some tips from above.

    Amrik Virdi.

  37. Getting not too much personal is very important while writing your About page. I observed many bloggers get personal so much so that they share their previous private moments with readers just to show how much their heart is injured after someone dumped him or her. I think About page should show what you are; what your blog is meant to you and what do you think about your readers.

  38. I had not actually created my about page yet, so I decided to do so tonight. So far it’s pretty short and just describes what the blog and I are about right now, and includes my social media links. I figure that as I gain readers, have more posts, and start to flesh things out then I can make my about page a little more robust.


  39. Hello Sir,
    I have a question that If I create two different pages for about my blog and about me, is it good? Or I need to create only one page that share both about me & about my blog? At this time I created only one page for both about me and about my blog. But I want to share more about me and about my weblog. I’m confused. And yes this post will also help me to solve this question because your challenge is cool, all commentators will share their about pages so it will great help by you. Thanks. And yes please help me by answering my question.
    Thank you very much.

  40. Just great news to know early starting the day reading some articles at Problogger. I’ve left my About page for a while now had to consider doing the re update on the about page. just did a quick tweaking and would love to hear some feedback from you guys. I will design a infographic this weekend and will keep you posted. Hope all you guys have updated the about us pages as Darren has mentioned the importance and will be heading to see what’s good.

    Anyone thinking of something like Neil Patel’s About page? I think that’s a epic page. thanks for the ideas Darren.

  41. Thanks Darren,
    Even I hadn’t update my about page since last 6 months… I think its time for me to update it now…

  42. Hi Darren, it’s great you’ve brought up this subject. I’ve felt for a while that people go on auto pilot when setting a site up. All the creative juice and enthusiasm goes on the home page and a contact us and about us page gets thrown up just cos…well, you should have these pages right…?
    I wrote this post on how to write a killer about us page http://kooz.ai/14ZBiUv and found a bunch of quite cool about us examples. It proved a popular post, especially on LinkedIn where businesses were kinda not sure how to make the most of this type of page.

  43. I am just getting our blog started but my about page is here… http://theclashleyfiles.com/about/

    • Hey Ashley, looks nice! Maybe make the headshot pics a bit smaller, on a normal screen you almost cannot see that there’s text underneath.

      Also are you adding links to your social media profiles? It’s great to encourage people to connect!

  44. Good article, quite difficult to get that balance between business and making it at least a little bit personal. Just updated my about page using some of your points.


    • Michael Devaney says: 06/13/2013 at 3:46 am

      My about page is pretty personal and has a lot of “I’s”. Not ideal but the blog hasn’t fully developed yet and I’m still not sure what it will focus on. Once I get my copywriting site up, I’m hoping I could refer anyone who wants a more personal side to me there.


  45. Indeed, as bloggers we tend to write the best articles to attract readers of all sorts, but we often do away building a good “about page” to the point leaving our readers ask the question, “the articles written were good and informative but who is the author behind these articles”?

    The about page is our emmisary that gives glimpse of who the bloggers is, a gist or shall I say the identification of our being as a blogger.

    This is a great post

  46. About Me page is very important for a blog. Today, my blog completed a successful month. I updated my About Me page today.


  47. Challenge accepted! After reading this post, I decided to revise my About page by splitting it into two distinct pages.

    About The Positivity Solution: http://thepositivitysolution.com/about-the-positivity-solution
    About Shola (the author): http://thepositivitysolution.com/about-shola

    My hope is that this will help people to *really* understand me and what my blog is all about (pun slightly intended). Thanks for the challenge!

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