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10th of August 2023 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

25 Types of Pages that Every Blogger Should Consider

When you use WordPress you’re given the choice when publishing between doing it as a ‘post’ or as a ‘page‘. Posts go up on your blog while ‘pages’ are static pages that you can publish without it having to go up on your blog. There’s a lot of reasons why ...more
Miscellaneous Blog Tips
20th of July 2023 Guest Blogger 0 Comments

Six Ways to Get Feedback On Your Posts and Pages (And Why You Need To)

This guest post is by Ali Luke of Aliventures. Are your blog posts working well, or leaving readers unsatisfied? Is your About page enticing, or confusing? Does your Hire Me page do a great job of selling your services, or is it too bland? Often, the only feedback that you ...more
Creating Content
13th of July 2023 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

Content Creation vs Content Promotion: Where is the Balance?

A few days ago we published a post on ProBlogger titled ‘Forget about Marketing: Concentrate on Blogging‘, which led to some interesting discussion on Twitter and in the comments. I love the points author Nicholas Whitmore made in the post but I wanted to give a few thoughts, based on ...more
Blog Promotion
15th of June 2023 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

Strategic Blogging

Over the past year I’ve been meeting with a business coach who has been helping me to look at my blogging as a business rather than just a job. One of the things that has become evident to me is that good sustainable businesses don’t usually just happen by accident. ...more
31 Days to Building a Better Blog
8th of June 2023 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

Principles of Choosing a Profitable Blog Topic

I recently had a conversation with a reader about selecting the right topic for a profitable blog. In this discussion, I realized that finding a balance among various factors is crucial. Let’s explore these essential principles for choosing a profitable blog topic. Topic Popularity One important factor in the success ...more
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13th of April 2023 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

Maintaining Momentum in Blogging

The Blogosphere is suffering from an epidemic of inactivity. One of the most quoted statistics about the growth of blogging is that last year Technorati says that one blog is started every second (that’s 86,400 per day or 31,536,000 per year). This is an amazing figure and one worth slipping ...more
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30th of March 2023 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

Seasonal Blogging

Ben Yoskovitz’s 6 Steps To Getting Back Into The Blog Saddle reminded me today of some of the tougher times in my own blogging journey when I found it difficult to keep things going. The month I had Bells Palsy (facial paralysis and loss of all balance) The two weeks ...more
Miscellaneous Blog Tips
5th of January 2023 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

How to Blog: Choose a Niche for Your Blog [Why Niches are Important]

While I get many questions from bloggers asking for advice on ‘how to blog‘ perhaps one of the biggest questions a new blogger needs to ask themselves before they move on to the HOW to blog question is ‘WHAT will I blog about?’ There is no real right or wrong ...more
Miscellaneous Blog Tips
22nd of December 2022 Georgina Laidlaw 0 Comments

Avoid Blogger Burnout: 5 Tips to Save Your Sanity

For the beginner, the blog learning curve can be steep. As well as all the technical and blog visibility issues, there are questions about focus, content types and research, and of course reaching readers. You’re plugging away, day after day, and getting little in the way of recognisable success. How ...more
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